Thursdays at War - (July 30, 2020)

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Spanning the gamut between Ameritrash and Euro, light and heavy, there are tons of war games out there. So if you are Twilight Struggle-ing through a Time of Crisis in your life and feel the need to say Here I Stand, a wargamer proud, here is your weekly topic.

What have you played this week? Any great plays or good stories? Any new acquisitions? What are you going to try and get to the table in the upcoming week?


Concision 1

Question for the class:

How would Tom Russell’s “Supply Lines of the American Revolution” be for someone’s first capital W war game? Suppose it’s played between players comfortable with games of some depth (18xx games, mid-heavy euros, mostly).

Anon125 2

Stellar Horizons arrived here in Europe. What a massive game! Looking forward to tackling this beast. Guess I'll just start with the Mars scenario.

Senkoy 2

Wish I knew someone to play these games with. I can't get my wife to play something quick and simple like Santorini, much less a war game.

Concision 1

What time zone are you in? I’d also be interested in trying out some war games. We could possibly play on vassal or tabletop simulator.

Senkoy 1

I'm in California.

ItsAllStevePaul 3

Got to try my first game of Warfighter WW2 tonight, learned a valuable lesson about ammunition...

flyliceplick 2

Have some?

ItsAllStevePaul 2

Hahaha you make it sound so simple

imperator96 3

Got a friend staying with me for a while, so much gaming is happening when we're not working.


  • Awful Green Things from Outer Space - A gas grenade into a crowded room results in fragmentation. Ouch!

  • Attack Sub - Tried with a split deck instead of a single monster deck. Worked well, and can use deck thinning as a balancer.

  • Descent - Just learned it, seems like a decent dungeon crawler, but I miss the exploration of Ravenloft.

  • War of the Worlds: The New Wave - We still haven't seen a Human victory, but I got close once.

    On Deck:

  • 1918: Brother Against Brother
  • Space Freaks
  • The Late Unpleasantness
jedifromlamancha 3

On the theme of Twilight Struggle, I received a copy of Wir Sind Das Volk. The Cold War is a fascinating theme. The game is quite good, but the rulebook is not great due to clarity issues with the translation.

zz_x_zz 5

Wir Sind Das Volk is wonderful. I would check the BGG files section too because there are some handy player aids that condense a lot of the easy-to-forget rules.

Also, this is unlikely unless you bought second hand, but make sure you are using the most recent version of the rules. Compare what's in your box with the rules on Histogame's site. They made some small, but important, setup tweaks after the initial release.

flyliceplick 6

I've been playing Undaunted: North Africa a fair bit since getting it, and I'm more impressed with the system now it includes far more asymmetry, as it should have done to begin with. I appreciate how the system throws aside wargaming genre standards when they're adding weight (no LOS, for instance), and tries to design for effect consistently. Given our 2P standards (Twilight Struggle, Hands in the Sea, Hannibal) aren't that light, it's been nice to have something quick and easy to bash out.

I've pre-ordered Brotherhood & Unity, a 3P game about the Bosnian War. I love the Paths of Glory+ design, the subject is fascinating and challenging, and games for 3P are rare and usually very well-designed to compensate for the inherent instability. I have comprehensively destroyed the names at every turn, despite the designer doing a pronunciation guide, and I remain confident this will never change.

BAMmargera1 2

Brotherhood and unity looks amazing. Ive preordered it, eagerly awaiting its arival

you_havin_a_laugh 2

I think that’s the first game I’ve ever heard of to cover the Bosnian War. I’ll check it out. Speaking of 3-player games, have you played Churchill?

flyliceplick 1

It's the first AFAIK. Think the designer is Croatian.

Yes. It's really quite good. Not a 'wargame' per se, but adjacent.

evildrganymede 2

I should be trying Undaunted NA tonight too! I had a solo crack at the first scenario and liked how it worked. They just released a new scenario (#12) for that as well - it's on TTS at least, I think it'll be out as a PDF today.

flyliceplick 1

Saw it on FB, I hope they keep releasing new scenarios.

Selcier 2

Do you mean they released #1 and #12 as a solo? I'd like to play solo but I was only aware of some fan made instructions for Normandy.

evildrganymede 2

no, I just played scenario #1 solo to learn it. (I just played it with both sides doing the best they could. Seemed to work well enough without any specialised systems). There aren't any official solo rules for NA yet.

scenario #12 is a much bigger scenario which probably could be soloable with this method but probably would work better with 2p.

Selcier 1

Ah! Thanks for the clarification!

zz_x_zz 3

I'm very jealous you're having a crack at Brotherhood and Unity. Do you know how well it plays at 2? My wargaming almost never goes above 2 these days and that's the only thing holding me back from ordering this one.

Otherwise, a Paths of Glory system game about the Bosnian War sounds amazing. And that pronunciation guide is fantastic. Slavic pronunciation really the the game within the game.

flyliceplick 2

The designer went into this on BGG somewhere: basically in 2P one person controls the Serbs, and the other player controls a Bosniak-Croat alliance, and needs to achieve one of their win conditions. This gives a rough sort of parity and replicates an alliance that was there for some of the conflict anyway.