Tip: Don't place external harddrive on top of the Xbox one.

by windol1. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    45    44

TLDR: External harddrive on top of the console disrupted it's ability to connect to Wi-fi when placed on top of the console, possibly caused by vibrations (always place off of the console). Unsure if this applies to all XBOX 1 or just the One X.

Edit: It has been suggested in comments that it could actually be something to do with a electromagnetic field causing interference.

Recently got a Seagate external harddrive due to game files exploding in size.

When I first plugged it in I thought to myself, this will look tidy on top of the console, once turned on immediately the console was unable to connect to the internet. No matter what I tried to resolve it nothing was working and I begun to get stressed (not a good time to quit smoking) and panicking a bit.

Fortunately, I have a friend who is sharper at internet research than me and while I checked on my laptop that the device was fine, he managed to dig out a 3 year old Reddit post on the topic which, lead us to find out that there are some components related to the console WiFi on top of console that get disrupted by the external harddrive.

So in short thank you Reddit for being a useful source of information.

Edit: alternative and more logical reason added in the TLDR for WiFi interference.

To the few toxic users, you can down vote every comment I make but it doesn't change the fact that this has actually been a common issue for many others as well.



I have my PS4 HDD on top of my One X. Never had any Internet problems. Then again, I'm using LAN.

The7ruth 3

So you're not using Wi-Fi. It wasn't about internet problems, it was Wi-Fi problems.


I know.


I have my harddrive on top both my one s and one x and neither have connectivity issues.

gearofwar1802 1

A SSD should be fine because it doesn’t make any vibrations?

cwhiterun 1

I had my SSD on top for a while until I noticed that it gets extremely hot up there. Probably not good for it.

MassiveMoose 5

It's not the vibrations, it's the electromagnetic fields from mechanical hard disks that causes issues. So yeah SSD's are fine.


Wow, i’ve never had a connection problem but this would explain so much as to why i would get random spikes of ping and latency issues.
And has only been happening since I rearranged my setup with my hardrive on top


It could be the reason, before I talked to my friend I did try disconnecting the device and starting the console and all was fine, kept the console on, plugged the device back in and on top then within a minute issues kicked in again.

CryoSage 2

I put out a PSA about this a year or two ago, and My problem was a bit different but highly annoying until I realized what was going on. I had my HDD on top of the console and my CONTROLLER kept disconnecting. The culprit was the HDD placed on top of the console, and it all made sense once I thought about it. You have some heavy magnetic platters spinning around right where the console receives and sends signals which will certainly cause disruption.

  windol1 2

Ah so this would explain why I initially thought it was the vibrations causing it, sounds as if they are connected to the magnetic platters you mentioned and confirms what couple others said was down to magnetic field.

Funny enough I saw a post a few months with your exact issue but I was unknowing so kept on scrolling, can only imagine that person had exact same issue as you.

Neckzilla 3

ya no .... this isnt a thing..unless those vibrations are 2.4ghz

Armands007 4

MASSIVE thank you! I had my HDDs on the top of my One X and was wondering why the hell I couldn't connect to WiFi anymore. For some reason never put two and two together and I just thought something internally took a shit. Might also explain why I've had to replace quite a few USB 3.0 to SATA cables, the heat certainly didn't help

UnconventionalSnatch 2

Here I thought this post was going to be about heat.


Originally it was vibrations but a few here have actually educated me to the actual reason

tomdeg 4

I've had 2 WD HDDs on my X1 for YEARS, never an issue. Just sayin'.

cruelkillzone 4

Can I see that post he found, otherwise this sounds bullshitty to me

  windol1 2

Added another reason someone suggested in comments that it could do with electromagnetic fields, but this is going well beyond my knowledge of external harddrive.

cruelkillzone 3

I know I saw the other reason. I still want to read through the info in that post you guys have though.

Edit, still waiting for that link

Totally_mirage 3

holy shit this explains so much

bomb447 3

This is amazing! I bought the P10 5TB on the Unlocked Sale and put it on top of my X. I've been having slow download speeds and just last night I couldn't connect to a game of Halo MCC.

With the P10 on top of the Xbox I get 14-18Mbps. With it beside it, I get 38-41Mbps. Huge difference.

Thanks for the info! You saved me. Wouldn't even have thought about the hdd being the culprit.

  windol1 3

Wow that really is a big difference, I'm glad my experience has actually been able to help do many other people out, despite the few nay sayers who have jumped into the post.

BugHunt223 3

And I'm not getting "contacting destiny servers" while in the tower now. Ive heard this before but assumed my mobile hotspot was ass, maybe that isn't the case. To pass other tips along like OP, my 1X was having issues reading certain disks and heres my fix= I squeeze the console kinda hard right where the middle of the optical drive is and you'll here the reader make the right noises. Works everytime now

Kbox2018 3

Not sure if it's vibrations but I've had an Xbox one x since it launched and when my external is plugged in I'm unable to connect to Wi-Fi even though the BSSID shows up. I have to disconnect the hdd then connect to Wi-Fi then reconnect the hdd ever time I reboot the console. Learnt to live with this problem but safe today there's definitely some interference from external hdd and Xbox one Wi-Fi.

  windol1 2

It's not the vibrations I've come to learn from this, I'm told it's actually magnetic field of some sorts disrupting the signal.

T-Hirst 5

Holy Shit really?
I've had a Seagate 2TB harddrive on top of my console for years. And I always had WiFi issues. I thought it was my Xbox been old af as it's a day one console. Invested in a super long ethernet cable to fix it.

joecamnet 20

I think a good tip in general is to not stack any electronics, but people will do it anyways. Good to see a topic like this to warn others.


Sometimes there's just not enough room

I have a PS3 on top of my PS4 and neither has had any issues. I obviously don't play them at the same time but still

  windol1 1

This would be a much better tip, the original Xbox one I never would of due to the vent but never thought about it with the oneX

Evil_Superman 3

I have my external hard drive stacked on top of my OG Xbox one on the non vent side and I've never had any issues with Wi-Fi or otherwise.

RJiiFIN 44

> he managed to dig out a 3 year old Reddit post

Care to share the link? Hard drive vibrations causing your wifi to not work sounds a bit off.

Imaybetoooldforthis 3

I highly doubt its vibrations its almost certainly blocking the signal instead.

I had this problem with an external SSD sitting on top which obviously doesn't vibrate.

revengexgamer 26

Sounds like complete bullshit.

mull3t 3

It's entirely environmentally subjective. I've had my hard drives on top of my Xbox forever and never had any problems. If somebody has their router far away, or live in a high humidity area, smoke,.masturbate don't believe in Odin, use alchemy to summon demons - all of that shit will fuck with your Wi-Fi.

colddecembersnow 10

It's conjecture. I have had two separate HDs on top of my XBox and never had a wifi problen.

georgeward800 8

ive got two hard drives on top of my one x with no issues

LostMyKarmaElSegundo 9

Could it be the magnetic field from the hard drive platters causes some interference?

I seriously doubt it has anything to do with vibration, but I could believe that a fluctuating magnetic field due to the drive spinning might have an impact on the WiFi signal.

  windol1 3

This would be a better reason behind it instead as I'm no expert, but for a simple explanation it seem to make sense I was quite amazed they did vibrate when I was holding it connected to the laptop.

LostMyKarmaElSegundo 4

I'm not saying they don't vibrate. I just don't think the vibration is the source of interference.


I know I was just saying I was quite surprised, but your electromagnetic field idea sounds more plausible.

VoyoN 4

Modern bombs don’t tick

Iceman3226 20

I've had my harddrive on top of my console for at least 5 years and I haven't had any wifi issues. But I guess it is possible for it to happen.

Vitur95 1

Yeah I've had a seagate 2tb sitting on top of my og xb1 for years and have had zero problems. I opened this thread thinking it might be something about overheating tbh