Too poor to buy Dota Plus, can anyone recommend a good counter pick tool /overlay /website

by nexusprime2015. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    17

Like title says, I wanna get some guidance but don't know any updated resources which reflects latest meta trends.

Right now I try to use Dota buff but it takes time and pick phase not long enough to think so hard



IF you cant afford dota plus, how can you afford to pay for electricity to play on your pc?

  nexusprime2015 1

By afford, I mean I don't wanna spend and find out if there's a free tool for what I want. Like Dota is a free game I spend zero money on

Xtrawubs 1

Google dota 2 counter pick, select your skill bracket and/or team and enemy and it tells you good picks

  nexusprime2015 1

Wew didn't tried that... Will do. Thanks

Wildslash 1
  nexusprime2015 1

Thanks I'll try

Lasi-s 2

Dotapicker is really fast and good but don't pick blindly the best one it suggests.

  nexusprime2015 1

Using over wolf or some other?

Lasi-s 1

No it's a website i think it's really simple to use

Poop_killer_64 5

There is a overwolf overlay called Dota Plus (free unlike Dota+)

  nexusprime2015 1

I never understood how it worked but thanks for suggestion...

Awfully_Wee_Billy_B 1

works pretty well but only if you have a second screen.

OtherPlayers 1

It’s still decent for bans on a single screen if you’re quick. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for drafting in that case (though honestly I probably wouldn’t recommend it for drafting in any case).

Sanyok787 7

Hey bro, give your steam link, i’ll buy you a month

  nexusprime2015 2

Thanks, would you really? I hope that's not some scam.....

Sanyok787 2


wontyoucrytonight69 3

Im poor too sir.. cant even buy a ward lol