Tortuga 1667 - Possible player count increased with 2 copies ?

by bodo2308. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    3

Hi there I was just wondering if it is possible to have 12 players with 2 copies of Tortuga 1667 ? That's way we can have like 2 Dutch. I think maybe add some basic event cards so that the game can last longer.

Since the character doesn't matter I will just add like extra pawn/token so they don't have the same color.

Do you guys think it would be feasible ? My group usually has 12 players and we enjoy playing game like Deception,Salem (My current fav),ONUW,Bloodbound etc.


ReplicatedPenguin 2

Where are you going to put all the players? Seems like the board would get too crowded.

  bodo2308 1

There are 21 spots in total on the map so I dont think spacing would be an issue with only 12 players

ReplicatedPenguin 1

I mean, that's more than half the spots covered, even discounting blowing up rowboats.

By all means try it out, but I don't think player #5 on Tortuga is going to have much influence on the game - particularly if both boats are already at 3+ players.