Transferring Games Between PC's With Different Versions of Windows

by astronaut98. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    9

I have close to no internet at my house. Around 100kbps at the best of times. When I buy games I normally take my laptop to a friends house or somewhere with decent wifi, download them, then transfer them to my desktop.

However my laptop broke so now i have to use my brothers. The only issue is it is running on windows 7. I am wondering If i can still download a game on a windows 7 computer and then transfer it to a computer running windows 10 with no compatibility issues. Specifically the Witcher 3 because of that juicy sale.

Thanks in advance! Appreciate it. :)


Mutant-Overlord 1

Make Steam backup -> done

Tarun80 1

As demonlag said, it should be fine. Steam has a built in backup feature, or you can copy the directory over as well.

While you're at said friends house, take at least an 8GB USB and download the Media Creation Tool. Then run it and put it on a USB. You can upgrade the 7 to 10 and most likely get better performance.

  astronaut98 2

Thanks a ton!

demonlag 3

Assuming this isn't some really odd scenario like 64bit Windows 7 downloading 64 bit titles trying to copy to a 32 bit Windows 10 PC (Which oddly exists but I've never seen), Windows is Windows and you can copy games between machines.

402Gaming 1

Why does 32 bit windows 10 even exist?

demonlag 2

That's a very good question. I can't imagine any reason for a new install to be 32 bit. I can't imagine the user experience of a CPU that old on modern tasks, even just web browsing.

I suppose it's possible someone had Windows 7 32 bit and just in placed upgraded it to 10. Like back in the day when they were setting up Windows 7 they thought "I don't need all those bits, 32 is fine" and now they're stuck.

  astronaut98 1

Perfect, thank you!

Quake_Sinatra 1

In addition to the above response when a new library gets added it will go through and verify all the files. Just did this when I switched from an HDD to an sdd cloned Drive

AbusedStepchild 2

And if their internet is really shitty (I've been there) you can copy over both the game files and appmanifest_XXXXXX.acf file then restart steam to avoid even doing the file verification. Not recommended but when your internet is bad you do what you have to.