Treasure predictions

by kavish1608. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    7    8

  • Immortal Treasure 3 will be released on Tuesday next week at 2 pm Seattle time
  • After it's release, the server crashes for more then 2 and less then 4 hours
  • It won't have 50 levels bundle drop as rare reward, rather another immortal
  • Windranger gets an ultra-rare immortal so that the ones who got the arcana by buying a few levels in the end would need to spend more to get more treasures and hence the immortal

Let me know what y'all think



50 levels could be replaced by 1000 sideshop gold or something.

Ultra rare could be Qop or Invoker

  kavish1608 2

It did get abandoned after its release (did get introduced again) but it's still turned off for people who didn't like the concept so I would say that's unlikely

You could be right about qop but I still think it would be for wr more cause her previous immortals don't really go with the arcana and it's a high level reward

CryptographerAXK 1

50 levels will be there. It’s coming Monday. There is a reason it’s the rarest treasure and it’s that 50 level drop. You think it’s “free levels” but you have no idea how it affects people’s purchasing decisions.

Nazaiiz 1

Maybe immo for qop that will change her scream since her arcana didnt change her scream of pain

mrboogie-ish 2

I don't think they are that mtfckrs to remove the 50 levels at this point. IT3 will already be released super late, they would literally break our necks removing it

borhen48 6

If they care enough for the community, they wony remove the 50 bp


Eh there'll be people complaining but it'll die out

P4trickStarz 2

They remove recycle for lvl last year