Trying to buy a gaming headset for my fiancé; details within

by Binge_Gaming. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    5

Hey all;

Thanks for hopefully trying to give some feedback, and helping me decide which model gaming headset might be best given what we are looking for.

I use Turtle Beach Stealth 600s, and they’re good for me, but as far as I know, if she purchased a pair we still couldn’t party chat with each other. I had heard a rumor that if I purchased a fancier model, or a headset with more customizable features, that I might be able to adjust the settings to make it possible for us to hear each other on couch co-op while both using headsets.

Right now she is using some wired Astro A10s I think and while it’s nice that we can chat to friends and hear our friends in party chat, we still can’t hear each other. I don’t want to lower the sound enough or pop an earmuff off to hear her, I’d rather be able to hear her through my headset or at least allow her to hear me.

I don’t know if anyone else has run into similar issues with couch co-op on Xbox, and if you have how you’ve troubleshooted; thanks.

She’s currently interested in the following options (but if there’s a way for us to party chat on couch co-op with a different headset, we’d obviously prefer that alternative to the ones we have)

Arctis 7 or 9x (she likes it in white)

from her

Wants to be wireless

Ideally cross platform possible (Bluetooth or what have you)

Aesthetics aren’t super important, but white would be preferred.

Thanks again for your time, and happy gaming!


WolfofDunwall 1

You can get the Corsair Void Pro wireless and in white and I've heard that's decent

Serpent-6 1

Got the Arctis 1 Xbox Wireless and they work great. Plus they also work wireless with PS4, Switch and PC. They sell for $100.

Don't know how they work for couch co-op. Sorry.

Highrevz 1

I didn’t know you couldn’t be co op and also be in a party together, seems strange.

A work around would be to download the Xbox app on mobile and join a party with you that way, only issue is you would need game audio via tv.

Luminoze 1

I think the problem is that even though both accounts can join, only voice chat of the account that is logged in as primary is coming through.

I.e. you log into Acc1 and Acc2, join the same party with both but only one Account (the one that is currently running the game and using the dashboard) can hear the party and talk. I don't think any headset will prevent this though.

  Binge_Gaming 1

I was under this impression, and heard through the grapevine that there was a nicer headset that had adjustable controls. But I don’t think there is.