Trying to stop competitive games for more casual ones because irl

by Vyrium. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    7    26

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the long post incoming. I usually read this reddit and I find a new 'omg it's my new favorite game'. I play it like crazy for few hours a day but a some point I'm disappointed and I go back to the reddit to find another game.

Now it's different, I'll have less time because of irl situation but I still want to enjoy some mobile gaming.

I played dragalia lost because everybody talk about it here and it's was pretty damn great...Until I spend 4 hours a day, everyday during multiples weeks. I had to stop because it's was like a second job.

Same with Seven Deadly Sins, it's a wonderful game but the new feature 'hey you can 10* your units if you have pulled her 5 times' make me sad and rip my hundreds of hours, thanks to the isolation.

I'm looking for something to play, but not as addictive as a gacha. Anything that make you happy to play, but you don't need to play 3 hours a day, everyday or you will fall behind. As a f2p player, you should push really hard and I want to stop competitive games because I know that I'm gonna play too much.

I've read the post 'summary of my 4 years of gaming', but I already played all of the games listed.

Thanks for reading and for any help! :D


Yseek 1

Uhhh... those are not competitve games, competitive games are stuff like BR,fps,moba,etc.. "falling behind" is just your way of thinking. In fact, if you don't have time it's best to play those games I mention above. Gacha or mmo usually require players to grind/farm most of the time

  Vyrium 1

Yep I agree. I'm looking for something like that but in mobile ^^
I'll enough time for one game or two a day.
If you have some titles, I'll try them :)

hinghenry 2

Having less time doesn't mean you need to play casual ones. Just avoid all games that require you to grind or to come back at regular intervals.

If you can give up playing "competitive" games, for good time-efficient gaming experience, try (1) games with single player offline mode, (2) games that you can complete and (3) premium games.

Games with ads rely on you to play longer, some many of them will try to prolong the game to gain more ad revenue.

Don't regret about being "non-competitive", because in most "competitive" games the players are competiting to be the player who spend the most time in the game, not skill.

  Vyrium 1

I'll be happy if you have some games when 'less time = no casual game' because I like big games with progression. Surely I should gacha right now, literally a second job as f2p player.

Someone talked about stardew valley, it's open my mind to premium games. I can spend 20e for games if it's actually really worth the money!

apoender 2

If you want an ARPG that is not that competitive you can try Night Agent (it is basically a less time consuming version of HI3). It has arena and stuff but most do not take it that seriously since it does not help you advance much

  Vyrium 1

I'll test ty! Not a big fan of 1v999999 people but why not ^^

Affinitious 2

Linkme: Royal Crown

You might want to try this somewhat casual multiplayer and it is total f2p cosmetic only. Each round is only abt 15 mins. Check it out if it is your type.

  Vyrium 1

Hey, thanks!

I did make my first game. I played Leo, the basic knight and managed to top 1 while killing 7 people. I guess I was lucky enough to find purple weapon at the start and a few stuff. With the crafting system, they are many things to learn.
I'll continue and see, but it seems to be very good :D

Affinitious 2

Glad you like it. Hopefully you are not referring to your 1st mandatory solo game because that would be all bots :D

You might like to check this mini guide here which covers all the basic details and stats. The game is still pretty new too, so try to tolerate the bugs :)

  Vyrium 1

Ahah I was thinking 'these two people are doing strange things in the bush'. I came and killed them 2...yeah it was my first game ever so bot game ahahah but still top 1!

Thanks, I'll read it carefully. I see many characters available too.

Did you still play this game?

Affinitious 1

Yes im in this game for about 2 weeks now. I was like you finding my next mobile game after being bored with the usual competitive games. Somehow i chanced upon this gem and i manged to find 2 other real life friends to play it tgt in squads. I highly recommend you to do the same as you know, playing with pubs can be pretty frustrating at times.

Note that real players can range from 6-12 per game. And you might encounter players from steam as this is cross play. Some heroes are better on pc due to smart casting option and no auto aim.

  Vyrium 1

Okok I understand :)
The game is team squad of 3 people right?
I played Brawl Star for 2 years solo, yeah I know how good randoms can be :D

Only 12 humans for 60 players?
OK nice to know too!

Affinitious 2

Yep around 6-12 actually. You can see that in the hero selection screen at the top left sometimes. Bots are useful for charging your ultimates for the last few fights which are usually quite intense.

  Vyrium 1

Mmmh OK ok, it's easier to top 10 as human :o

About heroes, they are equal or you have sort of tier list for melee / mage / anything else?

Affinitious 1

You can find quite alot of these tier list on YouTube. But my personal feel are:

Solo: Violet, Alicia, Coric

Squad: Bastine, Melia, Bella

  Vyrium 1

After 4 games where I died after the first human met, I managed to kill my first player and top 1 with cornic :)

  Vyrium 1

Okok thanks!
See you in game :p

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CricoidRiver 3

Maybe auto chess is right up your alley. Especially the tencent version Chess Rush where you have short 10min matches or so could be interesting.

Would be both competitive and timed so it could be easier to track your ingame time.

  Vyrium 1

Gonna give it a try, ty!

Already platinum in Teamfight Tactics, the auto chess from Riot Games

kennerc 6

My suggestion, give up on f2p games.

99% of the time the quality is proportional to the value you pay.

Good, and somewhat cheap, paid and casual games:

Stardew valley

If You won't pay for mobile games, at least try to change your mindset, the game could be easy on the monetization, but there's no way whales won't have an advantage, and it will come to a point you'll pay to not play the game, or else you'll have to grind as you said. So don't try to be on top of the charts in the free games.

  Vyrium 1

Yes you're totally right. Stardew valley seems to be totally the gameplay I'm looking for. Something calm and you can play when you want. You're not forced to go in everyday, right?

Is 9€ worth it for this game? I know he's available for pc but I'm looking for mobile game only ^^

Minecraft, I did spend years on it on pc version. Remind me when I was younger :o

kennerc 2

You can play whenever you want and your world will just wait for you, it's very relaxing, and you can choose your objectives, the battle controls get some time to get used to, but if you don't want to you don't need to battle.

The game is cheaper on mobile than the PC version, it goes on sale every three or so months, but it was on sale last week. Totally worth the regular price, and the discount on sale is like 30% so no big deal.

Its on sale on stem, but I think the sale price on PC is the same price as regular mobile price.

  Vyrium 2

Okok thanks a lot!
Oh nooo one week too late. It's still OK, I'll collect more dates about the game and consider buying it!