Turn Obsolete Consoles Into Stream Machines

by Demetriiuz. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    17    16

Like I'm sure many of you are, I'm planning on upgrading my Xbox One X for the Series X this winter when it drops. Also I'm sure many of you are planning on selling your current console to claw back some of the cost for the upgrade... But what if there was another option. What if you could still utilise the powerful hardware inside your old machine.

Instead of having to buy an expensive PC and capture card with a 4K HDR 120hz pass through capture to maintain your playing quality, you could use the XB1X as a dedicated stream machine.

I'd love if Microsoft either in house or allow 3rd party developers like Twitch Studio, Steamlabs OBS or Facebook Gaming to develop a dedicated Streaming suite with what you'd except from a powerful PC. It has the hardware, it even has a HDMI pass through and the capability to send video feeds over your LAN.

Using my new Series X DVR I send the game and voice chat feed either using a splinter or over LAN to my old console. On the old console it receives the feed and allows me to add a webcam, layers, stream deck, different scenes an external microphone. It already has mouse and keyboard support. Now I don't have to shell out for a PC just to stream as a hobby, I have it all already.

I know I'm dreaming and I'm in now a dev with any know how if this is even possible but... It seems plausible.. Right?


Chundas 1

Might as well piggyback on this thread. Has Microsoft mentioned using the current consoles (x1og, x1x, x1x) as a reciever for game streaming? I was planning on moving my Xbox OG to another room when I get the series x and just for convenience just stream games to it instead of using up bandwidth downloading games to it and also play series x exclusives (whenever the OG can't hold up anymore) in said room.

Captain-Griffen 1

I would be amazed if they don't. They're getting into the GaaS model, more so than selling consoles.

SidSimelia 1

I could see them making an Xcloud app for Xbox One at some point, there really is no reason not to for people who are not going to upgrade any time soon.


>powerful (console) hardware, expensive pc

This entire post is delusional.


Thanks for coming to my TED talk

Grateful_Flood 1

Sounds extremely anti energy efficient.

-moirebass- 1

Never mind. Posted before I read the whole post.

Skeptic_moron 2

You are dreaming. First is that the CPU is super weak for that purpose, second is that MS wants to sell more consoles, not less. Third is that with Gamepass and the confirmed xbox one support with first party releases for 2 years there is little point in that.

The_UnApologist 9

I'm actually donating my One X to our children's hospital. I did the same with my 360 and my OG XB1 when I upgraded from them.

MisterShine_ 6

Mine go to a local domestic violence refuge.

Batmans_other_butler 10

Won’t happen, they won’t want to add new features to a console that’s obsolete and not manufactured anymore.


I didn't say I was dreaming and the old consoles are definitely still manufactured

HoldMyPitchfork 4

The stopped production of the X1X already.

palladacycle 3

The only thing they’ll continue to do is patch exploits, no new features. They stopped manufacturing the 360 before the X1 was released, so it’s not surprising that they’d discontinue producing the X1 this year. The only reason why X1X’s are going for $300 (and can’t even be bought from MS’ website anymore) was to clear out existing inventory before everything’s replaced later this year.

Batmans_other_butler 4

Why are they still manufactured? It would make zero sense. A slight chance now but they won’t be being made after November.

The base X1 hasn’t been made for years now.

HoldMyPitchfork 6

They already did stop production.