Two player games

by Romansdp. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1    8

Hey Everybody!

I’m interested in suggestions of fun two player games I can play with my wife who is a casual gamer. Not interested in FPS. Open to suggestions!



_bestintheworld_ 2

A way out.

Devious018 2

lego games maybe, minecraft, castle crashers

ladymcdaniel 2

Ilo Milo is fun

efb87 2

You can try Goat Simulator and Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (backwards compatible). Also, fighting games are worth a try.

ghettopaint 3

Human Fall Flat is really fun!

bomb447 3

Minecraft Dungeons is super fun with 2. I'm addicted.

Nero_DeWitt 3

River City Girls

TwoMagsGone 6

Unravel Two and Human Fall Flat