Two xbox ones - how many live subscriptions!

by Krscott. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    9

Help, Microsoft make subscriptions more complicated than brain surgery! Basically, I have a family account set up with two kids, each have their own Xbox and gamertag, I have 1 live subscription and am signed in on both consoles, but every time I set 1 Xbox as the home console the other Xbox loses access to the live subscription 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve googled and googled and cannot find the right answer, help please?


IQuietQI 1

You will need 2 xbox live subscriptions. 1 for you and kid 1 and one for kid 2.

You can only game share with one other person allowing you to share gold. You and kid 1 can have the same gold and games but kid 2 will have to purchase a separate subscription to have gold

OhTee0 1

I'm guessing there are three gamertags being used? A= you, B= Kid1, C=kid2? What you can do is set your home Xbox for Kid1 and kid2 just needs to have both your account signed in and his to play any games you have. If Kid2 signs out he won't be able to play any of those games.

The7ruth 1

You'll need two subscriptions. You can only have one Home Xbox per account which is why the other Xbox loses access when you switch.

1JesterCFC 2

You make one xbox the home console of the gamer tag that has live, all other gamer tags have access to live on that console

You sign in with the gamer tag that has live enabled on the second console, that gamer tag and only that gamer tag has access to live on that console

I am going to assume that it's your gamer tag and not one of your kids that has access to live, this is the reason it isn't working properly, you have to enable one of your kids tags to have access to live

Lessiarty 3

You're trying to use one live subscription over three accounts, not just two consoles. If one of your kids had the live sub, the other kid could have that as the home Xbox and things would work out.

Because the Live sub is on you account instead of either of theirs, it can only apply to one Xbox at a time.

So for minimal spend, ditch it from your account and apply it to one of theirs, making that account the home Xbox of the one that doesn't have it. If you actually use the Live on your own account, you're gonna need another subscription.

1JesterCFC 3

This right here, just as I said, damn these fat fingers of mine

  Krscott 1

Thanks, this makes sense, however, how the hell do you apply Xbox live subscription to a child profile? When you try it signed in as the child it tells you that a parent has to buy it! So there is no other way to subscribe other than on my profile, the only way I can see around it is to change one of my kids accounts to an adult.

Maybe this is how Microsoft rip off families where there will invariably be more than one Xbox!

1JesterCFC 1

You can blame the people that rebelled against ms idea of family accounts when the xb1 was getting rolled out, I don't know how to help, possibly the only way (like you said) is to make a new profile for your oldest kid and make it an adult one, give that account live, set that as the home on your other kids xbox, sign the new profile into their own xbox, both should now have live, if you buy any games make sure to do it via the kids account that has live, that way any account on the home xbox will have access to all the games, it's the way the wife and I access all my games

the1slyyy 1

Log into your account (the one that has the live subscription) and make it the home console on their Xbox. Then they will have access to live and all your digital games on their Xbox, even when your account isn't logged in. As far as your Xbox, you can use live and play the digital games on your account as long as you're logged in and connected to the internet.