Uninstalling and Reinstalling Steam 2020 [SOLVED]

by marvelpaolo. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    1    1

Situation: -New PC, 1 SSD for OS -finally got a new SSD for data, already installed Steam in C

-Uninstalled, reinstalled in D, got stuck in the bootloader.


Couldn't install updates to client, like it would just stop at "Downloading Updates xxxxKB remaining"

So I found some residual files on C, went into safe mode to delete those folders cuz I couldn't in regular mode. (this is happening while I just uninstalled fresh Steam install again)

[SAFE MODE: Windows key + R, then type msconfig > Boot > ✓ Safe boot (Do the same thing after deleting residual files but this time uncheck Safe boot]

Final Solution:

Changing DNS to Open (https://use.opendns.com/#win10)

And it has downloaded !!

Final Resolution:

After downloading update, Steam prompted me to get out of compatibility mode. I was on "compatibility mode" cuz I set the program to run as administrator (one of the possible solutions I tried before the DNS thing).

I undid that and changed the DNS back to stock, now everything works as they should.

Leaving this here to hopefully help you homies someday.