University/College Group Recruitment

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Hey Now,

It's that time of year again with school spinning back up (kinda? corona amiright) so we're collecting a mega-thread to help facilitate people to find others who play dota at their uni.

Top level comments should feature:

  • School Name / Acronym
  • Relevant links to group pages (discord, steam, facebook, club websites)

Please use the search function to look to see if someone has already posted your school, as we look to only have one top level post per club. We will enable contest mode to randomly sort top level posts.


Mcrw11 1

Oregon State University / OSU
Go beavs?

kptl132 1

Do we have an active scene at OSU at all? I thought it was just me.

GrilledBird 1

NYU New York University

8-16th place 3 years ago and 7-8th place last year on div 1. Div 2 also has a team, just join the discord and ask around!

dr_walrus 1

Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA)

aggarank 1

Washington University in St. Louis (WashU/wustl)

LeksStarkan 1

Long shot, but
Anyone here in Dalhousie University?

Samic_OWillie 1

Cardiff University

Fuck Met, fuck USW

Sikamixoticelixer 1

HAN University of applied sciences (Hogeschool Arnhem / Nijmegen) in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Not a team whatsoever, would be fun to know more peeps who play.

Chaosphere- 1

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) or even UNSW? Reply or DM for Add.

aloneabone 1

University of Wisconsin Parkside anyone?

Allahkamulla 1

University of British Columbia - Okanagan (UBCO) anyone?

Megavore97 1

Damn close, I’m a UNBC grad.

Allahkamulla 1

Ah crap man but it’s all good we can still chill

0yam 1

Louisiana State University (LSU)

Not aware of any discord but if someone has it please link

890809 1

ODU/Old Dominion University anyone?

gocolts12 1

University of Illinois at Chicago! CSL Champions last season, looking to continue to grow and seeking a new varsity team member! Our varsity team has won $27,000 over the last 2 seasons and we want to add to it this season across multiple leagues!


Link to our discord:

athaleon 1

University of British Columbia/UBC

Adspiv 1

Any Cornell?

K0L3N 1

Tilburg University in the Netherlands.
Very friendly to international students as well. We have one team right now but we're definitely looking to expand our line-up. We scrim against other dutch teams, and we're joining the local league.
If you have any questions feel free to DM me.

Metalmouth5 1

Jacksonville State University

wikiwa1 1

Vanderbilt University anyone?

Aby55walker 1

These are the times where I hate not being born in a first world country.

Pepidy 1

McGill University where my martlets at ??

UnsungKhla 1

Does ConU count? :)

Wiseli 1

TU Dresden anyone?

MaN1aQ 1

VIT Chennai? Anyone?

SoteyOs 1

University of Strasbourg, France
If any foreigner is sent there and is checking Dota's reddit\~

UsamaXLR8 1

Iqra University, Karachi.

MusicInAMug 1

The techical university of Denmark - DTU

A long shoot, but it would be really cool

Udneowi 1

I'm up for it!

mmmDatAss 1

Kunne da være meget hyggeligt :\^)

mmmDatAss 1

Ser jævnligt en gut gå rundt med en 2EZ4RTZ i bygning 324. Men tror størstedelen af os danskere er til League eller CS. Men vi ved jo godt alle sammen at Dota er superior til det hele.

AlphaOmega1337 1


studentuser96 1

Rice University anyone? I don’t think there’s a group so let’s make one if you’re here.

shivering_rectum 1

Santa Clara University (SCU)

boltdew 1

UMass Amherst anyone?

Stt-t-t-utter 1

me! everyone plays league, it’s mega hard finding dota players

boltdew 1

Yeah same! Literally everybody in clubs and stuff are just league players :(

TachankSpank 1

I’m WNEU which is close

LegionOfTreeman 1

University of Pittsburgh?

Edit: I made a server, here's the link-

Godisme2 1

H2P from an alumni

triggered_redd1tor 1

I go to Pitt as well but I have never seen anyone post in these threads, though I know there has been Pitt teams before.

LegionOfTreeman 1

Do you wanna start a discord or something?

LethalBurrito 1

Yo I go to pitt too. I’m down to start a discord

Ace1k153 1

I run the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Esports Club :D
Always looking for more Dota members, we have a private guild and I first got involved through the Dota team, would love to see a new one formed!

kkiiiokk 1

Southern Methodist University/SMU

I'm the dota2 team Captain for our university, my discord is
Not Nilc#0030
The SMU Esport Discord is
If you want to join the dota2 team, come talk to me. Thanks!

hfactor2903 1

Hochschule Rhein Waal- Kleve (HSRW)

Levachee 1

Universitas Indonesia (UI)
Discord : /
we also have an ingame guild (guild tag [UI])which you can join via discord as its full currently (but filled with non UI members)

menglert 1

University of Delaware (UD)?

Not aware of any sites currently, I'll set up a Discord server if there's not one already

jaytechgaming 1

UD has a esports club that has a DotA team.


Harvard, John A. Paulson anyone?

DoYouEvenDip 1

Liberty University message leyroy if your interested in competing :)

ffxa 1

IIIT Hyderabad

Or find our Dota guild (IIIT)

Cagen21 1

Karolinska institute, KI


king_amirrr 1

University of Texas Dallas (UTD)

Our discord link is:

were actively competitive when it comes to CSL, 2 teams, can fit more if we get more players.

mlyn148 1

lol I only played with you guys for one night but it was really fun! sorry that my morph gameplay was pretty cringe

PMAdota 1

Arizona State University ( ASU )


We compete in collegiate star league with our D1 team (~5.5k avg) and D2 (in limbo, still being created for this year), and have frequent casual events (lans, inhouses, etc)

tivtea 1

Newcastle University / UK

We participate in the University league NSE each semester and will be starting tryouts when everyone returns to campus later this year. Players of all skill are welcome. PM me here or drop a message in the Dota channel in our Discord for any further information.

tbizdota 1

Should probably clarify region. I assume its UK but theres also a University of Newcastle in Aus that informally gets called Newcastle University

tivtea 1

Will update, thanks

Donkeycrane 1

University of North Carolina Charlotte or Chapel Hill?

saksh02 1

UNC Charlotte here :)

PostSaucin 1

I’m at UNC Asheville. Close enough?

brozel65 1

Hello! I'm the Dota 2 Head for UNC Chapel Hill Esports, here's a link to our discord server:

We'll be having weeklies once the semester starts where we play pubs together, and are always looking for more people to join our community! UNC-Charlotte peeps or anyone else welcome as well!

PsychoBrains 1

Florida Atlantic University / FAU

discord link to their esports club:

3ksupport4life 1

UMKC University of Missouri Kansas City graduated but I'm close to the area I would like to meet people my age that play dota I am almost 25

ultimate55 1

I didn't expect UMKC to be here lol, would be interested as well.

PleaseBuffTechies 1

Bruh, send me that steam link. I go to UCM but I'm down to play brudda

Tyr_Dota_2 1

I go to UCM too!

Employee724 1

how do you search on sides with scroll? I only know strg + f.
Also Uni Erlangen or FH Amberg

analpowder 1

University of Amsterdam anyone?

scarredminer 1

University of Warwick

Hi, I'm the current social sec of Warwick Dota Society!

We participate in the termly NSE Dota league, playing the other UK universities in which we finished 1st and 2nd in the past two terms!

The University of Warwick is currently the UK Esports University of the Year and this is helped in no small part from the excellent performance from our dota team.

All skill levels are welcome!

Check us out on our active Discord:

SU Page:

Join the in-game chat channel:

If you have any questions come talk to us on discord!

scotalot2 1

WOW, can i join even though i don't attend that university? i LOVE DOTA SO MUCH!!!

EpicJoe22 1

I leave the society to my favourite zoomer Scarred Minor. Believe me, he was just a minor before he joined ;) ;)

A2_0 1

Wow! What kind of events happen at the society?

Kaolins_complaints 1

I gained many mmr after joining this society, however I acquired far more grey hairs from the stresses that the games have placed upon me.

scarredminer 1

Hi @Kaolins_complaints, I'm a big fan of your tableaux, looking forward to seeing more!

bankofpigs 1

Nice! What sort of ranks are the players at the society? What's yours?

Kaolins_complaints 1

Hello @bankofpigs I've seen your guide about how to play supports and macro decision making, it really boosted my skills, would like to play some time!!

bankofpigs 1

Thanks u/Kaolins_complaints i've seen that you are a bit of a cow.


luther_blisset 1

Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

ninjalad4 1

Vassar College anyone?

Aldous_Underwood 1

NUI Galway, Ireland...

Ancient 5/ divine 1 player myself

Zeelahhh 1

Not playing too much atm but I'm Aincent 2 or something, will be at UCD but its all the same ... feel free to add me on steam its Zeelahhh (it will show up as "Wash Your Hands" at present) :)

synphonics 1

University of Toronto/UofT

If you are interested in playing for our varsity squad Division 1 for CSL next season, please feel free to DM me : )

albinoblackbears 1

Oberlin College

PM me for the discord! We play other games as well

tigger4433 1

Boise State University / BSU
Discord: 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙇‍♂️

LordGallon 1

I’m a BSU student and I don’t think they have a dota team... oh well

tigger4433 1

Oh well.

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doggydogsen 1

universität leipzig anyone?

Makkaroni_100 1

Leipzig yes, Uni Leipzig no

spulg 1

I might be very soon :D Still hovering between Berlin and Leipzig because of housing cost.^^

Makkaroni_100 1

Sounds horrible, normally Berlin is way more expensive?!

spulg 1

That's what I was implying. I preferably want to go to Berlin but Leipzig is my 2nd choice.

nopostplz 1

Looking for University of Maryland players (CP, for those of you at satellite schools)

CygniGlide 1

Slurm. Morph.

jsbach__ 1

PS: please upvote for visibility, its really rare that i find someone, ive only met one guy in 3 years

Galatasaray University

ENS de Lyon(Erasmus)

Both schools are boutiques, dont have more than 2.5k active students (i am graduated but it doesnt matter). Since we are so few, if you want to share some common experience or create a group, you can add me on steam, or you can text me on reddit, allez les gars:

iamnotafuckingnerd 1

University of Connecticut



alexajax444 1

Virginia Tech anyone?

F3skarn 1

I'm moving up to Umeå, Sweden in less then a month so if there are some peeps playing dota up there I would be happy to make some new friends :)

ZombieMuffin22 1

University of California San Diego (UCSD)



Our Discord community gets pretty active during the fall and winter terms, and we usually field a few competitive teams in Collegiate Star League each season! We also regularly play with and against UCI and UCLA.

-Reverb 1

Case Western?

abdulnuska12 1

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, anyone?

922153 1

University of Toulouse

TachankSpank 1

Western New England University/ WNEU
My disc Frostmoot #5248

The_Anticlimax 1

University of Salford

Please someone come through were so close to putting a team together. We do have 5 people, but its not enough because it means as soon as somebody cant come to play/practice it all falls apart.

riudota 1

Leuphana university Lüneburg anyone?

ApexAphelion 1


andresbcf 1

University of Rochester anyone???

Chromat1c 1

University of California, Berkeley!

Looking for players to play for our Div 1 team next semester! DM me if interested.

Gaming @ Berkeley discord:

kavish1608 1

University of Alberta? All I've seen are league players so I doubt there's any

fronekai35 1

UofA student here!

EnduringAtlas 1

University of West Florida

No links to any groups or anything but feel free to shoot me a message.

Misguided_Pacifist 1

University of Canberra / UC anyone?

We have a team here and could possibly start a 2nd with a few more people.

PenroseTF2 1

University of Saskatchewan!

Maybe there's a couple Huskies PogChamp

MDCondolences 1

U of R here, good to see some more Sask folks kicking around!

LeksStarkan 1

Dude I'm an international student at Dal in NS, and I was considering your uni for your adorable mascot

toffey4 1

University of New Brunswick (UNB)

Looking to get enough people to actually have a team this year.

Velocity_LP 1

Neumont College, anyone?

Super slim chance since the college is literally a single building so the student body is tiny but figured asking couldn't hurt.

Hulasaur 1

University of Ottawa

Come join us at the uOttawa eSports discord

DoctorDoan 1

University of California, Irvine - UCI - UC Irvine

Hi everyone!

I'm the president of the Dota 2 club here. I look forward to this thready every year ;)

We participate in CSL (Collegiate Star League) every year featuring even Division 2 teams.


Hope to see everyone hop in :D



P.S. The Facebook page you might've googled for is deprecated

sneaky_meme 1

Yes, I have played dota with this guy. 10/10 recommended. Carry BH is legit.

Tendrilion 1


rezzanovski 1

Pada ga main reddit bang

meepppssss 1

mantap bang

RagefulDuck 1

University of Michigan

We have a very active discord always looking for new members for our community and competitive teams! We typically have two competitive teams that compete in the Collegiate Star League and other tournaments in addition to a very large casual community. Feel free to join or PM me for any information!

Arhowk 1

Remember to say "fuck u andy" when you join the server

Vikingslayerz 1

this is required

Giometry 1

Anyone at University of Texas?

Anceint 1
moartuba 1
VivianStark 1

I’m from UoH and we have around 10 people gathering for Ti8 viewing party 😂

mlyn148 1

Lol I go to A&M but our DotA team is also very small. Maybe we could put something together?

Blueplastic2001 1

I go to A&M as well, I think we sorta have a discord for dota, I can send it to you in dm's.

el_sunsal 1

Yo could you hit me up with it as well? I’ve been looking for people at A&M to play dota with

Blueplastic2001 1

Yeah here it is: (PM me for link)

moartuba 1

That would be nice.

Let me just say this as nicely as possible. I would rather neck myself with my own small intestine than put up with the UT esports organization. There's a reason there's only 1 faculty actually involved with the org and it isn't me.

Take a look at their discord. Notice how there's "games" (pubg mobile), games (lcs and clout chasing orgs), then politics.

Anceint 1

there’s another server, but there’s like 10 of us

here’s the link:

moartuba 1

thanks, I gave it a join. The UT esports org is insufferable like a majority of other college orgs.

Anceint 1

ah i don’t have much experience w the rest of it, but the ppl in this discord are friendly

moartuba 1


canipostnow 1

University of Arizona?

Chocothep1e 1

yoo arizona gang whats good

ChrisDeStef 1

Temple University , I’ve met a few dota players who go to temple but never got steam ID’s or anything.


UCB · Cal · UC Berkeley · University of California, Berkeley!
We have an active team, and may be looking to set up a second one; however, we're also wholly open to just getting new people set up with our stack — we usually have 2-4 parties playing over the course of any given day, and there's always room for more :)


University of Alabama (UA) roll tide

We have at least one competitive team each year, and we have an active group that plays pubs and biweekly inhouses together. Have some events on campus too! Hop in and if you're a current student, alum or prospective student ask an admin for roles.

Our current inhouse league season -

radastorm2 1

University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)


University of Calgary anyone?


I don't play in UofC but I am from Calgary, hmu if youre down for some queues.

smiley_face322 1

UC Davis i have no idea if theres even anything that exists

Flight1ess 1

Do you even row for UC Davis bro 😔

dublin144 1

it seems like the esports discord for davis is pretty dead ): Hopefully it can pick back up

TechiesIsDeWay 1

University of Maryland, College Park (UMD)


cosmikD2 1

Georgia Tech

We are looking for Dota players for our competitive team! Join us here:

RedsDaed 1

I'm trash but I'm down to play sometime.

  leafeator 1

University of California Los Angeles
UCLA Esports

BatterySound 1

go bruins

baerniislove 1

RWTH Aachen in Germany

Just DM me here, got some friends here and we play regularly together. All ranks from Herald to Divine.

FooSquash 1

Northeastern University, Boston MA

Hey, here at Northeastern we have a decently large Dota community. We have many people, including myself, who play every day and we'd love to have more people to play with! We also run friendly inhouses once the school year starts that anyone is welcome to join. This is a great way to enjoy Dota with friends without the harshness of the pub environment.

On the competitive side of things, we have teams that compete in CSL and are always looking for more players who take the game seriously and want to compete. Last year, we had A, B, and C teams, but the number of teams we'll have this year depends on how many people are interested. We plan on having the A team be an Immortal average, the B team be around Ancient-Divine, and the C team if there are enough players to make a third team.

If you're entering Northeastern this fall, be sure to DM me on Reddit or send me a Discord message at FooSquash#9936 to join our Discord server and be part of our community!

CarbonatedSchooldays 1


Redditbayernfan 1

Florida international university anyone?

LightForceUnlimited 1

University of Utah

StatGnat 1

Man I always look for University of Pennsylvania and I never see anyone in these yearly threads =[

rolsyker 1

University of Oxford

FruitSmoothie12 1

University of North Carolina Asheville Anyone?

WisdomDota 1


SmaugtheStupendous 1

College, it's a place where among other things you ideally learn to read.

CaptainHondo 1

Ideally you learn to read before you get there

Pleasemakesense 1

If your papa is rich it's not a requirement tho

Dubupolarbear 1

Louisiana Tech (LA Tech)

We managed to field a team for Collegiate Star League last year. We were really bad but it was fun. Feel free to pm me or add me for more info!

Blackbriar_ 1

Th Köln / Th Cologne

Jacker_Waryn 1

Rollins College - A Esports program is in the making and if we could get a team to play Dota that would be amazing!

77jamjam 1

University of Central Lancashire
PM me if any of you are out there