Unpopular Opnion: Borderlands 3 has the best OST in years

by Jarden666999. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    28

With the mediocre reviews for this game, I've only recently finished it, now playing it again through the higher Mayhem difficulties (and having a blast).

But the OST... you only get a glimpse of this in game as it cuts the music off too fast. Have you guys heard it? Jesus Christ, this thing is amazing.



Just listen through some of these songs, there's 6 or so hours here.

It's like a mix of old mech warrior (90's) ambient stuff, synth wave and god knows what else.

It's amazing stuff.



I would argue that Payday 2 has the best videogame OST in years. Not because it's the most well produced, or that I'd choose to listen to it outside of the game, but almost every single track is memorable, and it dynamically changes depending on the action in the game.

AvianKnight02 1

I have Hot pursuit and gauntlet on my self radio in gta5.


The music in this game is great!

The menu theme is a particular favourite of mine.

Heisenbugg 1

Dont listen to the haters. I have found all the BL tunes to be good. The DLC stuff is really good too if you havent played those.

Stuff like this is pretty good


daviejambo 1

Fighting the boss in the disco was great I thought

ninjaweedman 1

i found it medicore just like the game itself which was cringey at times, BL2 had a great soundtrack, particularly the pirate dlc.

JectorDelan 1

Doot to check these out when I get home.

badtaker22 1

mediocre review ?

shivam4321 1

one in killavolts town was so bad i had turn off music , overall its mixed bag , some good one , some really bad ones


I think there's one or two composers who are very good.

Internal_Show 1

Its too bad 80% of the game has a annoying teenager right in your fucking pocket with annoying VA

mlabrams 4

unpopular opinion.

Borderlands 3 was super super boring.

and please please dont do the damn live action faces again.


I find it ok. I found the side quests way more interesting. If you haven't done them, suggest you do. Some of them are huge.

mlabrams 1

the side quests for the most part felt forced. i enjoyed the game but i dont think it will have any long term memory.

hard to top jack as the bad guy.

Chokinghazard5014 3

It’s a decent OST but it isn’t even close to best in years.

  Jarden666999 1

What would you rate as highest? I love listening to them

Chokinghazard5014 1

DOOM 2016's OST would probably be my favorite in the last few years.

Honorable mention would have to go to Deep rock galactic.

DOOM's music is seriously hardcore stuff and even though its my favorite it isn't something I can listen to always. Deep rock galactic on the other hand has such a beautiful and relaxing OST.


oh yeah, love doom. 2016 and the latest are my fav games. BFG Division is epic.

MLGBigSmoke35 2

I don’t know. Nier Automata had a pretty good ost

asiklu 11

How many years? Because we had Nier Automata and Persona 5 very recently.

LetsKeepItVirtual 2

Yeah, Persona 5 has a fantastic OST.

CottonCandyShork 5

>Nier Automata

Really anything by Keiichi Okabe is a masterpiece

MLGBigSmoke35 2

Don’t forget to give credit to Keigo Hoash. He made half of Nier automata’s tracks. Including the Amusement Part theme and Beautiful Song.

scorchedneurotic 23

"Unpopular opinion"

This is getting way overused I think


Only used because the game was so badly reviewed when it came out.

scorchedneurotic 13

Yes the game reviewed poorly, not the soundtrack, that's what I'm saying.

Liking the soundtrack isn't "unpopular". 🤷‍♀️



scorchedneurotic 5

How is it quite obviously unpopular when there's no one contesting that statement?

Unpopular means "not liked" or "not well received" if we look the soundtrack reviews or opinions on forums you can see that it was fairly well received and/or liked.

We can say that is overlooked, due to the status of the game.

I get it, "best in years", OP subjective opinion, therefore unpopular, which is duh

That's why I've said it's a overused term.



scorchedneurotic 4

I never saw anyone saying it was bad tho

In fact, never saw any meaningful mention in order for someone to claim it being good as "unpopular opinion"