Upgrading from an OG Xbox one to the Series X

by Kool_aid_jammas. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    7

I’m planning on upgrading from the Day one Xbox One to a Series X this holiday season. Apparently the spec differences are nuts. I’m not much of a tech guy so it would be cool if you guys could put the magnitude of the upgrade into perspective for me. Thanks!


about60tacos 1

Not sure on your setup, but if you’re making a leap like that. Probably worth it to get a future proofed display. Personally going to be investing in a 4k monitor with 144hz refresh rate so I can get that 4k 120 frames :))

  Kool_aid_jammas 2

Nice! Thank you for the advice.

snoopspants 2

I also have a Day One OG box and simply can't wait for the Series X

EC_Rittenhouse 5

From Microsoft’s claims, the One X was 4.5 times as powerful as the original Xbox One, and the Series X is supposed to be 4 times more powerful than the One X. So it works to 18 times as powerful as the Original Xbox One, assuming Microsoft’s claims are accurate.

  Kool_aid_jammas 3

That seems insane to me... in a good way haha. Can’t wait see how games like Red Dead 2 look and run on upgraded hardware. Thanks 🙏

neutral30 3

I thought RDR2 was insane on my OG Xbox I cant imagine on a series X

  Kool_aid_jammas 1

Yup, I can’t wait.