Using Upgraded Next Gen Patches To Advertise Future/Old Games

by HopOnTheHype. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    19

So going into next generation, it's safe to assume that some games will get patched like cyberpunk 2077 and stuff, games that are so close to it, that they pretty much have to. Also exclusives like ghost of tsushima should at least be patched for next gen.

However what of other games? Like for example, the next Ratchet and Clank game is coming to ps5, what better way to hype up the new game than to add a patch to the original game to make people play it in preparation for the next game. Patches I feel like would be a pro consumer way to both increase the attention and desire for their games, while also potentially giving the old games a shot in the arm for game purchases. For example, say you buy a ps5 and want to use it, suddenly you figure out that a game has been patched to run on the ps5 (simple stuff like frame rate and resolution even), so you'd buy the game to play on your new console, and suddenly you're in that developer's ecosystem and are hyped for the next game.


I'm mainly a pc gamer now, but going into ps4 (march 2014), I didn't have a gaming pc (and was well past my rts and adventure game days that I still like), suddenly I try games and end up loving dead nation and being massively impressed by resogun, and now I'm a fan of housemarque.


Feel like patches and making the community aware of which games are patched could be some pro consumer stuff, while also offering proper attention to some developers/their future games.



I think the series x said they use hardware acceleration so they don't need patches to make old games run better. Ps5 on the other hand, said that they need to individually patch games and that they were patching the top 100 games that were played first.

I want to try Alan Wake on the series x using that feature with maybe some rtx feature implemented also.

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It depends on the game. Games with FPS caps need a patch to unlock the frame rate. Bloodborne has a 30 fps cap. You could play it on the PS12 that runs at native 40k at 400 FPS and it would still play at 30 fps because of the cap.


And they were not patching the top 100 games. They were testing backwards compatibility. Starting with the top 100 games and expanding from that to ensure the widest possible backwards compatibility for the system.

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So upscaling? It could be a feature already, I don't really see why you need such a confusing term as "next gen patches" though.


It's simple, you just don't understand how this stuff works. The games won't just automatically get more pixels, a patch would allow it to play the games with higher settings, by patching the individual games.

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I'd say it's the exact opposite, you don't understand how stuff works, devs are not going to patch 5+ year old games to run on a new system when Sony can just have a native upscaling feature that does most of the heavy lifting along with maybe an automatic anti aliasing feature or filtering/smoothing settings which has been seen multiple times.

Is the money just supposed to fall from the sky to accomplish this or what? Why not have a feature that works across backward compatible titles instead of having individual patches that probably make far less money than just bundling the ps4 game with the new ps5 release or offering some sort of discount for owning the new game?



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> However what of other games? Like for example, the next Ratchet and Clank game is coming to ps5, what better way to hype up the new game than to add a patch to the original game to make people play it in preparation for the next game.

What would they patch into the game to get people to play it again?


Just it running better. Higher resolution/frame rate and stuff.

Heck people would literally buy ps5 just to play bloodborne in 60 fps.


And how would I get better resolution and frame rate from the same PS4 I have now that they couldn't get from it before?

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"Upgraded Next Gen Patches"


Oh, you're talking about getting those games running on the newer machines? That isn't entirely clear from your post tbh.

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I can assure you that the number of those people is very very low. Reddit talks about Bloodborne like it's the sole reason for the PS4's success but it sold less than 3 million copies iirc. According to the Playstation trophy statistics, less than 50% of the people who played Bloodborne even killed the first boss in the game.


And a lot of those people are people who are pc gamers, a healthy chunk of those 3 million were new adopters for the game, while games like god of war and spider-man are people already adopted into the ecosystem of playstation. Exclusives are more or less made to sell consoles, that's their purpose.

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Lol wut? Yeah that's just bs. Even if everyone who bought Bloodborne also bought a PS4 alongside it I'm willing to bet that the number of people who bought a PS4 for Spiderman is greater.

Actually I don't even need to bet. PS4 sales are tracked and released every quarter by Sony. If you look at the quarterly sales of the PS4 when Bloodborne and Spiderman launched, the sales during the latter's launch time is much greater.

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You’re probably right but for me Bloodborne was literally the only reason to get a PS4 and is still the only reason I dust it off every now and then.

Pretty sure I’ll get a PS5 not one day earlier than Demon Souls Remake releases. Or even to play Bloodborne at less atrocious frame times.

But yeah, they’re slightly niche compared to blockbuster stuff like Spiderman (which I found terrible underwhelming).

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the new consoles are roughly 4x the cpu and 7x the gpu power of the current gen original consoles.

so 4k 60fps at a minimum for ps4 and xbone games.

arguably any game that runs around 4k 30fps on the ps4 pro should tun 4k 60 or possibly 4k 120fps on ps5.

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So how would you get that performance out of current gen consoles?