Valve pls give us the Rylai spins back

by psiho333. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    4

As the title says, ever since the release of Immortal 2, recycling directly gave us sets instead of spins. Which 1) shows that the spins are fixed and no matter how fast/slow you spin it, the results are the same (unless there was another bug involved) and 2) Valve only fixes stuff when there are continuous complaints from the community - there were only a few posts about this on Friday and now half a week later it still hasn't been fixed.

I did not recycle the immortals to get a random trashy sets without at least the illusion of randomizing the results from the spin. I kept all of them unopened. I'm missing 8 Rylai spins total because of this.

Edit: Reading the first two comments, maybe this was only an issue on Friday or over the week-end. I opened and recycled the Immortals 2 shortly after they were released.



Weird, every spin I get (in-game drop, BP or recycle) I can spin normally


thanks for letting me know, it was likely only a Friday problem then


i recycled all of my treasure from I and II this week, I haven't had any issues lmao. I've spun a lot of rylais after recycling 4 and getting one treasure


Gotcha, thanks. I edited my post to clarify - maybe this was only an issue for people recycling on Friday