Way to change Xbox account password without changing Microsoft account password?

by Ijusti. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    6

So ive been using my brother's Xbox account for like a year now, so all my stats / Xbox live are on it, that's why I don't change (when I started playing I didn't think I would play for long) For some reason, it logged me off, and when that happens my brother just does the password. But he's not anywhere close where I am, so just asked him to change the password on Xbox website. Unfortunately, he can't change the Xbox account's password without changing his Microsoft account password (he uses it for his emails) Is there a way to only change the Xbox account password?


edinburgh81 1

Very hacker would love to know that too.

ilabuddy 2

Just use Microsoft Authenticator App. One time integration and you'll receive an authorization request in your mobile app. I think it will get logged out if you change your password. But this is the best way for both of you to login without using/knowing the password at all.

  Ijusti 1

Oh Nice! Thank you so much!

KesMonkey 3

Not possible. An Xbox profile and an MS account are not two separate things.

And the sooner you create your own account, the better.

  Ijusti 1

Alright, thanks for the answer. Already created one but it's a bit annoying due to my ranking in games... Anyways

littlebignim 3

I don't think you can as the ms account is for everything, Xbox isn't a separate entity.