websites to do "game night" to with friends online?

by CaskMA. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    9    18

My friends and I frequently play broken picture phone, skribblio, and jeopardylabs (using discord to stream a screen). We tried spyfall online but found that it got stale quickly.

Are there any other good "game night" websites that require minimal setup and have fun card games / group games?


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Not sure if this is what you're looking for but there is a recent KS that aims to solve this with physical games called it has a website that lets you stream and component scanning.

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I made a site where you can play Wavelength, with the help of some videoconferencing software.

It has clues in 11 different languages, if English is not your first one :)

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It is funny (and not surprising) that you're getting downvoted but I have totally been trying to get my siblings to play with me on after recently teaching them 18 Chesapeake IRL. It's so good and I cannot wait for 1882!

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It was clearly a joke, people are so sensitive.

Thanks man, the 18xx series is great... but not for beginners

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JackBox party games

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Not a website, but Tabletop Simulator. It's available via steam.

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We've had great fun streaming Jackbox Party Pack over Twitch - each pack has five games you play with a central screen (in room, or streamed), and each player uses their phone as a controller. There's drawing games, trivia variants, freeform creative games and even some 'gamey-er games'; I'd be happy to give you suggestions if you're looking for something specific.

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ninaalmond 34 They just added Downforce to their list of many great games. It’s free and works very well.

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I agree. is best place to start for online games. The rules are fully implemented into the games so there it is very easy to get games going and there are more then 100 games available, including recent popular releases, at this point. For bluffing type games, they have Coup, Werewolf and others. Once again these are complete with rules implemented so you don't need a moderator. One person might need to buy a premium membership to open up some games to everyone else, but that is only going to cost about $15 a year.

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Came to say this. You have to pay 12€ a year if you want ALL the games, but most are free to use. Amazing web!!

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Also worth noting that only one person has to have Premium. If you're playing with a regular group of friends could just split the 12€.

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Yes. I forgot about this!!