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Prismer 17

Persona 4 Golden

Alright so, I beat persona 4 golden friday. This might be a little bit lengthy, because when I love an experience, I need to tell others. I need to talk about it. And let me tell you: I certainly loved this experience. Also, don’t worry, no spoilers about the story. This isn’t even a review, just me rambling - but just in case you want the jist of what I have to say without reading all of it, I bolded some key aspects!

My first ever contact with the Persona series was Persona 5. First the base game, then Royal, for which I got the platinum, 2 months ago. I had had contact with Shin Megami Tensei before - played the hell out of the MMO (god, that was so long ago) and IV, but due to the platforms Persona was stuck at, it took awhile for me to get to those games. But it paid off: Persona 5 quickly rose through the ranks and became one of my favourites of all time. The soundtrack is unparalleled, the art just oozes style in a way I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, and the psychology focused story is a sight to behold. And that’s not even getting into the incredible gameplay. However, we’re not here to talk about 5. We’re here to talk about its predecessor: Persona 4 Golden.

When I was done with 5, I needed more. I craved more. And wouldn’t you know it: 2 months after finishing royal, I got it. Now that I’m done with it, I can safely say: Persona 5 is a MUCH better game. Many things are improved upon, ESPECIALLY in the dungeon aspect. I could not stand my time in the dungeons in persona 4. Eventually I had to resort to turning on a podcast and zoning out while going through corridors upon corridors upon corridors that looked exactly the same. But in spite of all that, there are at least two things that a generational leap is less likely to help (and please, correct me if I’m wrong): soundtrack and story. And (especially) in these bits, Persona 4 shines as bright as the sun itself.

The soundtrack is kinda hard to compare between games, to be honest. 3, 4 and 5 (haven’t heard 1 and 2 as they tend to be less talked about for some reason) all have FANTASTIC scores, amongst the best I’ve ever seen, period. Up there with The World Ends With You and Nier Automata. Picking a game that has the best soundtrack amongst these 3 Personas is, frankly, impossible for me. But it’s not needed either. The story, however…

For as much as I loved Persona 5’s story (ESPECIALLY the Royal content), I still thought 4 had a better one. By all means, it is a battle of titans, and it honestly comes down to personal preference. But I think 4 gains the edge because of one very specific point: the relationships. Man, oh man, the relationships you can form in Persona 4. I thought 5 was good, but 4 somehow blew it out of the water. Aside from having amazing supporting characters (Hisano was just a delight to learn about, for example), I fully believe Persona 4 has one of the best casts of main characters in gaming. In this game, they all have very different personalities, but still manage to have SO much chemistry with each other that I honestly can not find words to accurately convey it. Here, the group feels like actual friends. They hang out together, they laugh, they cry, they fight against and for each other. They’re flawed. They have their quirks that we all have (like laughing fits, which I very much identify with). There are SO many story events that are “just” a group hangout. From going to the beach to just walking the town, the cast FEELS close, and honestly, there were times I found myself crying from laughter with the things they did. As much as I enjoyed P5, this wasn’t really an element there. I can maybe count on 1 hand the amount of times the entire group hung out for no reason - most often it was to go to dungeons, discuss plot or whatever. Now that I’m done with 4, I find myself going back to look at the many screenshots I’ve taken in my journey, because I really, really miss the characters.

And the best part was that the game gave me a bit of a parting gift, as silly as it sounds. I actually was so entranced that I felt compelled to write a review (a “proper” one, this post is mostly me gushing about a specific aspect), adding my voice to a positive echo chamber of 15k people on the steam reviews for the game. Lo and behold, against all odds (since there are hundreds of new reviews, daily), the review somehow blew up and is currently sitting at the top of the persona 4 steam page (with my configurations anyway - just english language), which is absolutely nuts to me. I was smiling like a fool all day yesterday, especially because some people have already commented that they got the game because of me! So this was the final straw for me, in a positive way. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before, and I am often very insecure about my writing, so it has been a very humbling and amazing experience. Just one more thing consolidating Persona 4 Golden as a very special game to me.

So yeah, Persona 5 is the better GAME. But Persona 4 is, because of story and characters, my favourite. And both are absolutely on my short list of favourite games of all time. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what ATLUS does next.

hooahest 6

Persona 5 is the better game because people really, really disliked P3 and 4's dungeons. It's more stylized, more streamlined (fun test - check how long it takes to switch a persona mid fight in 4/5) - but it had 8 years to learn from P4's flaws.

But as you said, the characters/story of 4 are decidedly stronger than 5's.

Prismer 2

Ahh, never stopped to think about why so many improvements. Makes sense - 8 years is a looong time! And if I already hated the P4 dungeons, can't even imagine the ones in 3. Going to try that test out. Thank you!

Also sorry about the other notification (if you got any), accidentally answered from an alt that was logged on my phone because I don't pay attention sometimes haha

hooahest 3

3's is even worse because it's one giant randomly procedured dungeon, without any plot context to it. Just a dungeon you have to traverse.

Prismer 1

That actually sounds awful. Yikes...

SoloSassafrass 1

I was about to respond "What are you talking about, Tartarus has context!" but then I kind of realised... wait... does it ever really have a reason to be a big crazy tower like that?

hooahest 1

I meant more in the 'why do I care about this dungeon right now' context. Each P4 dungeon had a person that you were trying to save, in 3 it's just "go explore more"

SoloSassafrass 1

Oh I know, I'm more meaning your comment kind of made me realise that the game literally just says "Tartarus happens because dark hour" and I don't think it ever explains why there needs to be a massive tower. It explains what the major arcana shadows that appear throughout the game are, it explains why the dark hour itself exists, but as far as I remember Tartarus literally only exists for gameplay reasons and never really gets a justification in the story.

destinofiquenoite 4

I basically agree with you on all points.

It's kind of unfair to compare the complexity of P4 and P5 considering they were released like 10 years apart on different systems, it is expected the newer game would be more rich in content considering the space available and the whole feedback generated from P4 itself to improve P5.

It's like comparing older Pokémon games to the new ones. If you discard the nostalgia goggles, you'll notice how the games always expand and get more content over the time, that's a natural progression on games franchises. Critics only become meaningful when they point out things that should have been fixed but were not, or when the new games actively changes something for worse (like Pokémon's franchise handholding, at least in the eyes of veterans). But sheer amount of content and over complexity of dungeons and mechanics? Nah.

I'm saying this just a side note, adding on your post, not complaining about anything you wrote, by the way. I'm also pumped for the next Atlus games. P3, P4 and P5 were amazing, each on their own aspects, maybe with their own flaws too, and I have good hopes for whatever Atlus has on its plans!

Prismer 2

That's a very fair point, and one that I really never considered in depth, so thank you! I mainly mentioned the improvements because I was scared it'd look like I was shitting on P5 if I only mentioned that I vastly preferred the cast and story of 4, so I wanted to make sure there was balance - better game, but I still preferred 4. That kind of thing.

But yeah, your point is extremely important, so thank you for writing this! Now to hope they bring P3 to PC so I can try it out for myself as well!

destinofiquenoite 2

With P4 success I'm sure they will consider it! Atlus has shown it's not afraid to bring an "old" game to the table, even among fierce competition of new games with ultra-realistic graphics and so.

SleepyReepies 2

I have only played P5R and I just got P4G. I honestly found P5R to be too long (bad complaint, I know), and I wasn't entirely into the dungeon-crawling aspect.

I was mostly just playing through to watch the characters and story develop. I'm thinking about just using some kind of cheats to just... speed my way through the dungeons in P4G, but I don't know if that'll sap my fun from the game.

Prismer 1

Not a bad complaint at all, dude! If it bothers you, it bothers you. But yeah, most persona games, to my understanding, are just as long. For reference, I spent 100 hours in P4G before I beat it with the best possible ending.

As for cheats... I dunno if it's even possible to be honest. I know putting the difficulty on very easy/safety/whatever they call it might help, a few of my friends have been doing it! But if you want my opinion on whether it'll sap the fun from the game... I honestly don't think so. If you played 5 to watch the characters and story develop, and hold that as the important thing here too, speeding through dungeons should honestly make the game better lmao. They really are awful to play in. Obviously don't skip them though, bosses and the dialogue in each floor can be important.

Mac772 1

Check out the difficulty settings in P4G, you can adjust many different settings there. Example: I for myself will lower the earned XP for some time because i overleveled too much in the first two dungeons and i don't want the game to be too easy.

Mac772 3

I finished P5R and literally on the next day they released P4G on PC. You can imagine how happy i was. I already played P4G on VITA, but long time ago. First - surprising - impression i got after playing P4G on PC for some days: In my opinion it is in many parts better than P5R. The characters are so likable, super funny sometimes, they feel more grounded and more like real teens. I also love the shuffle game, which is way more fun than talking to the shadows - they should definitely use this again in P6. Don't get me wrong, both games belong to the best JRPGs i have ever played and P5R is an absolutely epic masterpiece, but now i know again why i loved P4G so much when i played it for the first time.

Prismer 2

Honestly, not talking to shadows was a bit jarring at first, but I think I prefer the shuffle as well now. The health/SP bonus especially are always welcome (as I often ran into issues with my SP in 5). But yeah, it's like you said, both are masterpieces regardless. I can't wait to see what they do in future installments!

Mac772 2

In P4G i had so much luck: Found a Persona with Interogate 2 (+ 5 SP every round in a battle) which was upgraded with pure luck to 3 (+ 7 SP) with one of the shuffle cards. Then i started to inherit this skill to as many new Personas as possible. I am in dungeon 3 now and my main character as good as never runs out of SP.

Prismer 2

Ohh dude good job!! Yeah, the upgrading skills is one thing I LOVED about p4. I hope it comes back in 6 forwards!

yuliuskrisna 2

Nailed my feeling exactly back when i finished P4. I fucking cried when the ending theme was playing, felt like i truly have to say goodbye to these 'real' friends that i made along the way. I personally think that the smaller setting and scope P4 had, actually helped its story because the threat felt close and personal for me. Glad to see people coming from P5 could appreciate P4 story, even if the gameplay is dated compared to P5.

Prismer 2

Yeah... I shed more than a few tears as well hah. The very last image you see at the true ending really did me in. Good point about the smaller setting! P5 really was a lot less contained, and while I never had stopped to think about this before, I definitely prefer 4's approach as well.

Mudcaker 2

I'm up to the optional dungeon near the end in P4G and pretty much agree on all points.

The characters, especially in group settings, are amazing and the interactions are often hilarious. When I was just getting into it, I woke up more than once eager to hang out with my friends in-game. As I said somewhere else the story is good but the moments make it.

The dungeons are quite bad though and a real slog. The pacing is messed up since the early ones feel a lot harder due to having no good source of SP sustain other than items (or leaving to town which is a sin because you waste a time slot) while the latter ones were easy because of all the tools at my disposal.

It's also a shame so many optional quests basically make you go back to places you've already been and grind enemies who can magically now drop the item you need only because the quest is active (even worse, there are two quests targeting the same enemy but it can only drop item for one quest at a time so you can't do both at once). It didn't help that I found the battle music very repetitive, but throwing on this FFXIV battle music mix livened things up.

These optional quests are optional and generally have poor rewards, but I felt like I had to grind a bit for levels anyway so I chose to do them.

That's a relatively small part of the game though and the various storylines more than made up for it. If they bring P5R to PC I'll definitely check it out.

Prismer 1

Oh my god, I wish I had somehow posted this before beating the game so you could link the battle music mix earlier, it'd have helped a lot. It's awesome!! Ended up sticking with netflix or random videos/twitch streams though hah.

I love the way you put it - story is good but the moments make it. It's actually a perfect description, because if the game didn't have such a strong cast and events, it'd not have been nearly as good, I think. And yeah, the quests were painful. I did them the same day I went for the story dungeon (I think everyone did?) so it was like 5 hours of dungeons in a row. Hated it.

But yeah, I never would've imagined I'd ever say this, but they might bring p5r to PC! For the first time ever, there's hope! If they do and you give it a try, I hope you enjoy it. The added story to Royal is extremely strong, easily my favourite part of p5. And enjoy the ending of persona 4!!! If you remember, drop by and let me know how you find the ending! I know I sure wish I could erase it (and everything else tbh) from my memory just to experience it for the first time again.

RanAWholeMile 8

Finally getting back to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

It's a fantastic game, really. I bought it near release and found it to be a bit overwhelming at the time, seemingly encouraging you to do everything it has to offer, but it really is just the kind of game you want it to be depending on how you want to play it. For example, I haven't done a single tea party, and thank God for it.

Klotternaut 3

After years of not liking The Last of Us, I finally beat it. All the discussion over the sequel made me want to revisit the original, because I had not enjoyed the game, and I wanted to know what made it so acclaimed. The reason I never beat it is because I'm pretty bad at stealth games and don't enjoy that kind of gameplay. Waiting patiently to figure out patrol routes, getting caught and having to restart (usually multiple times), just doesn't appeal to me. This is then compounded by my inexperience with controller aiming, made worse by the crazy weapon sway you start with. My frustration with the gameplay then bled through to the narrative, making it hard for me to care what happened.

This time, I tried to make sure I was focusing on the positives rather than on the negatives. I was playing on Easy, which definitely trivialized a lot of encounters but it let me find some enjoyment in the gameplay. I almost always had a lot of traps and ammo, so I could try out whatever solution I wanted instead of being shoehorned into whatever I had left on me. I don't doubt that some people think you should only play it on Grounded to really force you to use your head and develop strategies, but I wanted to experience the story without being frustrated by every gameplay section. In the end, I ended up enjoying the sections where you're dealing with runners and clickers but the sections with human enemies were usually less enjoyable. The only times I felt very frustrated were >!in the blizzard as Ellie!< and >!the final hospital section with the huge number of Fireflies.!< In the end, I thought the gameplay was suitable.

The story and dialogue were both very good. When looking at games as a whole, the narrative doesn't seem very innovative, but it does show that a AAA game can tell a more personal, intimate story. The characters felt believable, conversations never felt stilted. It was definitely the best part of the game. It also didn't overstay its welcome. I played through 90% of the game yesterday (my first session last week stopped when I met Ellie). The game didn't feel short, but it's nice to not feel like you have to sink a huge amount of time into a game.

Overall, it'd be hard for me to pin a number on the game. If I'm focusing on the positives, it's like an 8.5. If I'm assigning it a score based on what I usually play games for (gameplay over story), it's like a 5.5. Splitting it down the middle and giving it a 7 feels like a cop out.

Dohi64 2

terraria: still playing solo in journey hardmode. ran into some sand elementals in the desert during a sandstorm, a miniboss from 1.3.3, never seen it before. tough as shit, but journey is easier, so could take down both I encountered in one night, but only got 2 forbidden fragments and need 3 to research, damn...

at 45% beastiary I unlocked the bunny pet, too bad it's just a regular bunny. and I tried the twins in full mythril armor and a mythril sword and a flying knife I got from a hallowed mimic earlier and managed, but it was pretty close near the end for a while, ranged stuff is definitely the way to go. so now I'm in hallowed armor, wielding a godly excalibur. might not even need titanium at this point, haven't found much anyway, but the holy whatever effect for the hallowed armor is annoying (triple vision), so might replace it with titanium after all.

another funny story: found myself surrounded by harpies and a bunch of my npcs underground, in a generated house filled with water. turns out, there was both a harpy and a king statue inside and they were wired, so male npcs teleported there, then drowned.

also had a solar eclipse (two in fact, on consecutive nights), bumped up spawn rate to 10x during the first but still only unlocked half the creatures in the beastiary. and still not enough titanium and I've smashed more than enough altars. skeletron prime in hallowed armor with an excalibur and a yellets yoyo was a piece of cake though.

and the most fucking annoying thing is 1-block tunnels suddenly appearing at the bottom of lava pits. now that I have a wire cutter I found out it's not a bug but a fucking trap. worse than dynamite and that kills you even at full health.

stratside: I don't play tower defense ever or lemmings-likes anymore, too fast-paced, but when this showed up as a curator offer for puzzle lovers, I watched the trailer and after recuperating from the truly unpleasant graphics (even for me and I don't care about graphics), I started playing because it looked really cool with an insane amount of settings and features.

instead of quickly placing turrets and whatnot, or making sure your creatures don't fall off ledges, in this reverse-lemmings defense game you can preview the enemy's movement via hologram (or just tiles lighting up), adjust traps and such (there are 12+ different ones) until you're ready to watch the result. the invoke button turns green when your gadgets cause enough damage for the alien to die before reaching the big red button and destroying the planet in the background. smart fella, always knows what to do and where to go, can even switch gravity, walk on the side of blocks, etc. but due to the nature of the game it's not a mindless clicking thing. except there's no pause hologram button, you can only turn it on/off or switch to tile highlighting, which is not the same.

I wasn't kidding about the settings either. separate volume sliders (though you can't mute ui sounds without muting the entire game, because 'sound effects' don't cover those for some fucked up reason), windowed mode and resolutions are a given (or should be), some typical graphics adjustments are available too (shadows, vsync, textures, anti-aliasing, etc. nothing will make the game look decent), plus brightness, one that's often missing (it runs on unreal engine, might be a default thing), and a staggering amount of music tracks (80+!) in 11 styles and you can set how often you want to hear each. please play rock, sci-fi and action on the regular but lay off the piano and spooky vibes. same goes for graphics, background movement toggle and how often should each planet and background appear.

it's really unnecessary though, people won't know (or care) about most of it. too bad you can't turn off planets completely, even though there needs to be something in the background to explode, but you won't see that anyway, tinker until things are okay. and settings aren't available while playing a level, which is a bummer.

there are 120 levels (only one unlocked at a time) with tutorial screens, level editor with workshop support, keyboard, mouse and controller support, rebindable everything. by default wasd moves in 3d, so a/d is left/right, w/s technically zooms in/out and e/q are for up/down. bit weird, but can be changed and it's only necessary on bigger levels anyway. when you reload a level, there's a 'restore placements' button, so you can quit mid-level safely.

it's 15 eur, way too much for something that needs so much polish and quality of life adjustments, and it won't get any of it, so only pick it up on deep sale if you have a higher tolerance for jank and clunkiness because the idea and most of the gameplay works. I'm not smart or patient enough to finish it though, so stopped after 20-odd levels.

nofrills klondike solitaire: a simple klondike game, just came out, 0.79 eur, figured I'd give it a shot, see if the devs made the annoying-looking effects toggleable already to make it properly nofrills. no toggle for that, but they're not too bad, actually. there's a visual tutorial, no volume settings though (but you can change songs), and only click one card, click where to go, no dragging, and no option to draw only one card, and a single click places cards where they belong from the board, so moving eligible ones elsewhere is finicky, and the same doesn't happen with drawn cards and double click doesn't do anything. graphics and music are pleaseant, medieval-like, no unity launcher or windowed mode or resolution options, alt+enter only produces an unresizable window. not bad for the price, but it could be improved further, and without windowed mode a game like this is not something to recommend. we'll see if the devs do something about it.

defender's quest: valley of the forgotten (demo): I was about to start stratside above when a steam buddy said this is the best tower defense he's ever played. the best of something I'm not interested in is still something I'm not interested in, but there are speed settings, you can even pause, upgrade units, and there's also a demo and it's not a long-running series of identical games, just this one, though a second one is being developed. it's supposed to containt about 20% of the full game and progress carries over.

volume settings, resolutions, windowed mode, rebindable controls, flashing effects toggle, you can even set save location and customize difficulty (more/less money or xp, failure penalty). there's a story, journal, upgradable characters, etc. and each level can be completed on 4 difficulties, even casual unlocks the next level and gives some scrap, the others give more, plus items too. it's used to buy weapons for your characters and recruit more units. replaying levels for more xp is possible, even if you fail you get some.

it's a pretty cool package, actually, spent almost 2 hours with the demo and might go for the full game at some point, but it's been -90%, so at -67% I'm not gonna bite now. it'd be great if levels started out paused and music looping was less obvious, and if the level didn't get that dark when the placement grid appears.

slab (demo): it's a breakout, found it in the hidden gems thread for the summer sale. separate volume settings, sparks toggle, the usual power-ups, good music, okay graphics, 50 levels. controls only with the mouse, which is weird, but it plays well. nothing special, but I'll pick it up for 1.24 eur to maybe get to level 5 or 10.

(last week)

senfgurke2 3


Didn't play too much this week, because I needed a break. I really overdid it the last two weeks and probably won't be playing it for a while.

Still, I unlocked everything in Tier 7, except Nuclear Power, but didn't set up any new production lines. When I get back I'll also have to redo almost all of my factories first, because of the Miner Mk. 3.

I also looked at some mods, though I didn't try any, but there are some real nice QoL improvements, that I hope get added to the base game.

Murder by Numbers

A Picross / Nonogram game with a visual novel style sounded interesting at first, but when I actually played it, I remembered I don't like visual novels.

I finished the first case, the puzzles were fine, but there weren't too many of them, only like 20. The other cases might have more, but I don't know yet.

I can definitely see someone, who likes visual novels more than me, enjoying this, but I'm pretty much only here for the puzzles and then I might as well play Paint it Back or something like that. I'll play more / finish the game, but probably just fast forward / skim through the story.

The Surge

I've been eyeing this series, since the sequel came out last year. Because Code Vein came out at the same time as The Surge 2, and I hadn't played the first one yet, I shelved it, but decided to check it out this week.

It's one of the better souls-like games I've played, but there are a few things that stop me from really enjoying it.

Only one of the weapon types was fun, the dual blades, everything else is a bit too slow for me and how I like to play.

The lack of some proper shortcuts for items sucks. I don't really like having to cycle through the different consumables, one-by-one, especially in combat, to get to the right one.

Targeting specific body parts for weapons, armor and specific upgrade materials is really neat, targeting those parts can be a bit imprecise though, not a really big deal though, except for some of the bigger, mechanical enemies, where it can be bad.

Levels are really underwhelming. You don't increase any of your stats, only your "core power" which lets you equip more implants (up to 8 for me) or more expensive armor. This is fine in the beginning, when you need that, but depending on your setup, after a point a lot of that power can just be completely useless.

Similar, implants and armor are also kinda boring. Many of the implants only give some minor passive bonus, which don't really feel impactful. The higher level ones could be different, but I didn't get to them in my time with the game. I also don't get why the heavy armor takes more power than the light one. Is it supposed to be better, since you need to be a higher level? It doesn't seem that way.

The game also needs to explain a few things better. Some stats, like Stability or Impact aren't explained at all. You might infer something, after some time with the game, but I'm still not sure what Stability does. For some reason you can't just press Start or whatever, like in Dark Souls or Nioh, for a small tooltip. Also the armor has set bonuses, which I don't think are mentioned at all. Why?

I think I'll go back to Nioh again, since I wanted to play more of the Abyss anyway, before the sequel comes to PC.

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

I was interested in this, because people compared it to the old Donkey Kong Country games, but I don't really enjoy it. The game just feels a bit sluggish. No idea if I just have rose-colored glasses on and the old DKC games were the same, but I just don't really like it.

I've finished a few levels and might play a few more, but I don't think this is it for me.

Dohi64 2

if you're looking for great nonograms with basic functionality (and more) unlike murder by numbers, check out pepper's puzzles, picrastination, cross pixels and pictopix. possibly depixtion as well.

senfgurke2 1


I already bought Pepper's Puzzles a few years ago, but never played it, because I was still on Paint it Back at that time. I also am still playing Picross S3 on the Switch and S4 is also already out, so I think I'm ok for the moment.

homer_3 2

The Surge is a little rough, but still pretty decent. The Surge 2 is a big improvement on the original. I actually only found heavy weapons fun to use in The Surge but I was using a bunch of different weapon types in 2, so I think they really improved weapon feel in the sequel. They also added a directional parry system to the combat which is pretty cool. Level design is way better and way more varied in 2 as well. They completely revamped how healing items work too. You start out with a base amount of healing items, but can get more as you deal damage. This makes exploring levels even better since you don't have to worry as much about being out of healing items, but you still have the risk factor since you need to engage in combat and win to top off.

Basically what I'm saying is, hopefully you'll still check out The Surge 2 even though 1 was a little rough because it's so much better.

I had the same issue with Impossible Lair. It just felt like trudging through molasses. Idk if the demo is still available, but check out the Kaze and the Wild Masks demo if you can. It's a fantastic DKC-like.

senfgurke2 2

I was thinking about taking a look at The Surge 2, even though I didn't really love the first one, but I'm still undecided.

I forgot to mention it in my initial post, but I really liked the levels in the game. One central base and just tons of shortcuts, that you unlock to get back quickly. The only downside was, that when I came back to a previous level it took some time to remember the layout, because it's so maze-like.

Also, no demo anymore for Kaze and the Wild Masks, but I'll keep an eye out. Thanks

bruceharryvok 16

The Last Of Us Part 2
PS4 Pro

No Spoilers.

I’m right towards the end in what I guess is the epilogue part. Not much left to go.

I can understand why people might not like the game compared to the first game based on how the story goes, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it so far. I honestly can’t look at scores of 2 or 3 out of 10 and not think they are just fake/review bomb scores. As a package, even without the story, it’s worth more than that.

Firstly, it’s a visual masterpiece. An amazing technical achievement. The graphics are superb. The density of it all is just amazing. Water, foliage, reflections, all brilliant. Bloody footprints in the snow, wet footprints evaporating, those rope physics, how things look when they’re wet. I applaud the technical effort put into this game. Motion capture and facial work also superb.

Acting is top notch. Brilliant. Sound and music also.

Story is quite different from the first. Takes some chances, not all of which work as well as I’d hoped, but it kept me invested from the start.

I’ve seen people say they haven’t cared about any of the characters, but I saw enough to care about the more important ones. There may have been a few too many characters honestly, but none felt shallow to me.

The story has surprises, parts I loved, parts I wished had gone differently. Pacing could have used a little work (some parts went just a little too long), but I really like the use of flashbacks to break up the story. I get what they were going for with the story and while it wasn’t executed perfectly, I feel it did fit the world the game is set in. It could be that we look at some more established characters with rose tinted glasses and that impacts our enjoyment of this story.

Overall it is one of the games of the generation for me. A technical masterpiece. Storytelling to a depth we don’t normally see in video games that while not perfect, was still very engaging and I still very much enjoyed it.

As mentioned, I have the very last bit to play, but so far I’d give it 9/10.

The scope, depth of storytelling, acting and technical achievement is something just not often seen at this level in video games. It wasn’t everything I wanted it to be, but it was an absolutely brilliant experience.


I too am enjoying this game so far, but I think it says a lot that you haven't mentioned anything about the actual gameplay. I'm kinda disappointed that the game doesn't really evolve or enhance too much gameplay-wise from the 1st game. My favourite part of Part II so far has been the semi-open world environment in Seattle. That being said, any encounters, particularly with the non-infected, have been very tense. The encounters with infected so far feel exactly like they did in the first game. Ultimately, I've always had the sense that Naughty Dog games have gameplay that does just enough to drive the plot forward, but taken in isolation is actually quite boring.

magicpole 8

I beat the game on Friday. And I am one of those that thinks the story is better than the first one, or at least comparable, despite the pacing issues.

That said, I wonder what people are doing in the game when they say the gameplay is boring. TLOU and its sequel are both games that don't want you to stealth the whole way through. You can if you want, but I really recommend not reloading checkpoints or anything to be perfect. Because the best gameplay in both is when you get caught and the struggle for survival begins in earnest; the gameplay really shines when the shit hits the fan and your plans go out the window.


Taken out of isolation, the gameplay might be seen as boring. By that I mean, take away the context of the clickers being what they are for example, and all you have to do is sneak behind them and press square. It's exactly the same design as the first game. Throw a brick or glass bottle to distract them, then sneak in and kill them, same result. They've also made it even easier by giving players an unbreakable shiv.Compare that then, to the stealth action masterpiece that is MGSV, where there are numerous ways to tackle any given situation with an array of gadgets and gizmos at your disposal.

The gunplay is pretty bad, I find Ellie seems to sway a lot when she starts aiming. I also think the newer Resident Evil remakes handle zombies more effectively, in that, since they are the undead, it will usually take multiple headshots to down one of them, and even then they might not be fully dead. It gives a much deeper feeling of conserving your ammo and is much more intense than the quite basic gameplay seen in the last of us. I understand that this probably wouldn't work for their world however. I do enjoy the crafting mechanics though and yes I do agree that when shit hits the fan, generally the gameplay is much more interesting, primarily due to the new dodge mechanic.

jasonefmonk 2

You need to play the game more if you think the “unbreakable shiv” is a problem. It’s there for a specific balance reason, and not around forever.

There are a ton of ways to tackle each situation, with many different pieces of equipment that can be used in some very cool ways.

The sway in the weapons is purposeful, and works in concert with item scarcity and the upgrade tree to make you feel on the edge. I don’t see how you can call this basic compared to RE.

bruceharryvok 2

The game play is a lot like the first game, but they've added enough to mix it up for me such as going prone, jumping, the rope mechanics, swimming, shallow water stealth swimming, better item crafting, better skill trees. It is still an 'RPG lite' i guess, but that's to be expected for a game where story comes first. I never got bored, but its true they could still expand the gameplay further.

Ardailec 5

Hollow Knight
This game was purchased on sale for roughly 8 USD.

All of the praise this game has received over the years has proven quite valid. The world design and aesthetics are gorgeous and how the game utilizes it's simple combat scheme to push the player to learn navigational and combat tricks (Primarily Sword bouncing and utilizing the pushback on hit for extra momentum to dodge) is quite impressive from a boss design standpoint.

My only real sticking issues, having done everything except for the Pantheon content, is that the use of Orange as the go too "Corruption" color had a bit of an adverse effect on me in some boss fights due to the environment design. Sometimes what should be Foreground and play field blend together, and Orange attacks or enemies with an Orange back drop is not a great visual design for me since I'm a bit color blind.

Some charms are also not 100% honest with what they do, this is fine for some niche things such as having a certain Charm allow you to speak with someone who you otherwise wouldn't understand, but there is a charm that extends the length of your Dash but does not say it will. This is problematic since the game's platforming is structured completely around the base length dash, and having this or another charm that extends it's range breaks it completely.

Highly suggest playing it. Looking forward to Silksong. Just be ready for the difficulty to jump pretty high if you want to go for optional stuff.

blessedhellfire 4

Spiderman PS4

Don't know why I held off on this game for so long. I remembered picking it up about a month after release, played about an hour, thought "aw yeah this looks great!" then promptly forgot about it. But the Miles Morales announcement inspired me to catch up.

So far I'm roughly 20% through, according to the main menu, and I'm really enjoying it. Mostly I've just been taking landmark pics, stopping random crime, and finding backpacks and it's still a great time. To me, that's the mark of an excellent collect-a-thon type game, where I'm always like "just one more thing." The web-slinging across the city, the combat, the story, it's just all so good. It's also funny cause my girlfriend keeps looking up from Animal Crossing and saying "holy shit games look so good now!" and she's right, it's a technical marvel, even on my launch PS4 it looks and plays fine. Only issue is the loading can be a little long sometimes but that's fine. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this real good on my next few days off.

Also been playing a little Slime Rancher again as Overwatch was tilting me off the edge of the universe and I needed something calming to play for awhile. I never made it past the Slime Temple before, and now that I've found everything on the map I'm excited to explore more now as I've almost completed the Slimepedia. I haven't even touched the gadget creation mechanics yet but they remind me of the more technical Minecraft mods, which interest me big time.

Howdy15 3

Pokemon Isle of Armor DLC

It's alright. The story is pretty lame, and most of the actual DLC is fetch quest stuff. The good part is the extra added pokemon, and some good quality of life additions.

I'm not a diehard Pokemon fan, it's just something I play to unwind and chill. So I liked the DLC because it was a pretty cool island to explore and catch new pokemon. It's definitely what the wild area should have been from the start.

I filled my new dex and am now shiny hunting some of the new island Pokemon, so it can be tedious but fun.

If you liked the base game you will probably like the DLC, if you didn't then you probably won't.

I think it was worth $15 but not everyone will.

hooahest 2

Titanfall 2 is a fucking great FPS, even if I get wrecked in the multiplayer matches. Tight experience, singleplayer is great fun too.

I could go on but honestly it's just a really, really, really solid game. I love the mechs, how mobile you are on foot with double jump, slide, wallrunning. I love all the different abilities.

M8753 2

Grim Dawn with a controller is pretty fun. Wish i could edit the player character's appearance, though.

God Eater 3 (never played 1 or 2) is entertaining - the combat is a chaotic mess of a bunch of different things to manage, it's amazing. I still don't understand many of the systems. Also, I really enjoy being able to use any weapon while also being rewarded for specialising. But damn, the story cutscenes are awkward and not compelling at all.

Jeyne 7

Outer Wilds
Finally finished it. Such an amazing experience. I've never played a game that made exploring and learning more satisfying and fun. I consider it one of very few almost perfect games, like Journey. The creators had a vision and they managed to implement it in just the right way, within just the right scope.

Doom Eternal
Probably a very good game but just not for me at all. I heavily dislike the new direction with the even bigger focus on glory/chainsaw kills and resource scarcity. I didn't like these cutscene kills in the previous Doom, either, but at least there you could completely avoid them. Here they're a core part of the combat.
When I play an action FPS I just want to run around and shoot things without any interruptions, concerning only about my health and literally nothing else. And Doom Eternal is unfortunately not that. Ended up refunding it.

outrigued 1

Finished The Last of Us 2. The story didn’t quite land for me and the gameplay is more of what the original was, so I’m a little disappointed, but overall it was an enjoyable game to play, if not a little long. I’ve yet to play a Sony game with enjoyable shooting and at least on normal, the stealthing was pretty simple. (I know, I could just play the game on a harder difficulty, but elevated stakes don’t always lead to more gratifying gameplay for me) I also had some technical problems - the partner AI knocked me out of cover more than a few times; I fell through the world twice; the game disconnected my controller twice; and the game crashed during the final fight (yes, really) so all of that kind of blemished my experience.

I’ve since started Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and now that I’m level 13, I think I’m “getting into” the game. It certainly holds your hand for a bit. The combat feels a little clunky and I wish I could remap the controls, but the game is pretty to look at. (Wish I could increase the FOV!!) Hoping it gets “good” at some point but so far it’s been pretty run of the mill. 3 weeks until Ghost of Tsushima comes out, hopefully I can finish this game and DLC in that time.

Playing The Messenger on Game Pass and really enjoying it. Just got to the “time skip” and looking forward to seeing how the game continues to develop. I really like the shopkeeper. Can definitely tell the makers of the game love to play games.

Varime23 1

Dude the camera swaying from left to right whenever the hell it wants made me quit this game. Hopefully the second has the character locked on the left side

q1u2acker 1

You can actually turn weapon sway off in the settings, iirc.

edit: I assumed you were talking about TLoU2, but I realize that doesn't make sense (and the weapon sway option doesn't solve over-the-shoulder camera swapping anyway). I don't think there's a setting in Horizon for the camera sway. I played it recently and it bothered me as well.

Varime23 1

No I'm talking about how aloy is on the left side of the screen, when moving around and doing stuff she'll swap randomly to the right side of the screen, it's extremely disorienting. And you have to aim with the bow or use the focus to reset her to the left side of the screen

Danulas 14

I've been having a hard time enjoying Outer Wilds. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good game with a very interesting premise. The game's direction (or lack thereof) is so unique and creates such a believable sense of exploration. I had a moment of discovery that was so significant that it gave me chills and it wasn't even in a location I was expecting to find anything interesting.

The problem is, however, that this game gives me anxiety. If you want some cosmic horror vibes, this is your game. There are some elements to this game that I find deeply unsettling and that makes me want to quit, but the questions and leads are so enticing that I want to continue. I really just need to stop being a baby and remind myself that there's nothing to be afraid of (okay maybe there's one thing to be afraid of) especially with how this game treats death and failure.

dacookieman 7

Try and remember that the game is fundamentally optimistic(at least my reading of the game), the sorta spacey void-anxiety is definitely more in your face but I think if you know to look for it there is a lot of hope and positivity in the crevices. Hope you power through it, it's worth finishing :)

tyrerk 1

I've seen it defined as "nihilistic optimism"

DeadN0tSleeping 1

Yeah, I have issues with anxiety that I have battled for years. The 4-6 hours I played of the game I had some fun, but the existential anxiety and regular horror anxiety made it a no go for me. I tried multiple times over multiple days and couldn't hang.

Even after the 3rd time I was sucked into a black hole and popped out into some other place while dying from lack of oxygen, trying to use spacesuit thrusters to get back to air...nah. Too much for me.

I have a stressful job and have learned over decades how I can deal with certain kinds of stress...but for some reason this game would have me holding my breath until I realized what I was doing then gasping for air. Weird shit.

UnholyDemigod 2

This is the first time I've had a bit of money during the summer sales. I got the following games

  • Assassin's Creed Black Flag
  • Assassin's Creed: Origins and Hidden Ones DLC
  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
  • Need For Speed: Undercover
  • Portal
  • Portal 2
  • Stellaris
  • Total War: Attila
  • Total War: Warhammer 2 DLC (Shadow and Blade lord pack)
  • Subnautica, but I refunded it. Did not enjoy it at all.

    Black Flag, Origins, NFS, and Portal 1 I've all played before, but not on PC. Never played Portal 2, and the first is only meh, but they were 3 bucks each, same as NFS, so I just grabbed them. Never heard of Hellblade, but me mate said it's awesome, so I got it. Haven't tried Stellaris or Attila yet, but I love Crusader Kings and Total War, so I should like them
bmose9 2

Hellblade is probably in my top 3 or 4 games I've played all time, definitely agree with your friend. I've also played origins and think it's a really solid play even if it isn't incredible. Have fun!

BombOmbBuddy 2

I've been playing the newly re-releases Episode 1 Racer on my Switch and it's an interesting little game. The game looks dated besides the Pods themselves and the tracks do look sparse. But! The sense of speed is fantastic, which is really important for selling the experience imo. The buying and selling of parts is... Interesting, but I wish it was a little more in depth. It feels very limited buying parts that I can't see for stats that are measuring I'm not sure what. The courses are very interesting and worth running over and over to find the best lines and push how long you can boost and where. My ultimate take away is I wish that this was a remaster and not a port. Some texture updates and an online mode would have gone a long way to improving the experience, but for now I'm content to put in my 5jsh hours and be done.

The_Silver_Avenger 4

Last time

Call of Duty 2 (PC) - Played and finished it this week. It's much more fast-paced than the previous games - I think the removal of the health packs in place of the regenerating health system contributes to that. It changes the game from being like a chess match where you gradually gain ground to a frenetic shooter where you're constantly trying to find cover - in all honesty I think I prefer this system in this game. There's plenty of times in this game where you're outnumbered and outgunned and you're just desperate to survive and the regenerating health keeps the tension going for longer for each run.

First up we have the Russian campaign. In keeping with the tradition for this series, this is the one where you feel most like a new recruit immediately chucked into combat. The snowy levels were quite beautiful and there were some great set pieces (repairing a wire, blowing up a building) but the tank combat felt a bit ridiculous. In order to take down tanks at one point, you need to physically go up to them and place bombs on the armour. This felt like something out of a cartoon as I was bunny-hopping to dodge enemy fire - I know this series tries to go for 'realism' and this ran counter to it.

Next up was the British campaign - the longest out of all three. Here, there were a few spins on traditional levels; one requires you to just get out of an area alive, one has you use a tank in first-person view instead of third-person with your allies at their most vulnerable. Fighting in the desert was a new experience and having tanks as back-up in the levels was quite novel. I quite liked parts where you went from house-to-house in Caen - figuring out what to do next and how to approach the next block was fun. The very end of the campaign - a 'defend the base' portion was fairly hard and a bit of a difficulty spike; on paper, holding out for 3 minutes doesn't sound very difficult but when you're being assaulted with tanks it gets a lot harder. It reminded me of a similar house-defence portion in United Offensive - the final American level - but with fewer vantage points. I was also a little disappointed that there were no RAF portions like in United Offensive but that's a small quibble.

Finally, the American campaign. This had the best and worst moments of the entire game. The D-Day landing is absolutely spectacular and fairly terrifying as it felt like I had barely any idea where I was going. Other parts of the campaign were similarly scary - defending an exposed base on a hill for around 5 minutes, fighting through a town filled to the brim with Germans. But as for the worst moment - at the end of the final D-Day mission, you hear a speech being given by someone; the only time this happens in the entire game. I had my suspicions about who it was but it was only at the end credits that I had it confirmed - Ronald Reagan. I hadn't thought up until that point that the Call of Duty series could be guilty of the charge of excessive military worship or ridiculous patriotism. This is the only time it happens in the entire game. Was this because it was made by Americans or something? I don't know, but it put a slight dampener on the whole experience.

In summary, Call of Duty 2 is a fast-paced shooter with some large and detailed maps and some changes in gameplay that work (regenerating health) and some that don't (physically putting bombs on tanks). I may play some of the other CoDs at some point; next up would be CoD 3, Finest Hour or Big Red One but I don't own any of them. I'm a little worried by the Reagan speech - hopefully this series won't go too far down that path but I'll have to wait and see.

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey (PC) - I bought this in the Steam Sale and finished it in more or less one sitting. It's about 2-3 hours long and it's quite good. It's a puzzle game divided into four chapters that involves you manipulating the environment, or hitting switches and redirecting lasers to solve puzzles. There's a semi-interesting story going on in the background that you can discover through messages and relics - I found it more engaging as the game went along (although it ends in a hilariously abrupt manner).

Apart from one puzzle that it turns out wasn't necessary to complete the game (that I still don't understand), I was able to finish this without looking up any solutions. It reminded me a little of The Witness - one of the few games I've played to give me that feeling - as there are several 'a-ha' moments that are satisfying. As a negative, I should note that for some reason, the steam achievements don't work. However, I enjoyed this a lot - I'll definitely keep an eye out for the sequel.

The House of Da Vinci (PC) - Another game I picked up in the Steam Sale and beat. This was not as good as Krystopia. It borrows fairly heavily from The Room series (which I love); it's themed around Leonardo Da Vinci and you'll be seeing a lot of his inventions in this game (a lot of them I recognised from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood). There's a device that, like in the Room, allows you to see hidden mechanisms but there's a secondary function that allows you to 'rewind time' to see how things were solved in the past to help you in the present. Unfortunately, every time you want to activate this function, you need to draw a shape on screen - even if you put it away for a second or two, you have to do it again.

I found the puzzles to be exhausting the further I went on - partly because some of the puzzles took an age to solve. There's sliding block puzzles, tower of hanoi inspired puzzles, number sequences. There's even some parts that are trial and error and some parts that I seemed to solve by accident. It didn't feel as refined as The Room and some areas outstayed their welcome. The movement system was a bit hit-and-miss and some items/puzzles were hidden in places with fairly odd angles.

Having said that, it's not a terrible game. Some of the puzzles were quite clever and it's fairly atmospheric (even if the story is mildly ridiculous). But I'm glad I bought this on sale because I think the original price is way too high.

doodoo_brown 3

Hate to tell you this but call of duty does not get better politically speaking. They actually hired Oliver North to voice a younger version of himself in one of the later games.

The_Silver_Avenger 4

Looks like I could be in for a rough ride if I continue the series. Re Oliver North - I didn't know that; that's unbelievably distasteful.

gore_lobbyist 3

I've played a bit of Elder Scrolls Online here and there over the years but recently have dove in.

It's a very charming game. The quests are often meaty enough to feel like actual quests, a decision here and there, some intrigue, always lots of characters and dialogue. To me this is a beautiful idea of what a next gen RPG should be - rather than pushing the envelope in immersive uber fi gfx and action gameplay systems, it just gives you a LOT of ground to cover. Here and there you might find a "kill 10 bears quest" but there are 5 more detailed quests for each one.

The gameplay, once it clicks, is really strong too. I will say personally I enjoy weaving - it is simple but kinetic and fun that an actiony mechanic actually improves your DPS. The stat/buff system is a little simplistic and has probably led to a lot of cookie cutter builds, but the build system itself is phenomenal. No other MMO since Guild Wars 1 has allowed that kind of freedom and deck building style.

As a fairly dedicated RPG player ESO has been great to sink my teeth into. I haven't gotten to Greymoor yet (hell I'm only now just finishing Morrowind).

midnight_rebirth 2

I finished The Last Of Us Part 2 and I gotta say, it was middle ground for me. Gameplay was excellent but there was little done in the second half to shake it up and some of the design elements left me feeling underwhelmed at best and frustrated at worst. >!Being forced to play as Abby for over 10 hours just didn't do it for me. I didn't care about her story at all.!< I would give it a 2.75/5.

I needed a palate cleanser, and while my wife's been hooked on the new Animal Crossing, I decided to go back and play Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. I started the campaign back in '07 and never finished it. It's very . . . standard, so far. Honestly I kind of expected more. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good turn-your-brain-off-and-shoot campagin, but I was hoping for a little bit more from the characters. Price and Gaz are cool, but the plot feels so action-movie-standard. I thought Black Ops and Infinite Warfare both had great campaigns, and so far, 4 isn't giving either one of those a run for their money. That being said, I'm only halfway or so. I originally set out to play the entire Modern Warfare trilogy, but if I'm just not feeling it, I might jump to the new Modern Warfare's campaign instead. Anyone offer any insight? Is the original Modern Warfare trilogy worth it if I'm not nuts about MW1?

On the PC side I picked up Mad Games Tycoon and . . . I suck. There's something awesome about simulating the entire video game industry and I dig it, but holy hell I need to look up a guide or something. I've restarted 3x and I end up bleeding money.

monsterm1dget 2

MW 1 and 2 were really cool IMO. The first one actually had me having so much fun that when it ended I felt like it was really abrupt, but I really recommend you finish it to see if you really liked it. After all, you already have it and it's pretty short. The plots are all intertwined, if that's relevant to you.

I just finished 3 and wasn't really all that memorable. Fun nonetheless, but nothing groundbreaking, specially if you preferred Black Ops style. I played it and was fun, but in the end I realize I just played it to finish the trilogy (and the plot).

The reboot's campaign is really good as well, but it's even more standard action fare. If you weren't all that hot on MW1, I'd rather you played BO2. Stay away from 3 though.

midnight_rebirth 2

One thing I’ll give 4. It definitely is keeping things varied. The Death From Above mission was a nice break of pace.

git 12

I just finished The Last Of Us 2. I cannot fathom the hate at all. Every single second of this game was unbelievably good. I have a hard time imagining how anything will ever match its writing and storytelling.

It’s a masterpiece. I have no idea if they’re going to continue with these characters or not, but both of these games now really have set Naughty Dog apart as something special.

maria7825 3

Been playing way too many online games to put a dent in my games backlog.

This week it was all about Warframe (doing the quest to unlock the latest grind) - Guild Wars 1 (been all over the place trying to build my all-heroes team but planning to focus on Cantha since the recent Gw2 cantha expansion announcement got me all hyped up) and Guild Wars 2 (Dragon Bash festival is a lot of fun).

Only offline game I've really played is Snowrunner but I really love it. Game doesn't really hold your hand so the beginning was brutal (getting stuck pretty much every 5 minutes with my shitty beginner trucks, trying to go to places I wasn't really meant to, falling into pretty much every mud trap I could, stubbornly sticking to one map at a time) but once you get into it, it's surprisingly addictive. The learning curve is steep but you quickly reach a plateau where you can do anything - even with a few setbacks here and there.

There are a lot of fun micro/macro decisions to make choosing the right truck and the right route for the job, mixing missions for quicker overall completion, gambling on shorter/riskier roads vs sticking to long/safe roads and the driving is great ... it all boils down to delivering cargos from point A to point B. I feel like it can get very repetitive but so far (1-2 maps per region) I'm really enjoying the balance between scouting maps, rebuilding parts of it and delivering cargoes.

Vlayer 22

The Last of Us Part 2

I finished it several days ago and started NG+ to get the last few trophies done, which I did yesterday. It's the only game I've thought about this week as well as seen videos and read comments about, which both critique and defend the game. It's easy to see why it's such a controversial story. Subjectively, it may force you to experience and "do" things that you don't like, however the idea that the game is somehow "judging" you, that is something I completely reject. One of the most noteworthy aspects of the ending in TLoU1 is how it posits a moral choice but then forces you to do what the character wants. I also think that even among those who agree with that final choice, there's a moment where you might pause and try to do things a different way, only to be refused.

TLoU1 Ending: >!I'm talking about murdering the surgeon. I'll admit that while I wasn't onboard with sacrificing Ellie so suddenly, I also felt that killing the surgeon who had nothing but scissors in his hand was a step too far. Why not just knock him out, especially since you can spare the other doctors? Because that's not what Joel wants to do, and you just have to accept that.!<

That story development wasn't about characterizing you, it was about characterizing... well, the characters. That said, it's also a moment that allows for self-reflection, to ponder about what you would've done. It's not as simple as "bad thing is bad", because that alone doesn't explain why the character would do such a thing in the first place. What motivates them to do something at the expense of everyone else, and something that could push away those they love because they wouldn't understand, or wouldn't want to understand such a selfish act.

This, to me, is why I think that the takeaway from TLoU2 is far more nuanced than just being about how "revenge is bad" or "violence is bad". The "cycle of violence" is something that came/comes up a lot regarding this game, and that term implies not just the consequences of violence, but also what triggers it. Much like the end of TLoU1, this game asks you to follow a character on what is clearly a destructive path. Whether you agree with it or not, you fully understand why.

It's also why I don't agree with the notion that the gameplay is contradicting the narrative. If it's about a character with the desire to inflict violence, it also has to communicate the appeal, and that's why I find the survival-horror genre in particular to be a perfect fit. It allows for combat encounters that are highly engaging and thrilling when you're succeeding, yet also stressful and frustrating when you're failing. It's not "fun" in the same sense as Uncharted where you can do quick takedowns and shoot to your heart's content without worry for resources.

This is where I'd like to talk about the general pacing, both in the gameplay loop and the overarching narrative. With how stressful encounters can be, and how drastically they can drain your resources, I do greatly appreciate the ebb and flow of exploration followed by combat followed by exploration. The level design is the best it's ever been in a Naughty Dog game, as it's able to blur the lines between what kind of "arena" you're about to enter. Whether you're finding resources/collectables or fighting enemies, the environment complements the situation. As for the pacing of the narrative.

TLoU2 Midgame: >!There's no denying that the shift in playable character is jarring, as it happens just during the long-awaited confrontation between Ellie and Abby. However I found that what alleviates it a bit is the fact that Abby is absent during Ellie's POV, and the sudden attack comes as a shock. It goes just as fast as it arrives, though it's still a strange choice.!<

TLoU2 Midgame: >!That said, seeing Abby's side after, and not before Joel's death is a crucial part of what her side of the story contributes to the narrative. It does make it harder to like the character, but this is during a phase where she realizes that she doesn't like herself much either. It's why she so desperately tries to help Lev and Yara, and she even says as much herself. She feels guilt over what she's done, and not because of Joel or the people close to him, but rather because of the people close to her, and how it "honors" her father.!<

TLoU2 Ending: >!It's that last part which I feel gives the ending of TLoU2 all the impact that it has. After Ellie loses the fight against Abby and starts to live with Dina and JJ, she still can't stop feeling like she's failed Joel. That's the important distinction to me, she's not doing it because she wants Abby to suffer, but because she thinks that she owes this to Joel. It's why Tommy is able to convince her by going after that guilt, saying that she promised to kill Abby. It's why she refuses to kill a defenseless Abby who doesn't want to fight, and then forces her to by threatening Lev's life. If she really just wanted Abby to suffer, she could've just left her where she was, but no, she had to be the one inflicting the pain, and she had to kill "the Abby that killed Joel".!<

TLoU2 Ending: >!So when she's finally about to kill Abby, finally about to "honor" Joel, she recalls her last moment with him as he plays the guitar. That's the Joel she'll remember, not the Joel who died in front of her eyes. She's not honoring him by killing Abby, and one of the positive things he carried onto her, which is playing the guitar, she may no longer be able to do as a result of this obsession. A youtuber named Cosmonaut Variety Hour, who was overall positive on the game, said that he saw the ending as Ellie forgiving Abby, however I don't see it that way. She didn't let Abby live because she forgave her, but because she wouldn't be able to forgive herself had she gone through with it.!<

The action taken at the end was, just like in TLoU1, one that the character did for their own sake. It was, just like in TLoU1, a decision that will divide players who wish they could've been given a choice. It's an ending which I thought was excellent, just like I did with TLoU1. Neither game are about emparting moral lessons, or about judging the player. They're about exploring human nature, about the ugly and the beautiful, how the former can be alluring, and how the latter can be destructive.

It's a damn great game, and now we wait for Factions MP.

jasonefmonk 6

I really loved it as well.

Mechanically up with some of the best, the shots feel so impactful and every weapon is entertaining and useful. The go loud or stealth options are also fun, between that and level designs the encounters are begging to be replayed. The AI was better for the enemies and the companion characters so immersion was deeper/broken less often. It works better than The Last of Us on all fronts.

I empathize with the confusion about some people’s take. Who told them the game was scolding them for their actions? You certainly root for cooler heads, but you feel for the characters. You don’t feel especially terrible about knocking off an NPC who was going to kill your character, I think the name call-outs add realism but aren’t meant to haunt your dreams.

The team uses many of the same narrative and mechanical tricks from past games, it might be even more effective. The Naughty Dog tropes make you feel right at home if you’ve played the Uncharted series or TLoU.

>!I fell in love with the Abby story/characters very quickly, and the parallel journeys were a great way to drive the themes home. The longer sequence where you are trying to get the medicine is incredible, well worth trying to play through in a sitting. The climb up was tiring, the journey across was AAA blockbuster goodness, and the decent was harrowing. They called the monster the rat king, I think. I got just a touch of Dead Space vibes when you first hear it behind the door.!<

>!I was really moved at the “end” when they had the family going, for a minute. I was so happy inside to think Ellie had actually let it go, after her humbling. But she was still unresolved. (how could you leave Dina, what a catch) I knew when she left that whenever she found Abby it wouldn’t be how she imagined. It almost played out as I thought…When the deep thum played and Ellie turned away from her boat my heart fell out of my chest. I’m so glad that in the end Abby and Lev have a chance out there, somewhere. Ellie left with nothing is not a surprise, but at least if you want them the bread crumbs of finding Dina and spud back in Jackson are there. The little trick with the guitar got me, that old Naught Dog bit of having you do something repeatedly only to change what happens when you feel old hat at the task. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from Starbreeze Studios did this as well.!<

Overall I’d say it was a nearly flawless experience. The music, the acting, the setting, and the gameplay itself. The damn story is excellent, although it didn’t communicate perfectly. I almost always get a little lost when put through a flashback within a flashback, and it was true when it happened here.

K-ralz 1

> and now we wait for Factions MP.

Dude, I was legit so bummed out when they announced multiplayer wasn't going arrive at launch. As much as I loved the first game, (and I really enjoyed TLOU2 as well, despite a couple small issues) I think I was looking forward to the Factions II even more than the story lol.

Really hoping they deliver something as good as the first game.

yuliuskrisna 7


Decided to replay Bastion, while waiting for Hades 1.0. Wow, i dont remember the game being this much fun! Probably my fault though, back then i'm just plowing through the game for the story, missed out on a lot of stuff like Who Knows Where challenges, Proving Grounds, and such.

Story was even better now that i've explored all of the side content, the Who Knows Where added a lot of backstory for the character, giving them more depth and pretty depressing one to be honest. I did new game plus too, and some narration from Rucks, made it pretty clear that>!were supposed to leave Zulf, and choose Restoration ending, and then play new game plus and save Zulf then choose Evacuation ending!<. Still cant get over how good the OST for this game was, Setting Sail, Coming Home was bone chilling as the end theme, especially after hearing the previous song which was Build that Wall and Mother Im Here.

Gameplay was my main complaint back then when i first played the game, made me put off the game for months. The high praise reviews toward the story got me back into the game, and thank god i did, because i wouldnt be Supergiant fan if not for Bastion. Back then, i mostly ignored Proving Grounds, and Idols. This time though, i cleared all of the Proving Grounds and invoked all ten Idols, and it made me realized that maybe i was bored back then because the base game was way too easy. Proving Grounds and Who Knows Where challenged me to play around my build, finding out the perfect weapon combination and upgrades, which is Brusher Pike and Army Carbine. Ten Idols made me approached the game with caution, and learned how each enemy react to my attack. Suffice to say, i enjoyed the gameplay a lot this time around.

The only disappointing thing was theres no support for native 4K. Back then, 1080p was enough, but now, no higher res option definitely hurt the presentation a lot. Thankfully, theres unofficial 4K patch which is enough, made the game looks beautiful even by today standard, although it fucks up the art used in some cutscenes.

So if youre like me who play through Bastion for the story the first time, i really suggest getting back into it and putting the effort to clear every area, invoke all the idols, and definitely do Who Knows Where challenges, made the game much better. And if you've never played Bastion, its a good time to pick this up as it was on sale right now.


Of course im going to play through Transistor again too after Bastion. Planning to do the recursion this time around. Transistor was my favorite of Supergiant catalog, and im going through it again to find out whether that opinion holds up or not. Havent finished yet, but so far, its still definitely my number one.

Back then, i just fell in love with the game right from the start. The art, the music, the gameplay, and the story, all of them clicked for me pretty quick. The world and its aesthetics was just top notch. While the main story was pretty straightforward just like Bastion, the side content like the world and character building was pretty vague and expansive, made the game much more deeper than its predecessor, and encourage discussions on what it all means. Red, being a silent protagonist too, but this time theres a story reasons for that and she has her own thought sometimes pouring out via her comment at the terminal, is pretty unique and interesting in itself. Going to finish this playthrough and Recursion mode first, before putting more thought into the story.

Gameplay was lovely, loved how you could play it realtime, or using Turn mechanic, which is the main gameplay aspect of the game. Loved how each function provide a wildly different action to be used, and you could combine all of them with each other, as an active function, or passive, or even as an upgrade. Myriad of combination option to play around, and the game encourages you to test each function by having the backstory for each function unlocked if you used them as active, passive and upgrade. The debuff mechanics, which is limiter in the game, was way more punishing than Bastion for sure, but im definitely going to try them all out. Loved Jaunt()+Breach(), Get()+Switch(), Help()+Load(), and Crash()+Ping() so far.

Music as awesome as other Supergiant Games as usual, but humming mechanic made this game far above than the other, enough said.

The same with Bastion, it disappoint again with no native 4K support. Unoffical patch made it work, but it breaks the game too much IMO for example unaligned UI, it fucks up the cutscene way more than the one in Bastion. I recommend grabbing 2K patch, while it still breaks the presentation, it was a lot more tolerable. The game was way too pretty to be locked in 1080p, but i dont think Supergiant would go back to it, which is such a shame.

Im considering doing True Nightwing for Pyre aswell, after i've finished Recursion. Cant wait for Hades v.1 to be released, especially for the ending scene, and definitely the ending theme as well, hopefully sung by Orpheus and Eurydice as well.

DeadN0tSleeping 3

Thanks for this. I missed Bastion right when it was released. Played Transistor once and loved it. Tried Bastion right after and wasn't quite into it. I just recently built my own PC and am able to play AAA games finally and none are hitting me right. Starting at Bastion sounds great. Again, thank you.

yuliuskrisna 2

Definitely recommend picking it up again, and definitely try to clear all area, invoke the idols, and complete all Who Knows Where (Dreams) challenge. Hopefully you have a grand time just like i did. Remember to pick the unofficial 4K patch

DeadN0tSleeping 3

Wow, TY.

wjousts 1

I've personally not had much luck with Supergiant games stuff. I didn't like Bastion and I only recently tried a little bit of Pyre and was mostly confused by the controls. I skipped Transistor (which I do have from some bundle or other) because of my negative reaction to Bastion, but I wasn't aware that it could be played turn-based. Maybe I should give it a try.

yuliuskrisna 1

Thats fine, everybody got their own preferences. The thing about Supergiant though, while they have similiar top notch artstyle and OST, every game got wildly different gameplay feel to it. Ive seen some hated Bastion, but liked Transistor, and vice versa, and so on.

For Transistor, the turn mechanic is actually the main draw, instead of the real time combat. I don't even know if its even possible to play it fully realtime. Turn mechanic isnt exactly turn based like jrpg one, its pausing the game and planning/mapping your move in a turn, then executing them. I def recommend it if you havent give it a chance yet.

Pyre strength was in its cast of characters and the consequences of your actions. Gameplay was pretty hard to get into for sure, but it clicked for me after my third >!liberation!< rites. The ending was worth it, with a custom song that reflect your choices on >!who you liberate!<.

I believe the newest Supergiant Games, Hades, will be very newcomer friendly for people who wanted to experience Supergiant craft.

Battleharden 1

If you're playing Pyre on PC they have a MOBA control scheme that works really well. Granted you have to be used to games like League or DOTA.

Battleharden 2

If you haven't already I'd pick up Hades right now well it's 20% off on steam. They'll probably end up raising the price when 1.0 launches. Also they just came out with their last major update until 1.0 so the game is mostly complete right now if you want to hop in.

yuliuskrisna 2

Already put 100h+ in like, 3 months into it, mate! Shits addictive, man. I'm putting it off for now because i wanted to start from scratch when it hit 1.0. So meanwhile, im replaying Supergiant past work and each of their new game plus mode which i havent done yet (Transistor Recursion and Pyre True Nightwing).

Alphanumber 8

Persona 4 Golden

I've been playing the game in my free time the past 2 weeks and finally beat the game yesterday. Coming from my memories of Persona 3 almost 14 years ago, P4G hit the Persona spot I'd been yearning for all this time but never got to till now.

Overall, I liked the story and the mystery. The camaraderie of the main cast really reminded me of the relationships that were built in P3. I got a blast of nostalgia when I was back at Gekkoukan, seeing Chihiro, reference to who I believe in Mitsuru, being lectured by Edogawa on the occult and myths, and seeing/interacting with some of the locations from P3. I got a kick out of Edogawa's lecture when I realized the relevance of his lecture to the end game content.

I felt a bit of unevenness in the difficulty in terms of bosses. All of the bosses felt pretty challenging up till the laboratory boss, who felt pretty straightforward, then ramps up again until facing the killer, then drops off significantly once near max level. I tried to finish all the dungeons within a day or two of opening and I always felt strained to comfortably beat the boss going through the floors once. Only until I got the Hermit link up to a reasonable level that I felt comfortable rerunning dungeons due to being able to trade money for SP directly. Also, by that time, instant kill spells were hitting reliably enough to power level without much effort.

Playing casually my first time through, I found myself always taking up offers to hang out with social links since they'd often times lead to hanging out with other social links as well. There were so many small interactions between people that I'd spend time with them even after I maxed out their social links since I wanted to see more of their interactions. I only wish some of the incidental rewards scaled up a bit more. Getting peach seeds for going to Junes with the Dojimas isn't particularly useful late game. I also love that certain combinations of characters in battle will cause free attacks to occur among them for free damage.

The ending was great as well. Seeing all the characters change and grow from a little to a lot (Kanji and Naoto especially) and seeing them all happy and healthy. A pretty far cry from the bittersweet ending of P3. As the butterfly fluttered away and the credits rolled in P3, I remember my heart sinking and rushing to GameFAQs forums to confirm that I didn't misinterpret the ending. With P4G, I'm satisfied.

Makes me pumped for P5R when I get around to it.

Playdead's Inside

Finished it following P4G to go through my EGS freebies.

Reminded me a lot of Limbo but the productions values are way higher. Movement and animations felt pretty good to me. A fairly good sprinkling of puzzles that felt pretty intuitive (except for the hook puzzle that eluded me a bit until I realized I needed to gently lower myself) Game ended just as abruptly as Limbo. The motive for infiltrating the facility only to break out escapes me.


Just started and feels a bit weak purely from a game feel perspective. There's a good bit of just sliding around or weak flinching after getting hit by certain attacks and doesn't particularly give a grounded feel that would be greatly appreciated in a game like Jotun. The heavy attack especially feels sluggish and overdrawn.

MrGamerDude16 10

Last of Us Part 2

So I'm around 10 hours into this game now(dam you work) and I really do enjoy it. I felt the opening was well done and made sense to me. Even >!the death of Joel. It left me sick after it and I feel that was the intention!<. I personally enjoyed the first one a little more but mainly because I preferred the road trip style story over the quest for revenge. I'm not sure were the controversies have come from over this game, although I haven't seen the leaks so that might be to come for me but so far I really am enjoying it.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

God dam they really have fixed this game. Got back into this and pretty much been playing co-op only. Started to grind up some classes and heroes but eventually just stuck to this game mode because its so fun. The hate this game got on release was entirely justified and it's good to see EA backtracking on there micro transactions in the game. With Fallen Order and Squadrons also having no micro transactions hopefully this is a new start for star wars games...hopefully that is!

Ratchet and Clank

Never played a Ratchet and Clank game before but when the new one was announce at the ps5 event it looked fun so I went and bought the ps4 remake of the first one. I really do enjoy it. The levels are fun to explore but collectables aren't too hard to find. The characters are fun and unique. Best bit are the weapons the game has to offer. Some very unique guns with the Pixelator being my fave so far. Cant wait to finish the rest of the game.

carrotstix 14

GTA V - Beat the single player. Chose to keep everyone alive and gotta say, that was a satisfying ending to a really good single player campaign. It's a big shame they never did anything else with it and focused on the online stuff. I've got to wonder what a GTA 6 will be like thanks to the online success. This feels like a San Andreas type success where they made an engaging and exciting yet goofy game. However, that led to GTA4 which got rid of a lot of the goofyness in favour of a more focused storyline. Here in 5, they've course corrected and are back in that San Andreas type zone where you wonder "how can they top that?". I'm excited to see what's next for the franchise.

Max Payne 3 - Beat this as well and I was shocked at how well Rockstar made the game, despite not being the creators. Was happy to see Max get a nice ending and if that's the end of the franchise, it's a good way to end it. It was cool to see that things in this game ended up in GTA V such as the animations. I wish Rockstar made more games like they did pre PS3 because they certainly know how to put one together when they're ready.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions : I finally got past the dude who transforms into a beast then one shots you, only to find out that he then brings in a whole team...and then beats you up pretty handily if you're not expecting it! Got past it and it seems like I'm in the endgame. Sadly PS Plus ran out so I can't complete the game yet but I'm still enjoying the game although it's a bit too slow speed wise and the camera controls can hinder you being able to make the best decisions because you can't see where certain people are thanks to being blocked by the geometry.

Resonance of Fate - Finally beat this game as well and overall, I had a great time with the game. There are some iffy parts such as:

  • You definitely need an encyclopedia for the different people, places and events that happened in the game because the game either hints but doesn't fully explain some of them or you just forget who's who.

  • Another iffy part is sometimes, the game likes to spring one on one battles and the battle system just isn't designed for it. So you end up having to rely on grenade spam and hoping you can kill the enemy before they kill you. This is in contrast to how you play regularly where you have your team spread out, chip away at their shield then blast away in one combo racking up the big hits and damage.

    Still, as an RPG fan, I feel it brought something fresh to the genre and it's a shame Tri Ace can't make a big budget rpg anymore because there's too much risk. This is why I miss handheld consoles. If a dev wanted to make a game but didn't have that big console budget, they'd head to the DS and PSP. Now, we don't have that. Maybe they can make low budget computer games and port them to the consoles? I dunno. I feel like we're missing out on games because the budget to make a decent game in 3D in two years is too much.

    Dark Souls - So I'm finally on the home stretch of clearing out my PS3 backlog with this and Driver San Francisco to finish and I'm having a blast. Coming from Demon's Souls, it's shocking how much of that game is in Dark Souls. It feels like the devs made Demon's Souls 1.5 in a way but they've changed enough where you don't get complacent. So, sure the first real stage can be the castle (just like in Demon's) and sure, there's a fire breathing dragon who's blocking your way and you have to take the lower floor to get past it (just like in Demon's) BUT ALSO, here's some suped up enemies who one shot you and now the game's interconnected so you could take a path in the castle and end up in a swamp which is completely different to Demon's which kept stages separate. It's still a fun game and at it's best it feels like a Metroidvania where you're exploring more than battling and finding new routes, enemies and equipment on your journey.

    Then my PS3 DIED.

    Persona 4 Golden (Vita) - So then I ended up finally giving P4 a try. I've beaten 3 and 5 and I'm almost through 2 but 4 was always one I didn't have the energy to play because 3 and 5 play so similarly that I can't imagine 4 is much different. And gameplay wise, I'm right. You're doing the same thing as you did in the other games BUT there's a few neat changes. One is that you don't have Tartarus or that subway station nonsense in 5 where you just go through levels of enemies . Instead you just have the unique character stages which cuts down on the tedium of those mentioned areas. Sadly, the dungeon design of P3 - P5 is still boring. There's not much to them other than get to the boss floor, defeat boss. P5's initial trailer hinted at the stages being more interactive but apart from the first stage and Sae's stage, you still just fight monsters, change floor, you might also pull a lever too.

    However, I think this game has the best characters. The most notable thing is that they are all friends with each other which I found to be a problem in P3 and P5. P3 felt like you had friends with different cliques joining for a common goal but everyone didn't feel like friends. So you had Junpei and Yukari as a group, then Mitsuru and Akuhiko in another group and then everyone else was just there.
    P5 felt like everyone was together BECAUSE of you. So if you weren't there, they wouldn't do anything.

    P4 has everyone chatting with everyone so it feels like a true group of friends solving a mystery. So you get cool things like Kanji being interested in Naoto, Rise being outwardly flirty with you and Rise and Yukiko not being fans of it, etc. It really works well and it's the best character work for the series since P2. P2 nails it as there's less characters to deal with so there's more focus on them but this iteration of the Persona franchise , P4 is the one to beat, character- wise.

    Anyway, it looks like I'm nearing the endgame, so I'm gonna go find the Reaper (who can appear in boxes?! That was a surprise. I'm more used to hearing the chains and then seeing a dot on the radar coming towards you) and then see how things shake out.

    One last thing, I wonder what they'll do for P6. I think the current format is getting long in the tooth and the battle system hasn't changed since SMT Nocturne, just has had more things added to it. The school format is nice but after 3 games of going to school, it may be nice to do something else. Although, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they made a sequel to P5. The way that game is talked about, I'm surprised they didn't announce a P5-2.
HenryEen 3

>I finally got past the dude who transforms into a beast then one shots you, only to find out that he then brings in a whole team...and then beats you up pretty handily if you're not expecting it! Got past it and it seems like I'm in the endgame. Sadly PS Plus ran out so I can't complete the game yet but I'm still enjoying the game although it's a bit too slow speed wise and the camera controls can hinder you being able to make the best decisions because you can't see where certain people are thanks to being blocked by the geometry.

Belial (originally Velius on the PS1 version) was the most (in)famous boss of the game.

In the original PS1 version, there was no warning before you enter the castle, and people who only have 1 save slot, overwrite it before entering the castle (after the gate fight), then find themselves completely unprepared/underlevelled for the boss pretty much had that playthorugh ruined as there is no way to go back to the overworld to level/prepare.

carrotstix 1

Many years of rpg playing has taught me to have multiple saves. I'm really glad I had them this time too!

wjousts 1

I loved the setting in Max Payne 3 and the characterization of Max himself.

SupaKoopa714 5

A Hat in Time

I originally tried playing A Hat in Time a while back, but ended up not getting to far into it because the "stealth" stage at the beginning of the movie studio world frankly bored me enough to not finish the stage.

This time I was able to get through it, and now I'm totally addicted to this game. I really wasn't expecting it to have so many different styles of gameplay and story mixed together, and I wouldn't have expected it to work as well as it does. No two stages really play quite the same, they always have some sort of gimmick that keeps the game constantly feeling fresh. Recently I hit a stage that plays out like an Amnesia type survival horror, where a monster will pop out suddenly and you have to find a hiding spot before it kills you in one hit. I genuinely jumped when it first happened because I wasn't expecting it at all, and I thought it was awesome. Another stage has you on a train solving a murder mystery, which brought me back to my second favorite Chapter in my all time favorite game Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door, the one where you're aboard a train solving a mystery. Again, I thought that was awesome.

I'm also in love with the game's humor and style. They weren't lying in calling it a cute as heck 3D platformer, because that's 110% what it is. There's not one moment that doesn't ooze charm, and there are some genuinely funny moments throughout, whether it be main story dialogue or just some little interaction with something aboard Hat Kid's ship. There was one point where I found myself playing a sort of text based adventure game that you can actually play through and beat, which I found hilarious.

Overall, A Hat in Time has me hooked, and I'm constantly looking forward to playing more of it.

Galaxy40k 4

Check out the DLC too! The first DLC level is...not the best, but it has an interesting design to it and adds a really cool challenge mode. The second DLC world is just kick-ass all around

CptSeaBunny 2

100% agree. Nyakuza Metro is AMAZING!

YourAverageAnarchist 1

How long is a hat in time? I've been wanting to get it so bad!

monsterm1dget 12

The Last of Us 2: Finished it last monday, and decided to take a few days to read and understand the game. As a game, it's an amazing one: it's fluid, exciting, gunfights are satisfying and fun, and the stealth is very well done. The enemies and allies yell and make the fights that much more alive. It's also noticeably less visually violent and gruesome than the first, which is a bit odd considering the content is that much more violent. It's also technically sound, though I experienced some serious framerate drops at two points during my 22 hour playthrough (playing on PS Slim). It was solved via a restart of the game.

I found the plot fine. Nothing ground breaking, very focused on telling the tale it wanted to tell; from reading some criticism I find people were expecting something else. Some illusion of choice at least? There isn't any. The game isn't Spec Ops: The Line nor does it try to be at all. It's weird, the game has been harshly criticized for things I was expecting not to be a big deal: for example the revenge plot is criticized as cliché. The despiction of violence plus the constant reminder these enemies you're slaughtering are people and not monsters. The dog killing was made a big deal which I actually did not really care when it happened. Abby's appearance - I have a friend who swears she's trans. I don't know why. - and some sort of vague agenda pushing. I am a 36 years old straight guy. I can't care any less about any agenda, mostly because I didn't see one being pushed? Maybe it's because I don't really give a shit about anything at all, but I just didn't find anything that would make me uncomfortable about the game.

Abby's body mostly made me feel horrifyingly out of shape, which resulted in me buying Ringfit Adventure and a static bike. Her character? People hate her but I didn't find her all that unlikable. She's rash and her actions are horrible towards the player's expectations, but Ellie does pretty much the same. There is a religious sect in the game that's transphobe and probably homophobic, but there is commentary there about religion, not some right wing philosphy that mostly fits in there because they are close minded nuts, they are also some sort of luddite society that wages war because of the luls, apparently. Oh wait, maybe that's some sort of jihad or crusade. I don't know, the game doesn't really delve on that.

I am very angry about this game and its reception in the gaming community. The game has some absolutely stunning set pieces. There is an scene, the Spoiler: >!bridge scene with the sniper!<, that's one of the most memorable stages I've played in my life, down to the reveal at the end of it. The Spoiler: >!Ellie boss fight at the theater!< it's fucking terrifying. Spoiler: >!Haven burning, the sky bridges, hell even Abby's introduction!<. These have been rarely mentioned online and it's like people don't really want to. It's frustrating really.

The only complain I have is that the game has severe pacing issues. Some stages go on forever and the game is at least three or four hours too long, plus some serious ending fatigue, and that largely happens because of that pacing. Things come and go without a true climax, it's not good writing, or perhaps poor editing. Otherwise, an excellent videogame that's much more than what the critics and reviews, even the good ones, are saying.

It's, as I said, weird. I guess this, being one of the biggest launchs of the year, was unavoidable. It happened with Doom Eternal, Final Fantasy 7. It will happen with Cyberpunk 2077.

If you are on the fence and can deal with a very, very dark story which is just not edgy enough to be cool by its darkness, I'd recommend you give it a try.

Modern Warfare 3: After 2's ending, I just had to do this. It's a big let down considering how the first two are so much more impressive, the third one is just not as stunning nor is it as dramatic to get the same effect towards the player. It's not a mess like Black Ops 3, but it's pretty anticlimatic and by the numbers. Still fun as hell, and at least I got an ending, but It could have been a lot better. All of this is about the campaign, I will probably never play MP. I like the OST much more than 2, for some weird reason.

Dark Souls Remastered: I enjoyed Bloodborne, and with the Demon's Souls remake just around the corner, I decided to give this one a try. So far, it's even clunkier than Bloodborne, but now I know better what to expect, so I'll give it a fair look before spitting hell on it. Two or so hours in, one of those lost getting killed by the skeletons in the graveyard before I figured there was somewhere else to be at my level. Looks pretty good, but the music gets on my nerves so bad.

Galaxy40k 3

It never ceases to amaze me how many people try to fight the skeletons in the graveyard right at the beginning of the game without realizing that it's probably a later game area. I always imagined that it has to do with the reputation of "these games are hard!" that's been built up that makes people think the graveyard is the intended difficulty, but if you played BB already then my explanation doesn't hold.

So what about DkS made you stick with the graveyard for a whole hour? Genuinely curious here

monsterm1dget 3

The itching feeling I could probably take them one by one. I probably wasn't really thinking straight, so I was like uhm, one more try, and that turned into an hour of mindlessly getting killed until I ran inside, picked everything that was not nailed down, and died again.

At this point I remembered this is a Souls game and figured it just isn't really supposed to be this hard, more like obtuse. So I figured this was not the way and promptly discovered the way to Undead Burg. Not gonna lie, felt really smart at that time.

I blame it to the fact that it was late and I was tired but we can also say I am not the brightest man.

arggggggggghhhhhhhh 2

Run past those badboys and get a nice claymore to start.

HopelessChip35 1

Zweihander*. Claymore is on the bridge with the Hellkite Wyvern.

git-fucked 3

It's because the graveyard is a really obvious direction to go in (despite the enemies being hard) whereas I completely missed the "correct" path and had to google it before I realised it even existed. If you don't know it's there it totally blends into the environment; it's hidden up a thin stairway, behind a cliff, behind the camera from where you start whereas New Londo / the Graveyard are in front of you / extremely obvious.

As for why nobody gets stuck in New Londo - you can't damage the ghosts so it's pretty obvious you can't go that way yet. So the natural conclusion is the graveyard must be the way forward until you realise there's a third path.

q1u2acker 1

> It never ceases to amaze me how many people try to fight the skeletons in the graveyard right at the beginning of the game without realizing that it's probably a later game area.

My first time playing Dark Souls, I never picked up the sword on the way out of the jail cell at the beginning. Remember you start with a broken sword hilt? Well, each hit does like 2 damage. I would spend hours patiently dodging and hitting enemies that had 100 health. I played for about a week in the first area with the sword hilt, and spent forever trying to beat the first boss.

The whole time I was just thinking, “Wow, I guess this game really is hard.” Then I looked it up and went back for the sword. After my week of sword hilt training, I breezed through that area and the graveyard with the skeletons but couldn’t proceed through the pitch black cave. I went another way but used up all my curses or whatever that let me kill the ghosts in the lake area. At the point I had finally grown a bit frustrated and moved on to another game.

YourAverageAnarchist 2

I don't know where the "Abby is trans" thing comes from neither. I've been defending the game on twitter a lot the past few days because the misinformation and blind hate is getting to me. I don't care if you legit don't like it. But so many people complain about some LGBT agenda? I think they're just afraid of a girl with muscles 🤔
I personally really loved the game and think it's one of the best games I've ever played.
I watched some people like angryjoe on YouTube play the ending and I really believe alot of people are missing the point and either truly don't understand or they don't want to understand.

Modern warfare 2 was my favorite but I have yet to play the third's campaign. I remember playing the third multi-player though which was alot of fun with knifes and pistols mode.

Dark souls is really amazing but can be quite a maze to figure out where to go next. Don't be afraid to look up a map online to check where stuff is. I had that problem with dark souls 3 and bloodbourne where I missed a ton of bosses because I didn't notice certain passages. I still have to finish the dlc for it too.

ImagineImSiriKeeton 1

The "Abby is trans" nonsense is straight up sexist garbage. Certain segments of the gaming community saw a muscular woman and got all rabid in a misogynistic frenzy. Even if she was, that's fine and should not merit the stir it caused. I loved the game as a whole, thought it was fantastic

VierasMarius 3

Satellite Reign - A squad tactics game, similar in format and theme to the classic Syndicate games, but with more traditional RPG elements. You control 4 agents - Soldier, Support, Hacker, Infiltrator - each with their own skill tree to level up. I played through a while ago, but recently started playing co-op with a buddy. It's pretty fun!

Not without flaws though. Cover is super important, but there's no "overwatch" option so you either have to order your agents to "Attack - Move" (which takes them out of cover) or manually right-click on each target to attack. There are also frequent issues where they don't "stick" to cover properly, leaving them exposed. You end up having to do a lot of micro-management in combat.

Overall though it's a fun experience, and getting to share it with a friend is really rewarding.

Sigma7 3

I had a close call with Wings, a WW-I plane fighting game. Somehow the file system containing the saved game got corrupted and that basically resets progress for a game all the way back to the beginning. Thankfully I recovered the data using a hex editor, although the online description of the file system is a little hard to read.

Oh, and the file is being stored backwards.

The Simpsons Hit & Run feels like it's in the coin grind phase. I'm making progress, but it feels like it's necessary to go back and scour the maps for all those coins, especially when missions are requiring expensive things just to even start.

Otherwise, the game is on the difficult side but at least there isn't too much of a problem getting back to where you're making progress.

Otherwise, nothing too special this week.

Viron_Ragnaros 4

Been playing Splitgate a bit some more. They've rebalanced a bunch of stuff. The maps still aren't great but it's good fun playing what is pretty much Halo arena with Portals.

danceswithronin 14

Doing a completionist run on Red Dead Redemption 2 with the hardback strategy guide. It's insane how much content I missed in my first playthrough. This game amazes me every time I play it. I tripped on acid a few nights ago and watched/played it with my siblings and it was pretty much the best thing I've ever seen in my life, lol. That was what inspired me to get back into the game and finish all the side content.

Online still sucks though.

binny97 3

Following your comment on how much content you missed, I was for a moment really excited to try finding some lsd in RDR2

danceswithronin 1

That would definitely be a trick since it wasn't synthesized until 1938, lol. But I have a few more tabs left over for a second play session, just waiting until next weekend when my tolerance is back down.

binny97 2

Sounds weird in a good way

danceswithronin 3

It's fucking incredible. Last time I played the game on acid it was like super realistic (like I got sucked into it and could practically touch the fabrics and furs through the screen, I felt like Arthur) but there was an iridescent rainbow overlay on everything. You think the game is pretty in regular HD? Try playing it on LSD.

It was also absurd because my sister-in-law took over for a bit when I got to laughing over something and immediately went on a killing rampage as she crossed the map (we were headed for a mission point) and for some reason the rampant violence was hilarious, I almost died laughing. She got herself backed into a corner with like a dozen people shooting at her and I took over and actually could still manage excellent headshots even though I was frying because I've played so much it's like muscle memory. So then I really thought I was a cowboy because the whole room was /r/instantbarbarians like OMG HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THAT BLITZED ON ACID YOU WUNDERKIND. And I got like multiple super-cool slow-mo death shots which made it look even better.

To which I just have to answer I have played an obscene amount of RDR2 in my first go-around even though I didn't nab a lot of the side stuff. I just wandered around gawping at it and occasionally getting shot at.

awerro 2

Hahahha you do have to admit its pretty easy to headshot in that game, i once played dmc v on acid, nowwwww were talking crazy my friend

danceswithronin 2

That's why I like it, it looks a lot more impressive than it actually is if you have any level of practice at all, lol.

awerro 2

I bet the ragdoll effects looked tremendous


Must have been some shit acid if you were able to comprehend what was going on.

danceswithronin 1

No I actually took it while on Lexapro so it dampens the effects slightly. (I wasn't anticipating getting access to it or I would have gone off my meds for a few weeks). Doesn't make it less fun or decrease the visuals, just makes it more controllable. Also it was like six or seven hours into my trip.

I'm saving the other two tabs for after I've been off the Lexapro long enough for it to leech out of my system, the next trip should be much stronger. I don't really mind the dampening effect of it though because it makes it much more controllable. I like being able to walk around like a normal person and shit and still see visuals.

bapplebo 7

I've been playing space games as a palate cleanser from my CRPG sprawl.

Neverwinter Nights 2

Had a lot of fun, but the controls and camera eventually frustrated me so I charged to the ending.

NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer

This was great. Definitely could feel the themes here and the different messages its trying to convey, and the last few areas were really atmospheric. Also a lot more difficult than the OC, so the pacing actually worked out pretty well for me.

Elite: Dangerous

Late to the party for this one but I'm enjoying hauling stuff and shooting stuff. I don't expect a huge, deep game here but for what it is, I'm definitely having fun.

X3: Albion Prelude

I have X4, but I want to earn my X-series creds and get through the story / build up a small mining empire in X3 before I move on to X4.

hooahest 1

I read the MotB SomethingAwful let's play. That game had by far the most indepth 'evil' playthrough that I've seen.

Logan_Yes 5

I didn't start anything new, been playing Witcher 3 on Xbox. A very good title, I got a handle of combat (but I still dislike locking feature when there is more than 3 enemies) plus open world design, and while it is annoying when you defeat a bandit camp on same level as you, and slightly further you get rekt in three hits by a monster lol. But the setting, story, elements in it, soundtrack-great. I hope that getting Ciri is not a main point and it will still have some political bits like 1st and 2nd title though. Right now I'm at Velen and did entire plotline with Keira, and I found Anna.

In the meantime I finished Alan Wake on PC and I say game is great. Atmoshpere is fantastic, has good characters, but I would like a bit less forests, at the end it was like "Eh, another forest". Combat is satisfying but I would like it a bit harder in terms off resources, never really felt like I run out of it and have to run away or something. Main problem is the cliffhanger ending where you need to buy American Nightmare to continue the story. But if you like thrillers with supernatural elements you should get it!
It's like a noice round 8/10.
Now I'm getting all achievements and doing a run on Nightmare, should be fun.

I also try to play Darksiders: Warmastered Edition on PC. Try because game works like shit. Weird, people say they have a lot of issues with OG but I have 31 hours into it and besides sound issues, nothing. Here I can play for ~25 minutes and game crashes so badly I have to reboot my PC as Steam and elements such as Discord get all glitchy and flickery and crap. Trying to find a solution so if anyone here has one, hit me up. I saw "Launch through .exe" as one but it was related to Original Version. Shame, I love Darksiders and wanted to do some casual hack and slash as War. :(

Hope everyone is safe and sound, have a good week!

MattFox20 3

Kingdom Come Deliverance: This is an open world medieval game. I`m just starting to get used to how everything works, but so far I enjoyed it very much. The story itself is pretty good, and I`ve read that it portrays how it was back then very well.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE: JRPG . Turn based goodness. I used to hate Idols, but i`m slowly warming up to them because of this game. I love how the characters actually grow and evolve whilst you`re playing the game.

Ni No Kuni: Kinda of a action RPG. Its basically a Ghibli movie you can play. Its gorgeous and overall a great game.

iWriteYourMusic 3

> I used to hate Idols

Can you elaborate on this? iirc I thought this would be a great game for me but then I read it had a Japanese tween vibe and I figured it's a pass.

MattFox20 2

Your main character is a teen, but is not a childish game. Did you ever play Shin Megami Tensei IV? Its very similar to it. Its a turn based combat with 3 characters. For every weapon there are a few abilities for you to learn. You constantly forge new weapons to gain new abilities. One quest was to get the ingredients to make a hang over medicine for the boss of the agency lol. It`s very funny sometimes. There are no random encounters. You see the monsters and you can choose not to fight.

Illidan1943 3

> I used to hate Idols, but i`m slowly warming up to them because of this game

And so it begins

VarioussiteTARDISES 1

Yeah, that's how they get you. Sometimes it takes just one girl when circumstances warrant paying attention. It's only a matter of time until he gets pulled into one of the big idol franchises, at which point.... "Welcome to Hell Zone"

_modelacrossi 2

Ni no Kuni actually gets challenging late game. I had to grind to beat it

homer_3 1

Like idols or not, TMS:FE has such a fun combat system. It's probably the only JRPG where, even though I didn't like the story, I still loved the game because the combat was so fun.

YourLocalMonarchist 1

I've been playing an Xbox since 2003, had every one since but im thinking ill be switching to playstation.

To somebody else who has switched, how have you found the controller to be? Like was it hard to get used to it or easy to use?

GGM-2Three 1

You can get a controller made by SCUF. I have the Vantage 2, it has the offset sticks like Xbox and feels pretty good for me. I have all the current systems of this generation, with Xbox being my main because I love the controller

lamancha 1

Not much difference in handling to be honest, still prefer xbox controllers though because I have big hands.

_modelacrossi 2

I switched to playstation last gen and the controller was a non-factor for me. Ps5 controller has a very similar shape to xbox controller anyway. I have smaller hands btw.

The_All_Golden 8

Recently finished:

Final Fantasy VII

I'm still pretty new to the FF series. The only other game in the series I've played was FFX and it's been a couple of years since I beat it. FF7 was a great experience but I feel like some of the original magic faded over the years. Midgar and Shinra HQ was fun to get through but the rest of Part 1 wasn't anything too special. I very much enjoyed the ending of Part 1, especially the temple area and the overall atmosphere of the Forgotten City was fantastic. Part 2 I enjoyed just a bit more than Part 1 and I felt the ending and final boss fight was fantastic. Overall a really fun experience and between the two FF games I've played I prefer 7's story and 10's gameplay.

Alan Wake

Completed this one during the weekend a while back. Great story and atmosphere. I thought the combat mechanic of lighting enemies up before you could damage them was neat and while it wasn't too hard there were a number of tense moments where I ran out of ammo and had to evade a group of enemies until I got to the next checkpoint. Haven't played through the DLC or the sequel yet but I think it'll be a good one to save for Halloween.

Currently Playing:


After coming off of something as heavy as FF7 I needed something light to cleanse the palate. This is another classic I was too young to play when it released originally but so far I'm enjoying it a lot. I'll also give a shoutout to Nightdive Studios who polished up the game and brought it over to Steam. I played their System Shock remaster a few months back and it was an incredibly smooth (and fun!) experience. These guys do an amazing job at fixing up old school games to run smoothly on modern PCs.

EverySister 2

I played Final Fantasy VII a few weeks ago and, damn, it was great! Loved disc 1 more than anything. The fact that the story never keeps coming and coming with new info, flashbacks, backstory and cutscenes. It's great, enthralling, fun and exciting. Had a ton of fun with it.

xdownpourx 6

Persona 4: Golden

Just finished this up tonight. What a fucking great experience. I'm so happy this came to PC. I couldn't convince myself to get a Vita just for this and I might have never played it because of that.

What really impressed me with this came is how I never felt like the story slowed down. I love Persona 5 Royal more than this game, but it did have a few lulls in the story. Golden just kept up the intrigue the entire time.

It's certainly a step back gameplay wise since I played Royal first, but it's still a good time. I did drop the difficulty to easy because dungeons were kind of a drag.

Just like Royal I love this cast of characters so much and after 70+ hours with them it's bittersweet to be finished. Now I gotta decided if I want to give Persona 3 FES a shot through an emulator or not.

aviatorbacteria 1

How strong would you say that this game is outside of the story? I've heard only positive things, but I generally don't care for plotlines in games - does it hold up if you don't really pay attention, or should I look elsewhere?

SoloSassafrass 3

Persona games really survive on their plot and characters. The gameplay's good (5 is better for obvious reasons) but it's broken up by a lot of characters talking to each other and life sim elements.

If you're not into storylines in games I can't say I'd recommend the Persona series at all.

Mudcaker 2

The overarching plot is good, but I found the moment to moment writing and characterisation to be the best part.

If you don't care at all about the characters then I don't think there's much game left.

The JRPG bits are not great IMO, but get the job done.

hooahest 1

If you don't care for plot/characters, you probably won't enjoy Persona 4, or RPGs in general

aviatorbacteria 2

Well, I enjoy games like Torchlight 2 and Divinity: Original Sin, which I'd say are both RPGs. I'd just say that in both of those cases the combat and designing a character are fun on their own even if you ignore the plot.

xdownpourx 2

If you are in it for the gameplay then no the gameplay is pretty lacking. You either have to get hooked on the story or the characters. Thats also like 50% of the game in playtime. Just listening to dialogue (some voice acted and some not).

aviatorbacteria 1

Okay, thanks!

okaythenmate 6

Bought these two games on the Steam Sale like 2 days ago:


It's very simple island building game. You put certain buildings/structures onto the island and gain points. Once you get enough points, you unlock the next building. You basically want to optimise where you are placing your buildings to maximise the amount of points you gain. The game, to me anyway, is quite relaxing. Just get buildings and place them down and try and see how high of a score I can get. There is no time limit, no rush, only thing is is that you are only allowed to undo your last move.

Overall great game and especially it being $4AUD.


From the creators of Bastion, Transistor and Pyre, Supergiant Games gives another fantastic game. Firstly, the art style is just like other games and I personally find it gorgeous. Next, I highly recommend playing this on controller as I found that much more easy and also much more intuitive. It is a game similar to Bastion, pick your weapon and and go out and escape from Hell. The atmosphere of this game is great too, even though you are escaping hell, the NPCs (other gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc etc) are all very cheery and lighthearted. And it just looks wonderful in each encounter.

I will say that if you are not use to or like the flashy, fast paced movements in games, maybe rethink grabbing this. There are some parts that have a lot going on and a lot to take it, so keep that mind.

Overall both games are great and highly recommend since they are both on sale at the moment. Good luck, have fun!

the_hitman3000 1

I got a few games due to the sales on PS4 but have only played two so far.

Doom 64

Recently played 1-3 when they came out never played them when I was younger liked them all. Doom 64 is also fun I like the more darker look too it and the music being ambient helps give it a horror atmosphere. Only played 11 levels though but will get back to it.

Devil May Cry 1 (HD collection)

The only game I played was the reboot when it was on plus on the PS3. So coming into this I didn't know what to expect. I like it but it's definitely dated feels like the old Resident Evil (the behind the scenes stuff makes sense now). But the combat still is fun and the atmosphere is really nice. I hear DMC 2 is bad though so it'll be interesting to see how this series progresses.

northofthereandhere 2

Id recommend playing 2 but only for a couple hours or so, you dont unlock new moves or new weapons and the story isnt all that captivating. watching cutscenes or a summary on youtube is better for this game. 3 stll holds up as an incredible action game to this day

the_hitman3000 2

Wow.. this game really isn't good compared to the first Devil May Cry it's actually shocking how much this drags with bad design.

IceFatality 1

Like the guy above said, don't let DMC2 put you off playing DMC3. It's easily the best in the series (though I haven't played 5 yet), and is probably one of the best action games of all time. If you can play the Switch version, they added some cool QoL improvements, but any version of DMC3 is good.

EverySister 3

I'm still playing Death Stranding and it is gaining speed. Just played through Episode 4 and shit got intense. So good.

HenryEen 5

Destiny 2

The last time I played Destiny 2 was Warmind DLC, around June/July 2018. After that fell off the game and swapped to Monster Hunter World as my go-to GaaS game.

Now between Monster Hunter World Iceborne starting to slow down in term of content update, cross save with PC and also being free to play, decided to jump back into the game.

Clocked in 50 hours in just a week before deciding to buy Forsaken on Steam summer sale.

Fk me Destiny going to be the only game I played for the next month, the gameplay loop is even more addicting than before thanks to the insane amount of content variety (speaking of which it's crazy how much content free player get, not counting vanilla/Osiris/Warmind content...) and random rolls being a thing again.

Also 50-60FPS Destiny feels absolutely good to play.

danceswithronin 1

Started playing Yes Your Grace tonight while waiting for Control to download. I actually love the pixelated art style and the dialogue, but I have a feeling the resource management side of the game is unbalanced and I'm about to be fucked over royally (pun intended).

The music is really fantastic and the UI is easy to understand.

PulledPorkForMe 8

Just finished TLOU2. Outside of a couple story beats I thought the game was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it. Such a brutal and intense game. It gives George RR Martin a run for his money in terms of killing people.

Still doin GTA:O, I always enjoy screwing around in free-mode or doing criminal activities. I have a the gun toys except for a few so it’s always a blast.

Picked up Days Gone to satisfy my zombie needs now that I’m done with the last of us 2. It’s definitely different but I’m pretty sure I like it so I’m gonna keep going.

Awaiting the Destiny September expansion and Cyperpunk 2077 and the Streets of Tarkov map for Tarkov and hopefully the next solar system in Star Citizen.

q1u2acker 20

Outer Wilds

I picked this up on sale after hearing all the great reviews. It's good. It reminds me of Myst. I'm slowly figuring things out one detail at a time. So far, not all that interesting to me. The time loop interrupts me in the middle of exploration, which is discouraging. I feel like I can't take my time to explore.

I guess I'm just being impatient playing through a slow-burning game though. We'll see if it pays off.

The Last of Us Part II

I wasn't spoiled, thank god. I only saw the very first teaser trailer showing some of the combat. No idea what the leak was, and I had no idea there was any controversy and still don't know what that was about.

I liked pretty much everything about it. The gameplay is "the same" as the first, but you'll find it's much different in practice. The level design is way more open and you can be super creative during encounters. The AI is much improved and there are a variety of fine-grained settings, so you can tailor the difficulty to your liking.

The story seems to be everyone's biggest complaint. I actually liked it, and I definitely appreciate the big risks taken with the story. The story in TLoU2 is honestly leagues beyond 98% of other games in story quality and story telling - don't get me started. But, there is an insane level of expectation and compared to the first one, the story in TLoU2 is a bit less engrossing and that is largely due to the pacing. I'd personally like to see a recut that tells the story in roughly chronological order.

In any case, it's for sure worth it. I don't know what "controversy" there was, but ignore it and play it yourself. It's a good length - not super long. I finished it in under 30 hours, for sure, and had a great time.

Memebaut 3

decided to catch up on some classic walking simulators (or adjacent) that were all dirt cheat during the sale and burn through each in a sitting, ranked from least to most favorite

-Scanner Sombre- really solid singular gameplay mechanic with not nearly enough story or anything else really to hold it up.

-Dear Esther- Great atmosphere but the various ideas it presented were a bit too weird and far apart to connect into any cohesive narrative, and I don't really have a desire to replay it

-Firewatch- Good visuals and music, incredible voice acting and mostly realistic dialogue, finding your way around the map and doing dumb shit liking throwing a beer can at a raccoon made gameplay interesting enough to keep me invested. However >!while I know the ending has thematic importance and can appreciate that, I was let down that there really was no interesting story to conclude and I left feeling dissatisfied!<

-To the Moon- Damn good game in all aspects, great soundtrack, loveable characters, narrative kept me fully invested the entire way through, managed to blend a lighthearted tone with some cheesy tearjerker moments in a way that worked really well for me. Might come back to this just to experience the atmosphere some more.

Tonydez415 4

Star Wars: Dark Forces: It's sort of okay, but really repetitive and ultimately not worth finishing for me. Its cool that there is some extra background for the SW Universe that exists in this series, but the first game is a bit too old-school for my tastes.

Valorant: At last, ranked had finally arrived, and there is a bit more coordination going on in games. However, there is a huge influx of toxic behavior that is getting really annoying to have to deal with. I just try to be nice, and if someone is going to be rude, I hit that mute button like there's no tomorrow!

Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows: I just haven't enjoyed this one as much as the original game. Its still good, but not really too exciting due to the same locations being reused, as well as the fact that I personally don't find Plague Knight to play fluidly or really be that interesting at all.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero + Deleted Scenes: This was...weird. I didn't really expect a single-player focused entry for this series, and yet this package comes with a Campaign mode and a tactical squad-based mission style mode. I didn't enjoy either one! The campaign played like a really poor Call of Duty knockoff, and the mission mode was just not very interesting or entertaining. The latter was like an offline CS game, which isn't that great. Both modes had horrendous AI, and honestly, they just didn't feel good to play.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Just a really great cooperative game. Played it with my girlfriend over Discord and it felt really solid. A bit frustrating at first due to complete unfamiliarity with the manual, but after a while we got some bombs defused and felt that our relationship grew stronger in the meantime!

Plants vs. Zombies: An old game from my childhood, and it is still solid to this day. I've never fully finished it, so I'm going to try and do so. Sucks that the beginning missions are really boring and repetitive to me due to how many times I have tried to go for a full completion, giving up in the process, but aw well.

Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter: I was surprised to find that this title is actually better than the 1st game! Its not better in any huge ways, but the level design and environments are much more interesting to fight through. So glad that it isn't only an Egyptian setting this time around, and I really think this series benefits from different locations and time periods extremely well. I would love if they ever went the Timesplitters: Future Perfect route, with some more enemy diversity, but it seems with the upcoming sequel that this won't really be the case.

Alien: Isolation: I like the authentic feel of this game and how it pays tribute to the original movie. Sevastopol feels claustrophobic as hell, and the Alien and the Working Joe's are creepy to try and sneak past. The story is a bit basic, but there is a bit to uncover by reading the many logs left around the station. One thing I dislike is the clunkiness of combat and movement at times. Some actions feel very mechanical, and combat never really feels solid at all. Additionally, it is a bit frustrating to have to wait extremely long for the Alien to leave an area, especially when it runs back and forth for five minutes straight. Still, it doesn't feel as slow as the last time I played it, although I have only been playing a chapter a day up to this point.

Cameron2507 4

Valorant is very toxic. But that's just online games. I got reported for sabotage because I am not very good

Lars93 3

The Last of Us Part II: Been playing on and off since launch weekend but most of my hours were played during the launch weekend. Now I'm having trouble finishing the game because I find the second half just boring and not as fun as the first half.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain: The stealth gameplay from TLOU2 made me want to play a stealth-focused game. I saw MGSV on steam sale for $5.00 and thought why not. This is a game I've tried to get into twice before but just couldn't get into it. But I've been playing it all weekend and I think it's one of the greatest games I've ever played. Everything from movement to customization to player freedom on how to execute missions..it's just amazing. I see myself playing this until Ghost of Tsushima arrives. It honestly makes me sad we will not get to see another metal gear solid from Kojima.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: Picked this up from my brother's steam library and put 2 hours on it. So far it reminds me a lot of the Uncharted games which were some of my favorite games. I'll probably pick it back up after Ghost of Tsushima and Phantom Pain.

RanAWholeMile 3

As a lifelong Metal Gear fan, MGSV gives me the highest high and the lowest low. I love it so much, and as I slowly (quickly?) turn into an old man who's attention span is beginning to wane towards games with heavy narration, I find it much more cathartic to just pop into the greatest stealth game of all time and fuck around for an hour.

That said, I hate that Kojima's last Metal Gear ended up with the weakest (emptiest) story. Maybe it's Konami that gutted it, maybe not. But what little is there is pretty damn cool at least.

awerro 1

Honestly with how death stranding handled its cutscenes being front and back loaded i think we can only really blame konami for a missing act 3

Galaxy40k 1

MGSV is absolute peak in terms of raw stealth gameplay mechanics imo. Like you mention, controlling Snake just FEELS so damn perfect. I just wish the level design was more dense and unique, kind of like how Ground Zeroes was. Made it hard for the gameplay to keep my engaged for the entire length

wjousts 2

MGS V is the only MGS game I've played and I'm glad I didn't just tap out after the starting sequence that was really weird and off-putting to me. But once that game opens up, it's absolutely glorious. I'm not huge into stealth games since I find them generally frustrating, but MGS stealth is so well done and so flexible. If you screw up, it's usually pretty easy to either just go loud and kill everybody, or else slip away and hide to correct your mistakes.

Klotternaut 8

I spent all of yesterday playing The Last of Us Part 2 and 9 hours in, I'm loving it. Earlier in this topic I talked about finishing The Last of Us and finding the story to be great but the gameplay to be very underwhelming. I was apprehensive about playing TLoU2 if it was gonna be 20-30 hours of gameplay I didn't enjoy. But wow, they really improved it! It feels like a ton of smaller changes that keep the overall feel of the gameplay the same but make it so much more satisfying, engaging, and interesting. I used to get frustrated when messing up an encounter more than twice. Now I'll restart just to make sure I'm using my resources efficiently! I even bumped the difficulty from Normal to Hard after a few hours to up the challenge! It's the first time I've enjoyed a stealth game this much, I normally hate them. And my god is the game beautiful. I'm not usually one to focus on graphics, but christ!

From what I've gathered, I'm not at the divisive part of the story. But hopefully I'll like where they take it!

wjousts 2

Forza Horizon 4: Still been enjoying this, but I feel like I'm losing some enthusiasm for it. It's been a fun game, but after a while it's just competing in events for the sake of it. I've not touched anything multiplayer and don't particular feel like I want to, but it's unfortunate that part of the challenges for each season seems to require it. Still, I could totally see this being worthwhile to fire up and play with a little bit every now and then. I certainly got the value out of my Gamepass subscription with this one.

The Sims 4: I've been sucked back into playing the Sims again after my daughter started wanting to play it again. It's a fun game while you are chasing some objective you've set for yourself (reaching the top of a career, fulfilling an aspiration, etc), but sometimes it feels a bit empty once you reach that objective and you have to decide if you can be bothered setting another objective. My main sim ended up with the serial romantic aspiration after creating him with the story choice thing that it now has that will quickly set up your sims personality. After fulfilling that objective, I'm now chasing reaching the top of the scientist career.

In the process of reaching the top of the serial romantic aspiration, my sim knocked up several neighborhood sims. Then he got abducted my aliens and knocked up himself. Guess that's karma for ya.

Quadrilateral Cowboy: Played some more of this. I'm only making slow progress because I don't feel particularly motivated to really get stuck into it. I think I'm not quite half way through and I've been mostly playing it in the convenient three job chunks that it provides. I was a bit dopey on one puzzle where you had to click two buttons at once and I though you had to use the suitcase gun to hit one, but then when you go through the door you don't have it to do the next door that requires the same thing. Turns out you can just click both buttons really quickly on the first door. But instead, I solved the problem my wedging a vase in the door to keep the door open. So I was kinda impressed that it had enough flexibility for my rather stupid solution.

Observation: Started this on Gamepass. I'd been waiting for a good sale price on it, but even on EGS when they had a $10 off coupon it felt a little too expensive for me. I've gotten a little way into this and I'm really liking it. It's probably best described as a walking simulator (except you don't ever actually walk) with some puzzle elements. It does a great job of setting it's atmosphere (even when there isn't one!) and draws you into a mystery that I really feel like I'd like to get to the bottom of. I'm not expecting this to be a very long experience which, to me, makes it a perfect Gamepass game.

On the negative side, the UI elements I guess are supposed to be kinda crude, but they are also a little annoying. I had a bug in one cut scene that was ruined by having the schematic UI stuck on it and I couldn't get rid of it until I restarted the game. It's also a little vague about objectives, which is a little frustrating. I got stuck at one point and consulted a guide and I think I now have a better handle on what it actually expects. I often find that with games that getting a hint on a earlier puzzle can be enough to help you realize what it actually demands from you as a player. In this case it was "oh, okay, I really do need to pay attention to things stuck to the wall even though most of them aren't interactive". Now I know to make sure I zoom in on everything just in case.

ArtKorvalay 2

Doom Eternal

I wasn't about to pay full price for this, what with the shady publisher practices like a required Bethesda account. Waiting gave people time to figure out a bypass to that pickle as well as get a sale price. Now that I have the game I'm enjoying it well enough. It feels sufficiently like the 2016 game to be familiar. The environments are pretty good, in a Doom sense. Obviously no lush forests in this hellscape. The areas actually reminded me a lot more of Rage (1) in numerous areas, such as the giant lumbering colossus in the distance in the first level mirroring the same event in the infected city from Rage. The gunplay is still pretty great, though I'm not sure I like the numerous new enemy's methods of requiring tactical play. Just about every one revolves around some sort of shield, with the Marauders being the biggest pissers of all. I'm pretty much saving BFG rounds just for fights with them involved now. I think a player could, if motivated, replay levels with cheats on while collecting 1-up bonuses and then revert to the main campaign with all the bonuses stored, resulting in a considerable advantage if necessary. That's my ace in the hole if one of these bosses or encounters becomes too difficult.

homer_3 1

Blasters of the Universe

I think this might be the most polished VR game I've played. Fantastic visuals, the ease of customizing and testing your gun, the details on each piece of customization, the haptic feedback, there's so much attention to detail.

For the gameplay, damn, it's hard! There are 2 difficulty levels for each stage. I barely beat the 1st stage on hard and only was able to beat the 2nd on easy, which was still pretty tough. But there are lots of unlockables you get as you play to make you better equipped to deal with the tougher levels. The boss design has been pretty good so far too. Each of the 2 bosses I've beaten were very different.

It's super cheap on the Steam sale right now too. Really a must buy for any VR owner.

Katana Zero

It's not really a bad game, but it's not too great either. It feels like it should be one of those free flash games on Newgrounds. It's super short at ~3.5 hours and, while the gameplay mechanics are solid, the level design and use of the mechanics remains fairly shallow throughout. I never even used the slow time ability outside of when the tutorial told me to because there's just no need to.

The controls were pretty janky too. The way momentum works is really weird. There's a long delay after each sword swing, even if you land your hit, which just feels bad. And lastly, the story just feels unfinished. There are a bunch of plot points introduced that are never resolved. edit: From looking around online some more, it seems the story actually is unfinished. This is the 2nd EA game I've bought during the Summer sale that was not marked as EA on the store page when it was EA.

I actually feel like I got ripped off buying it on sale for $10. Too bad I didn't buy it on Steam, since then I could have refunded it.

eXyse123 3

Last of Us 2: The original Last of Us is still my favorite game of all time, but I had to stop playing the sequel literally just before the final boss fight. For several hours, I'd felt quite unpleasant while playing this game, and when I picked up the controller again, my hands were literally trembling. I could not force myself to continue playing.


I have heard that Naughty Dog did not want to make a "fun" game; well, in my case, they succeeded: they made a game that was literally dreadful (as in, it filled me with dread) to play. And I am not usually a weak-hearted person; I read and saw the movies of The Road and The Girl With All the Gifts, and they are among my favorite media of all time. But the medium is the message, and a player interacts with a game differently than a movie. Watching someone do something, reading about their fall into darkness, is a different thing by far than being forced to do it yourself.


The upshot is that I have learned - again - that the big review sites no longer in any way represent my perspective as a gamer, and in the future I will completely ignore them and instead pay attention to the reviewers I think are spot on - Jim Sterling and fextralife, for example.


At the end of the day, it's just a game. Neither a perfect game nor an awful game is worth getting worked up over. If the biggest problem in my life right now is that I don't like a video game, then I am graced me with no real problems.


Bug Fables: I really recommend this game. I haven't played any of the Paper Mario games since Thousand Year Door, and I am itching to play Origami King. Since that wasn't out, I played this game instead. This is a fun, lighthearted RPG with likable characters, funny dialog, interesting mechanics, fun boss fights, solid writing and lots of exploration. It's not a perfect game: a lot of the user interface is wonky, there's waaaaay too much walking from place to place that even getting fast-travel late in the game doesn't solve. Oh! And it has an in-game card game that's pretty addictive, I can't even tell you how many hours I wasted playing it.


(Now there's something TLOU2 could have used - a card game to play with all those super hero cards Ellie was picking up. "Be careful, Ellie, there's clickers up ahead, but I'll give you this shotgun ammo if you defeat me in this CARD DUEL!")


Desperadoes 3: Did you play Blades of the Shogun? If you did, this is that game, exactly. Same engine, same graphics, same perfectly refined stealth tactics gameplay. If you enjoyed that game, you will enjoy this game. I'm having a real blast with it.


If you didn't play BotS, well, you've missed one of the hidden gems of this generation. If you like stealth games, you owe it to yourself to play this game (BotS or Desperadoes 3, either one, they're kinda the same game.) You get a 3/4 isometric view of the entire mission area, and have to figure out how to accomplish mission objectives primarily by stealth with up to 5 characters at a time. You can pause the game to plan actions, particularly useful for when you need two or more characters to take action at the same time, or you can pilot your characters around in real time.


There is a ton of replayability with each mission having multiple challenges; these challenges change the way you play the levels, and it's a lot of fun to master each level and experience all the different options baked into it. It's really fun to watch an initial play of a level drop from 1 hour to subsequent runs taking 5-10 minutes.


Edit: (Lol, downvoted. Guess my opinion of Desperadoes 3 is real controversial.)

Galaxy40k 2

I was interested in Bug Fables, but learning that it has a CCG mini-game just shot it up my list, lol. I LOVE those things. Breaking FF8 in Balamb just by playing Triple Triad for hours is my go-to way to play that game

eXyse123 2

Yeah, Triple Triad is great. :) I hope you like the one in Bug Fables.


The last of us part 2’s story is just so not right. I just finished playing the so called “open world” section in Seattle day 1 but I’ve been watching theradbrad’s playthrough on YouTube non stop since the game came out and am way ahead on watching than actually playing it lel. It’s just very underwhelming and the “shock factor” that naughty dog went with just kinda diminished the experience as a whole instead of making people actually riled to continue on playing it.

Betteroni 3

Finally beat Persona 5, I do think the story and characters are a bit weaker than what I remember of P4 and P3, but it was still a great game. I think I’m terms of style, flair, and “game feel” P5 might be the best JRPG ever made, if not one of the best games of all time; as much as I love JRPGs I can’t think of a single other battle system that feels as consistently satisfying as P5’s. The game was ultimately a little easier than I might have preferred (especially given it’s a SMT game) but at the end of the day the battles never feel like a chore because they nailed the animations and execution of attacks so well that every fight feels dynamic and interesting. Might quickly run through the game again to try and get the platinum, otherwise it’s on to Persona 4 Golden on Steam to see how it holds up.

AchromaticSky 1

5s high points are some of the best moments in the series. >!The awakenings of the main cast, all the target confessions (especially given current events it's a pretty cathartic thing to see) the entire Futaba's Palace arc, Sojiro discovering that Joker is a phantom thief (really any scene prominently featuring Sojiro), the chain of events after confronting Sae, Shido's calling card, everything involving Maruki's storyline, Iwai, Chihaya, Sojiro, Yoshida, and Akechi's confidant arcs, probably quite a few others that I'm missing.!< It's just not as consistent and there are some weaker stretches between those high points, and it spends the first half of the game on episodic arc villains with no apparent relevance to the central conspiracy. On the other hand P4 stays consistently intriguing throughout, every individual arc being clearly connected to the main villain by the nature of the premise. Which is a better story depends on whether you value higher highs or fewer lows.

CptSeaBunny 8

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin [PS4(Pro)]

Fucking DONE!

I did it, I gave up on the DLC. I really enjoyed Brume Tower, but cannot tell you how demotivated I was after finally taking down Fume Knight to be rewarded with a timed memory sequence and fighting another AI aggro, delayed swinging, knight. Iron Passage can suck it too.

And much as I anticipated, finishing off the main game was a joke after those DLC bosses. Vendrick took me three tries as he was incredibly strong and if you slipped up just once he was liable to take you down. Did all the final bosses in one go. Watcher and Defender I died the first time because I wasn't aware of the arena and strafed right off with my shield up before any blows were exchanged so IT DOESN'T COUNT.

Credits roll, wasn't aware that you didn't go right into NG+ but instead go back to Majula so I may continue to pick at the DLC but by and large, I'm moving on with my life.


Not sure what I'm going to play next at this point, but I really need to give Soulsborne games a rest for now. Not sure I'm ready to go back to good old turn based RPGs either.

Dominatto 2

Did you fight the Dark lurker?

CptSeaBunny 1

No, not yet. Joined the covenant for it and got messed up pretty bad when I tried the portal under the castle, though that was some time ago. I'm probably much better equipped to handle it, might give that a go some night this week.

musgrave000 1

Haha I stopped playing at Iron Passage. Half because I was sick of it, half because other games came out. Just funny you mentioned that.

annoying-mixed_Case 5

My graphic card (RTX 2060S) just died randomly last weekend (no OC our anything, bought it in December) while playing Arkham Knight.

My country is under a lockdown (with my City especially bad, under curfew) so I can't even get it replaced (the RMA policy is walk in only).

Very depressing :(

blahblahrasputan 1

That's rough :(


Skylords Reborn

Very good Strategie Game.
Diffrent type of card game where u summon your units and move around with them.
That game should be played so much more.

cpoks 2



Found out about this game when lockdown in my province was more strict. However, I was finishing up course work and couldn't commit. I added it to my wishlist and I picked it up on sale this weekend. It's not perfect in terms of combat or the over-world but the story and lore are amazing.

lrrb 2

The Outer Wilds (Steam) -

Obligatory "Outer Wilds, not Outer Worlds" comment.

This game seems to tread a very fine line of what is acceptable time-wise. Spoilers below.

>!Very interesting game for me! Definitely right up my alley. A lot of things seemed very obvious in retrospect, but in the process it seems very logical. Looking at you, Giant's Deep tornados. Also, fuck ocean planets! Hate them.!<

>!So you have about 30 minutes before the sun goes boom. I figured that one out pretty quickly, and I reasoned "hey, the Nomai made that station orbiting the sun that does something. Maybe it can stop the sun from blowing up!" To my dismay, it does not stop the sun from blowing up, and even worse, actually falls into the sun itself within a few minutes of the time cycle restarting. I found that one out the hard way.!<

>!The Ember Twin project is pretty hilarious. The game bashes you over the head with "hey, if we pump ALL THE POWER FROM THE WHOLE PLANET into our experiment, we can create a time dilation that could possibly DESTROY THE FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME!" So naturally, I had to do it.!<

>!With all that said, my only gripe with the game is that you have to constantly watch the rewind cinematic every time you die. For a game that places such importance on the concept of time loops, you'd think someone doing the play testing might go "hey, maybe people don't want to sit through this shit 50+ times, possibly more if they're danger-prone?" !<

>!Following the Nomai storyline and seeing how it all ended at the Interloper was just... melancholic. Poor bastards never had a chance.!<

Persona 4 Golden (PC) -

This is my first Persona game ever. Also probably my very first JRPG, now that I think about it. I tend to watch people play these types of games, but I've never honestly delved into one myself since most of the are on consoles.

I've experienced crashes a handful of times so far, and the game's framerates does some REALLY weird shit if you try to do borderless windowed mode. Doing regular full-screen mode it runs like a dream, though.

I've just finished >!Yukiko Amagi's castle!<, so I'm still fairly early in the game. I really enjoy what I've played so far, though, and I've already run into a few choices that scream NG+ for the supposed stat requirements. There's no way one can possibly get those levels that early in the game, right?

VarioussiteTARDISES 1

I'm told that installing a 4GB patch will fix some of the crashing issues, as it's a 32bit executable. A few other JRPGs ported from the Vita had crashing issues for me until I installed a 4GB patch, for that same reason. This is the one I'd recommend

DawaSmood 2


I recently got really into Valorant since the ranking system has been release. I got placed the lowest rank in Beta. Now I’m trying to see the highest rank I can get place.

To me, I think it’s a pretty decent and fun game if you have friends to play with you. It’s my first FPS game and so far I’m having a lot of fun. Learning characters with different abilities that will help you in game to get kills/assists/outplays.

To me there’s nothing more enticing than to have a wow factor or a big outplay moment between you and the enemy. I feel like this game provides that.

nicolofoshizzle 1

I just started playing, still a few games to go before I can get into ranked games, but it's fun so far. I think with any multiplayer game, playing with friends just makes the experience so much better.

Right now, I'm trying to main Raze because of her explosive abilities to clear corners. I clutched a last man standing defuse and it was exhilarating!

awerro 2

Playing the last of us 2- im really taking my time with this one and trying to find as many easter eggs as possible, the only downside to this is i have discovered every house in seattle has multiple copies of the hunchback of notre damn
Spiderman web of shadows- after hearing all these video essay guys rave about this one i decided to try my hand at it, the mission design is abysmal so far as so is the writing but im still having fun swing around.
Saints row IV- been playing on the switch, saints row fits such a nice corner for me, where it doesnt take it self to seriously but it never has the characters become complete parodies of themselves. The boss cares about the saints and in the end i like most of the characters in these games more than most oscar bait games.

Bdi89 3

Still hooked up to the heroin IV drip that is Satisfactory (Satiscracktory). Sort of playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Restarted oblivion for the nth, time. God I love that game.

About to start Project Zomboid with friends, and jumping in and out of Elite Dangerous too.

Fredericve 2

I recently became addicted to Roblox. All started with my daughter, she was playing some days, and told me to take a look

I used to be a gamer 20 year ago (Yes, 20 years), but due to my work and many things, I just stoped playing.

Now with this Covid issue, I have been locked in my house, and, boom. Back to the game

I had forgotten how playing can release stress

Galaxy40k 2

Persona 5 Royal (PS4)

Finally finished this one up. I've been avoiding posts about P5R, so I don't know how common this opinion is, but I actually like the original P5 more than Royal. I think that P5 was a game that was arguably one act too long and had one party member too underdeveloped (Haru), and Royal only amplifies these problems by adding another act to the game and by shoehorning in another party member. By its very existence, the "new semester Palace" also robs the ending of the base game of all of its satisfaction, and while certainly a "good" arc in a vacuum, it doesn't really add anything to the themes of rebellion or vibes of thievery that the rest of the game has going for it.

Gameplay wise, the changes and QoL updates are awesome, but the game isn't rebalanced around these changes, meaning that the combat was trivial even on Hard. So its a mixed bag on that front imo.

Gears of War (360 via XB1)

I remember RAAM being a tough fight, but goddamn was it rougher than I remembered. Just a terribly designed fight overall, and it really ends such an awesome game on such a sour note. Maybe its better with a human partner, but AI Dom is broken in this fight and ends up being totally useless.

Modern Warfare 2019 (XB1)

Played some more multiplayer this week. I really want to get into this game, since it looks and sounds fantastic, and it seems to be well-regarded by the fanbase, but its a real struggle. My brain just can't wrap its head around these maps; They feel like they were made just by dumping a bunch of objects on a square with no real thought to gameflow. Combined with the fact that the TKK is super fast, and it makes for such a bizarre experience.

793F 3

Days Gone- I cannot put this game down. Read some so-so reviews, never heard much hype or enthusiasm for it, picked it up second-hand for something to pass the time with on my week away from the mine site, and the controller hasn't left my hands lol

Am doing everything, and loving it. I'm way past paying attention to story-lines these days, but this one has me following it without getting annoyed.

The level of attention to detail is just unreal; love my ridiculously-polished AAA games but this one puts them to shame. There are just so many thoughtful touches. Have had the game crash on me maybe 4 times, but reckon I have at least 60 hours in the game so far, so no big deal.

Everything just works as it exactly as it should.

Can't believe I have spent so much time in-game without getting annoyed at some aspect of it, I just fucking love it.

Also, with only have limited cell/mobile internet so I never update games, which can and has caused problems with other games. But this game has worked pretty-much perfect out of the box, no updates or bug-fixes necessary, which says volumes about the care, effort and fucking play testing - thank Christ- which has been invested in pror to release

So different to other lazy, slobbish developers who will never get another cent off me after wasting my time and money in the past; once bitten, twice shy.

Feel awful about not buying this game new, but this will not happen again in the future. I will buy any sequel or new property from this developer at full-price, day one.

Just a top job all-round.


Days Gone was my game of the year last year, easily. I watched the Zero Punctuation review that lambasted the game and was sure that I'd hate it, but I like zombies anyway so I picked it up. Boy was I wrong. The motorcycle mechanics are AMAZING, the characters are interesting and lovable, the story has tons of meat on it and is paced well. I thought it did a really good job teasing out some new intriguing details out of some really tired zombie apocalypse tropes. I can't wait to see a sequel.


I am just astonished by how good it is lol

Got to the stage where I had enough credits to simply buy fuel and fast travel and even stopped doing that a lot of time.

The usual tired, annoying gameplay loops just aren't there for me.

Other bonus was I got to [what I thought must have been] a penultimate mission on the "Ride South to Find Sarah" mission, and I baulked and went straight back to trying to finish all the ambush/encampent missions/instances, then I rode south only to find...I had a whole new region/story to continue with, along with adjusted game-play mechanics to boot ahaha

Was like unexpectedly finding a Hearts of Stone/Blood and Roses-type DLC when I was already more-than-satisfied with the impending finale 👍

danceswithronin 1

Yeah I honestly couldn't believe the whole extra region at the end of the game, I was like WTF, this game is MUCH longer than I thought it would be.

Hell you've about convinced me to boot it up again. I came away from this game saying it would be my first ever Platinum even though I can't for the life of me figure out how to kill a horde. I just get killed over and over until the game is like, "You tired yet?" And I'm like "Yeah" and it skips that section.

If you stuck State of Decay 2 and Days Gone together (and maybe added a bit of crafting/farming/hunting) it would basically be a perfect zombie game. I would seriously kill for an open world zombie apocalypse game like that.

793F 1

The Hordes I keep putting off, I have done maybe 3 I think. At first I presumed there might be one per region ahaha but encountered that Saw Mill Horde, noped it out after 4 or 5 tries, then saw some regions have like 8; I'll get back to 'em lol

It's already got to the stage where I'm hoarding molotovs and pipe-bombs, like in Fallout 3 saving mini-nukes that I will never use...but in this game it's different- the devs have spent so much care on this game that I know I will come back and check those map-icons off, knowing that it won't take 40+ tries

As I said earlier- apologies for repeating myself- the devs have completely tricked me (and rekindled my enthusiasm for how good standard, non-GTA open-world rpg's can be) by making absolutely nothing feel like the usual chores. Well, except the (comparatively brief) walking-simulator interludes that I really can't deny is the only effective way that forcefully-but-effectively advances the story in this format. And, as you can see, that is absolutely clutching at straws as far as criticism goes.

danceswithronin 1

Running out of gas or busting up your bike out in the middle of zee territory MILES from the nearest safe zone was always tense and fun. Totally a 10/10 for me, even with the few technical glitches I ran into on PS4.

danceswithronin 1

Okay, so I'm several hours into Control and my feelings on it are mixed:

  • The good: Absolutely bombastic environmental physics, slick combat mechanics, cool superpowers, awesome lore and collectibles, brilliant sound and visual design. I love the atmosphere of the FBC building and all the weird little alcoves and nooks and crannies, it's just an awesome setting. Like working for the X-Files or The Institute in Stephen King's multiverse. Also gives me very strong Nightvale vibes in the best way, especially some of the written collectibles and files (which are hilarious). I also love Jessie as a main character, weird internal monologues and all. Also the janitor is my boy.
  • The bad: So. Much. Backtracking. Not enough save points (in fact, fuck save points - just let people save wherever, save points are obnoxious even when they're lore-consistent). Also some gauntlets of combat waves can be difficult, with a dozen enemies thrown at you at once (at least they are difficult to me, I'm sure some people would disagree) and this has made progression unnecessarily hard in places because there's no difficulty settings in the game that I've found, and the only answer in those hard sections/levels is to git gud. I kind of ran into the same issue with Jedi: Fallen Order, though at least that game had difficulty variables. I think the issue is that I'm just not a big metroidvania fan and I get frustrated losing progress when I die and having to do the run again from the last save point. Luckily the setting is good enough (in both games) that I plan on persevering.

    So far I'm not regretting my purchase at all, it's a super cool game and it's made me interested in both Alan Wake and Quantum Break, though I probably won't play either since they're probably just inferior versions of Control. I'd definitely play a sequel of Control though, and I'm planning on buying the paid DLC.