Weird, maybe stupid question...

by un-flown_whales. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    1

Does it seem like game grumps is bigger than their 5+ million subscribers?

I mean look all the other easily recognizable big youtubers, easy 10mil plus. Yet, here the grumps are at a comfortable 5mil.

I'm not saying they deserve more or less. It's just interesting, along with, their guest grumps.

I guess it really comes from the beginning of egoraptor, and his cartoons? Idk but, to see people know about them is cool, just makes it feel bigger than it is?


xxx_ABC_xxx 2

This post made me look into grumps' numbers. I've found that 'The Grumps' sub count seems to be a more accurate description of grumps viewership cuz the channel is younger. But I feel like Dan and Arin are kind of a staple of YouTube gaming for a reason I don't know, need to look into it more, but Egoraptor days prob also have to do something with that.