Weird question: is there a character skill in any game visually similar to Diablo 2 Amazon's Strafe?

by Traveledfarwestward. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    3

See ten second clip starting at or (crap quality, sorry, couldn't find a good gif).

The Bow/Crossbow skill starts with a single arrow fired at the nearest enemy, followed by another and the next nearest and so on, up to a maximum of 10 targets. If 10 targets are not present it starts over at the first target. This leads to a visually pleasing sine wave, plus whatever "on-hit" modifiers resulting in arrows going through multiple targets, explosions, and/or meteors falling from the sky.

I have yet to see any skill in any game that's as satisfying as this. I get that it's underpowered, I get that many people don't like it. I just want to see something else like it before I'm too old and messed up to play games ever again.


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Ah yea, so cool. I want to say I've seen it in something else but I'm not sure. Fable? Dungeon Siege? I dunno.

Just wanna say Diablo 2 is one of those perfect games that never gets old.

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Path Of Exile Barrage (in fact several skills in PoE can be built like this because you can build triggered spells into skills), and you can build for arrows to penetrate targets (or to have various other effects)