Western Legends: Ante Up or both Mini Expansions

by pxl8d. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    10    9

So, I've got hold of Western legends a few months back and my family LOVE it and have been playing it loads, in groups of 2 to 4 players.

Anyway, we want an expansion but I am unsure which to get.

Ante up would be my first choice, as the train and extra board look amazing, but we did notice that the balance in the base game wasn't the best, with the marshals having the run of the place whilst the outlaws really struggled due to being constantly arrested and re-set either by the other players or the sheriff.

In A Fistful of Extras there is apparently a bandit variant card which makes them a bit harder to arrest for points every time, which is the main reason I would want this expansion to help balance the marshal track.

This rule set is the main reason I would get the mini expansions over Ante Up as I'm not too fussed about the other stuff that comes with apart from the shop items - is this worth it? Or does Ante Up have enough content that we won't have as much difficulty with the marshals?

Looking for input from anyone whose played with both and also any discussion on how better to balance.

And if there is something like an unofficial rulebook/ player aid for A Fistful of Extra available online, so I could use that for the bandit card only and then buy Ante Up then please let me know!

I've scoured Bgg but had no luck, and am still unsure after reading lots of reviews what to buy.


Dice_and_Dragons 1

Ante Up is better than both mini expansions

  pxl8d 1

Could you chime in why may I ask please? I'm getting quite mixed reviews, players don't seem sure there is a clear cut winner


The type of content i prefer adding new boards and mechanisms a to games while i feel like the mini expansions is just more of the same if you want something new do Ante Up if not the mini expansions

BCDX97 2

I love the bandit cards. They just offer a little variety. Some make the bandits tougher, some actually help you. I don’t think they rebalance the game, however. I’ve had the Mini expansions since I got the game from KS and have used them since the second game I played.

The train in Ante Up is cool but we almost never tried robbing it. The new board gives you even more options on what to do. You might think this imbalances the game even more but I don’t know. It is what it is.

  pxl8d 2

Ooh that's interesting to hear thank you! Thrlere is so little specific info on that mini expansion that I was going off of gleaned info on bbg forums, so not the most reliable source!

That's interesting about the train too, that looks like the biggest draw with the new board as I hear Faro is not good! Thanks for the input, given something to consider

Jettoh 2

I would recommend both mini expansions. They give quite a lot of replayability, for a base game that already has enough mechanics to enjoy.

  pxl8d 1

Thank you for chiming in - did you have any thoughts in the bandit cards re balancing the marshal track at all?

Jettoh 2

Not really, no. I find the base game enough as it is. After all, the game balances itself out since players have to attack each other at some point.

Intvgene 3

I like all of it but Ante Up is quite a big one and the train adds a lot to movement around the map and the ability to rob it. But, Faro is complete shit so don't buy it for that component. I also like the new poker cards.

The game is hard to balance though and it really relies on the players themselves doing part of it. I don't know if either expansion really addresses that completely. The player count and the number of players trying marshal or outlaw strategies really affects things too. Ante up also offers some more incentive for gambling.

It is a fun game but I don't expect it to be ever completely balanced for all of the roles at all player counts.

Also, we have played the base game about 10 times and with the various expansions about 5 or so. I am no expert on the game, just giving my thoughts.