What am i doing wrong? help!?

by floppyfish666. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    8

Okay so i went from 3.5k mmr to 2.2k in couple of months and just now i had the biggest losing streak i ever had.the worst part is i don't think its even my fault

I want to share my dotabuff in hopes someone can point out what i am doing wrong


If anyone can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it, i'm desperate at this point

EDIT: might not seem like alot of losses but 5 of those are double down :(


Aberkahn 1

Yo, 6k player here, who went from 6k-->5k-->6k

First of all, the only common parameter in all of your games is you. Hence the only thing you can change is you.

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself"

  • Now if you are in a losing streak, ask yourself: how is my state of mind, do I drink and eat enough, do I think clearly. Sometimes a irl parameter can be the cause of how you perform in-game, how you communicate with your teammates and how you interpret their actions.

  • sorry to break it to you lad, but it is and has almost always been your fault. What you are experiencing is dropping to a skill lvl where people are inherently worse than you at Dota, but you probably don't try to match their pace or adapt to your current MMR at all, creating a disconnect from the match you are playing, probably losing you a lot of games without knowing it.

    -if you drop 1k MMR check which heroes you play and why? Is it really the best strategy to win, or do you just believe it's the best strategy to win. Sometimes going for counterpicks instead of comfort picks is the way to go, especially on lower brackets since they don't really deal well with strengths, weaknesses and planning.

    I'm trying to learn coaching, and you can pm me if you are interested in learning more
Nightnighy 1

The problem is its battle pass season. I also lose so much mmr but after battle pass I always rose my mmr people tend to play ranked and finish quests and cavern at the same time thats why it detoriates th gameplay

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m8-wutisdis 1

huh, your dotobuff is private right now, my dude. I suck quite a bit, so I probably won't be able to help, but in case some better player decide to help, just so you know.

ballsagett 2

“I don’t think it’s my fault”

Ah well there’s your problem.

marti32997 3

For one, you are playing a lot of meepo. But just an advise, meepo is one of the hardest hero to play with. So unless you are really good at knowing how to micro-managing your meepos and flashfarmjng, you would be better off not playing him because he's a situational pick most of the time.

2, looking at your recent 4 loss, most of them fall in the same scenario, you're doing well, but your carry farm is abysmal. I'm guessing you're the type to passively play and farm. (Just a guess). But as a pos2, you should take advantage of the fact that you gain levels quickly and are the first hero in your team to hit your powerspike. Once you hit your powerspike, you should try to make plays and make space for your carry to farm or to shutdown their carry.

3, try to itemize a bit, not every game you have to go for the same items, it will need to change according to the situation, for example, in your last 2 kunkka game, it's a good halberd game, so instead of going silver edge, you can try to go halberd instead. (On the 2nd last, you have a spec on the enemy team, so it's understandable why you went for silver edge, but halberd is also a good item to counter right click carry and spec, since spec is not really the type to go bkb unless forced to).

If you're trying to rank up as a mid player, I'd suggest you go for a simpler hero first and understand the basics, heroes like qop, zeus, are a good choice. They're simple to play and really effective.

GurinJeimuzu 1

I think OP has decent mechanical skills so the problem more likely lies with his overall game strategy. I agree that probably what’s happening is that he’s going mid, winning his lane but then reverting to farming up because his team isn’t playing well.
The problem with this is that it basically leaves your carry with no way of coming back into the game if you’re taking all his camps.
Meepo also has the disadvantage of taking the lion share of XP away from their team as the clones count as a hero.

I think if he’s the kind to farm after winning Mid Lane then he should play Alchemist and try carry from that

marti32997 2

Yeah, as i said in my point2. OP seems to be having problem enabling his carry.

Thing is, meepo demands more than just pure mechanical skills. Meepo demands you know your timing and powerspike really well, and flashfarm and basically snowball and crush the enemy before any of them come online.

Alch is a good choice as well for a simple mid hero. Just spam your 1st to shove in the wave once you hit 3 (get the 2nd level of 1st at 3), then farm the small camp, then back to the wave, then back again. Keep on repeating this until you hit 6. Then you can start to farm the medium camp nearest to you in the midlane. Don't forget to look at the game timer everytime you try to take a camp, if any opportunity arise for a stack, do make sure you stack it. Alch farms really fast when you do these small things.