What are some games with big online communities?

by MartinIsaac685. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    3

Bascially title. Im looking for a mobile game with strategy similar to Duel Links and Clash Royale with people to interact with.


Nolon 1

Not so much strategy but certainly there's a community Dawn of Isles

PopezombieJesus 1

I'm looking for a game similar that has guilds in it so I can find and play with other people in a game thats fun and online

Juanbax 4

If you like Duel links maybe you will like Legends of Runaterra, its a card game too and its REALLY f2p and very fun, you should try it.

EDIT: the LoR comunity its really nice and kinda big considering its been out of the beta for like one o two months only