What are the odds of a patch coming out during ESL?

by StaleHotCheetos. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    5    6

I keep seeing that we should be getting a patch sometime this week but ESL doesn’t end for another 11 days. Would they really drop a fresh patch mid tournament?


Reepwastakenwastaken 1

I mean they once did a patch during a series so I would say pretty high

CoolGate2000 1

0 %.
In middle of OmegaLeague : 100&.

albertfuckingcamus 1

Balance patch? 0%

SpanishLord285 1

100% its coming thi day but later :)

deviance1337 7

I hope I'm wrong but it might just be Diretide tomorrow night without a balance patch and balance patch coming end of November with the new hero. I really hope 7.27 ends already though.

  StaleHotCheetos 2

I have a feeling you’re right.