What are the original base tiles for ‘All Creatures Big and Small’?

by alterperspective. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    3    15

I have the big box which includes the expansions but the rules don’t show which pieces are from the base game and which are from thy expansions.

I know it’s the same game and I could jump straight in using all the tiles but I’m a bit funny about things like this and want to play the base game a couple of times first and then chuck in the expansion tiles.

Edit: I’m sorry if my autistic traits have offended someone enough to downvote, what I thought was a reasonable question. If someone could point out which type of questions are and are not acceptable for this sub, I promise to try better next time.


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No constructive, boardgame related discussion will come from this thread.

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The additional buildings have a mark on the back. For example, the More Buildings expansion tiles have a flying bird on the back and the Even More Buildings had a scare crow.

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Not the big box. They are all the same and the manual doesn’t tell you.

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Really? That unfortunate.

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Yeah. I just got the big box in (my customer hold from MM from earlier this spring from the new reprint just came in the other day). I don’t see anything in the rulebook. BGG confirmed that they don’t tell you what’s from which expansion. I had some of the same questions as OP.

For those who are curious about the recent reprint: They fixed the symbol issue on one of the tiles (but on on the box or manual), but the horses and cows are basically still the same color and are very hard to tell apart in certain lighting.

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Perfect. Thank you.

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Yeah, it was literally just the yellow-backed buildings and stalls. Zero setup variability in the base game.

The game was sorta insulting without the expansions.

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Yeah - I get that - it’s my autistic trait coming through though - I have to know the base game before I expand.

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Base special buildings are: half timbered house, storage building, shelter, and open stables. I believe they are yellow on the back side to make them easy to identify.

Edit: also, those 4 are always in play, even if you use the expansions. You lay out these 4, then pull 4 more buildings from the extra buildings, then You have the option of drawing 4 more buildings from the extra building. Basically there are 4 buildings for the base game, 8 buildings if using 1 expansions, and 12 buildings if you are using both expansions.

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That’s exactly the answer I was looking for. Thank you.

You don’t happen to know (or point me in the direction of) which tiles belong to which expansion?

Don’t worry if not - I’m sure I can google it from somewhere.

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I don’t know specifically which go with which, but I do know that it says to just put them all together as one set which you can draw expansion buildings from.

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Ok. Thank you.