What Are You Playing Wednesday?

by AutoModerator. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    62    147

Hello Xbox One Fans! It's your friendly AutoModerator here. I'd like to invite everyone to discuss what games they've been spending some time with lately. Feel free to give a short review, share gameplay images, videos, or give it a rating. Also while we're here, feel free to share your gamertag so that others can join you. For the rest of my weekly posts, check out the scheduled posts list!



I should probably play Rise of the Tomb Raider while I still have a disc drive. It's pretty much the only One game I got on disc (came in an xbox bundle)



Evilkillswitch1012 1

The new stuff in war zone was fun last night. So more of that. Also will be playing Star Wars Squadrons and would love to group up with people that aren’t incompetent at it.

MonocromaticTvStatic 1

Get some ace combat fans to join you, then you got it

teethingrooster 1

War zone

fagottolo 1

Apex !

be47recon 1

Destiny 2. Gone back after a hiatus. So much has changed. Still haven't done a raid.

Maleficent_Yoghurt85 1

Slay the spire. Super addictive. Great fun.

Ikenfall : difficult timing based combat. Surprisingly good.

Indivisible: cringeworthy story telling. Fun coop.

My wife's enjoying what remains Iof Edith Finch

PevinKarrales 1

Doom Eternal. This game kicks ASS!!!

TheGuavaDuffGuy 1

Doom Eternal and Wasteland 3.

xprozoomy 1

Skyrim baby!

MedicMuffin 1

I've been jamming in Battlefield V because I've got a craving for that large scale battle feeling. I hope next gen shows us some truly big multiplayer games, I'd love to see 80p or even 120p servers on console some day.

MsDbird 1

Trying and failing to finish up all the platinum relics from the N-sane trilogy before moving onto Crash 4.

CuulW4rrior728 1


Commander_Sonic 1

Sonic 2! I don’t think there’s been a game that’s been more infuriating or rewarding to play for me in a long time. I remember initially playing it when I was much younger but finally I beat it, now I’m just trying to improve my scores.

anixecore0911 1

COD Warzone Halloween Update

CloudSnuby 1

Far cry

Janawham_Blamiston 1

Finally pulled the trigger on Risk of Rain 2, and have been playing the hell out of that.

Also plan on restarting (and finally finishing) Ori and The Will of The Wisps, and might go back for the last few achievements on Ori and The Blind Forest since I just need to beat the game in under 3 hours, and complete One Life mode.

sunscour 1

Doing my dailies on Fallout 76 then finishing up trick or treat event on Modern Warfare, about 23 kills away from gold M4. Gonna be fun killing with my squad tonight.

laface3 1

Grinding Nhl 21

-darkangelic- 1

NieR: Automata has been on my queue for nearly 6 months after I bought it, finally getting a chance to play it. Although I’m wondering if I should wait for my Series X before I get into it.

DonPalancas 1

Playing through Shadow of War and loving it.

SirWiggy12 1

I'm finishing up Dandara. I'm surprised by how little coverage there is online for this game. It's an awesome metroidvania with a cool movement mechanic. Try it out!

Chrxsx 1


JohnBoomhauer 1

Rocket League

josephxinsanity 1

I’ve been playing Rivals of Aether: I recently brought the dlc and having a good time with it even though I’m really bad at it. It’s very similar to smash bros but I think there’s a greater sense on combos and partying.

I’m also wanting to jump back into subnautica as it didn’t really grab me when I first got it but I feel like I’ll be more into it now.

LumpyWeedNugz 1

Chakra destroyer 666

sirbopnbop06 1

I am playing fallout New Vegas for the first time

yontonhaswonton 1

Played Battlefield 1. Probably my favorite FPS of all time, no questions asked. The atmosphere and setting just make for some of the best moments in multiplayer. Not to mention the awesome campaign with it's "War Stories" kind of approach that manages to have multiple diffrent perspectives on the war, while providing quality short stories and tutorials to gameplay. I highly suggest this game to anyone intrested in FPS games. I got it for 5$ at GameStop and all the DLC's for only 10$.

Coolman_Rosso 1

Indivisible. It's alright, but I don't think i'll be seeing this one to the end.

I've made it a decent way in but at this point i've been hampered by several technical issues and will probably uninstall it tonight. I've had the game crash three times in a row after a boss that transitions into an animated cutscene, times where the environment just doesn't load in, and one time where one of my characters got stuck on a ledge during combat.

I also reinstalled Crackdown 1 after reading the Polygon article about their XSX preview as it claimed the game will run at a rock-solid 60 FPS

KnowButKnowNothing 1

Minecraft because it’s a classic

Beastfirefox 1

Warface breakout

halo-5-death 1

Playing fallout 76, and New Vegas. sadly I didn’t experience New Vegas at launch or even played it at all so I’m trying to make up for lost time. No spoilers please! And as far as fallout 76 great game! I’ve been enjoying myself in the Post apocalyptic world with my friends!

efb87 1

The Lego Movie.

Daud1991 1

Just beat Doom 1993 using the Razer Kishi. Onto Doom II

UpsetBowel 1


ironpyrites 1

Nothing until I get Series X, no game buying no nothing till next gen.

giveYamchagoodLR 1

Forza horizon 2 still my fav and most beautifull horizon game ever

michaelb1397 1

Wifey and I are playing BL3 (vanilla) for the first time, split screen style. It's got some framerate issues occasionally, but we're having a good time with it.

The story isn't as bad as I heard/read.

LivinUndead 1

Forza Motorsport 7

G_Copp 1

Gears 5 Ultimate Edition was on sale recently, so I'm diving into the campaign and trying out Horde mode for the first time!

Lowfuji 1

How's Vampyr? It's on sale for 10 bucks on the store.

michaelb1397 1

GET IT. Right now.

Such a hidden gem. Combat can be a little wonky, but once you find a weapon combo you like it should go pretty smoothly.

Garwing 1

No Man’s Sky

JonesyOC 1

Trying to do some stuff in Warzone since the new update came out and then I'm on, I think, the fifth chapter of Dead Space 3. I also just installed Man of Medan and want to blitz through that one evening.

flippenflounder 1

AC Odyssey to fill my time till watch dogs 3 comes out.

blackberrylube455 1

Decided to check out Crackdown 3. Reminiscent of Saints Row, just more serious.

MonocromaticTvStatic 1

Ace combat 7, time to beat the last mission

Bomber2169 1

R6 and dying light my two favorite games

AWU_Hades 1

Battlefield V and Cities Skylines

JaquisTheBeast 1

I’m playing rdr2. I’m going for 100%, and I’m about half way there.

JaquisTheBeast 1

I’m playing rdr2. I’m going for 100%, and I’m about half way there

Ozcan109 1

Afterparty, Crysis 2 and maybe a little Forza or Apex (any one wanna join me on Apex ? add me ThinMacaroon69)

ThePandarantula 1

Avengers. Its alright. I was enjoying the story in the beginning until it started to get a little thin and hop around. The beat-em-up remains fun for now, playing as Iron Man is pretty fun, but then I got distracted by...

Star Wars: Squadrons. I started it in VR on my PS4 Pro and honestly am having a hard time going back to the normal flat screen even if the graphics are kicked up a lot. Its probably the first VR game I've played where I "forgot" I was in a VR game because the combat was heavy enough. I played EVE: Valkyrie and while there hasn't been a scene in Squadrons that quite hit the same way as an Amarr fleet jumping in on your position (I may have been a spreadsheets in space player) the general combat is much better and its a lot easier to identify and shoot at enemies. I know it ain't Xbox, but if youre looking for a space shooter it might be worth checking out the Xbox version. No VR, but the normal is pretty cool.

medicatedmane 1

Call of duty war zone is doing a Halloween event.

joecosgrave16 1

YouTube. I have nothing I want to play rn until watch dogs and assassins creed come out

gunteralan 1

Playing the Halloween Event on CoD:MW/Warzone, and playing through GTA5 story mode again but in first person only!

chefcmill 1

Same thing I play every time till I get my x series
RDR2 and/or rocket league

Nero_DeWitt 1

A Plague Tale: Innocence. I had tried it a while back, but just couldn’t get into it, but since some time had passed I decided to give it another try and this time I fell right into the story and I’m loving it. I’ve currently got 4 more chapters to go before I finish it.

michaelb1397 1

Such a good game. The last couple of fights sucked, though. :(

treesalt617 1

Rocket League and PGA 2K21

thesemodsareajoke 1

Paladins/Rocket League/Dead By Daylight/No Man’s Sky

BnZAwkward_Lab5858 2

I am waiting for series X and S (got both). But I'm slowly finishing up getting some AP's. I just finished The Persistence, and it's an incredible, Roguelite FP horror game in space. ElderScrolls Online, but I'm waiting for the next-gen upgrade to get back into it hardcore.

AaRaN1502 2

Been out here grinding fifa 21.

fully_furnished 2

Rogue Company on the weekends with friends. ESO here and there.

Just loaded up Katana Zero tonight for something new. Really cool gameplay and story so far.

Still working up courage to try RE7...!

froster78 2

Torment tides of numbers! Got it on clearance last week for $6.

DekeABoy 2

Destiny 2, lots and lots of Destiny 2. I’m trying to grind and finish all the exotic quests before beyond light comes out

Screaming_Trombone 2

Good luck guardian

shadowlanpasalan2 2

Playing Minecraft, died in lava for the second time over diamonds. Fuck. Otherwise garden warfare 2

pwnmaster1224 2

I want to play DOOM Eternal. I loved DOOM 2016, i just don't know if I have the time to give it what it deserves...

Xeanathan 2

Hmmm... I guess Uncharted...

jake479 2

Telltale games. Lots and lots of telltale games. Just finished the wolf among us and moved on to batman. Really enjoying at the minute

DementedDemon69 2

Rogue Company and Mafia 1 remastered. Having a lot of fun with both

deviousvixen 2


Spartan2842 2

Dead Cells

Super addictive and also aggravating but I am having a lot of fun with it.

AragornsMassiveCock 2

Gears 5 - Horde

NotReallyRitaPoon 3

Wasteland 3 - excellent, excellent game. I'm really having fun with it. I wasn't really looking for it, and forgot about when it released, but I figured what the hay, I'll check it out. Much tighter than Wasteland 2 story and production-wise. It's a nice return to the old school CRPG games. Very pleasantly surprised and you can tell the extra funding and time in the oven allowed the team do their best. Haven't finished it yet, but it's my "go-to" right now and will be until I beat it. I kinda hope they follow up with some DLC. All in all, a good game.

Bloatedorange 3

Playing Blasphemous and Destiny 2. Blasphemous is becoming one of my favorites. Really a great game.

x7iamx 3

Sea of thieves with the boys

BirdhouseInYourS0ul 3

Ghost recon breakpoint. I got it at launch (facepalm) and it was a disaster of a game.

But, they added AI team mates, and improved some other things, like turning off gear score.

So it’s been fun just playing doing random missions and whatnot.

Also playing backlog games. Still need to beat Doom Eternal, Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, and a couple others. I have more than enough to keep me busy until Cyberpunk.

lmtxo 3

Haunted Warzone as Billy from Jigsaw 🧩👻

Linkfyre 3

CoD MW Warzone because I'm trying to finish battlepass and hit 155 before cold war drops.

rjwalsh94 1

Where are you at? I’m around 40 and don’t think I’ll hit it.

yeetpostingi 3

Mix of hunt showdown and halo reach. I use reach to calm the fuck down.

YunKen_4197 1

hunt showdown is so thrilling, so underrated. It’s the first time I’ve played a multiplayer stealth game, and I used to hate single player stealth - I hope it will be 60fps on the X/S

yeetpostingi 1

Waiting for that sweet sweet announcement for the series X. We should play some time !

squirreljob 3

Carrion. I highly recommend it

ppenn777 3

Unraveled 2. Love it

Bomber2169 3

Thats my 4th fav game of all time being beat only by dying light unraveled 1 and rainbow 6 siege

Skinny0ne 3

Halo 2 campaign followed by some Phasmophobia

McNuttyNutz 3

Finishing up Doom eternal

Skezo718 3

The Witness

fully_furnished 1

I need to start this up again. Bought it years ago when it came out and ended up busy with other things. But I really loved what I played.

Bobonenazeze 5

Rogue Company.

Game is a blast. F2P 3rd Person shooter. Think gears meets Overwatch/Siege.

killerpixil 4

I know it’s an older game, but I just started playing subnautica

Screaming_Trombone 3

You’re going to love it!

grimewxxd_ 3

Destiny 2 exotic quests

DekeABoy 2

Same dude, I’ve been trying to grind them all out. I only have rat king, malfeasance, and sleeper simulant to finish. Hbu?

grimewxxd_ 2

I have 14 active exotic quests. I came back after the free dlc drop

DekeABoy 2

Oh that’s going to be tough. Lmk if you need help with any of them, the ones I’d recommend getting first are Izanagis burden, thorn, whisper of the worm, outbreak perfected, and the last word

grimewxxd_ 2

I have whisper and outbreak. I’ve finished a numerous amount. And some have the same requisites so they are getting through at the same time

DekeABoy 3

Alright well good luck!

YunKen_4197 4

Fallout New Vegas, first time and I am in love.

I also love Fo3 and Fo4, but I am pissed that the former two are both native 4K, while New Vegas is still 1080p - what gives MS?

This is a franchise you now own, arguably its flagship game - can I get some 4K please?

Aside from that, I had to set it to easy for early game. Then back to medium. Just picked up Boone and about to go help the ghouls over at Repconn test site. I need to remember to get Ed-E back in Primm as soon as I level up - free gear repair!

JonesyOC 3

I'd give anything to replay New Vegas for the first time. It's one of my all time favorite games and the dlc's are absolutely incredible.

Superficiall 3

Destiny 2 with some Dishonored 2 on the side

YunKen_4197 1

I’m want to restart Dishonored 2 as a side game too.

I gave it up before because I didn’t want to collect all the collectibles. Can anyone comment - do I have to get all the collectibles to enjoy Dishonored 2? Thx

Superficiall 1

I don’t think so. I’m playing a stealth/no kill campaign right now. The only abilities I use are blink, and see through walls.

Lirid 3

New week means new adventures on The Witcher 2

HeroesOfDundee 4

Working on my SMGs in Modern Warfare and just started playing AoE 2 again for the first time in god knows how long. There's so many campaigns! It's ridonkulous.

colinpursh 5

Rocket league, just like every other day. Again and again. Loss after loss. Yet I keep coming back

Realley 1

What rank are you?

colinpursh 1

Plat 3 div 3 end of last season 🙄 but diamond in hoops and almost rumble lol

Realley 1

Mmmm I’m so close to champion but I’m Diamond 2 Div 1 (overall). Maybe we can play some time

colinpursh 2

Bet, colinp322 on Xbox and epic

Realley 1

Ight I’ll be on my epic account first to see how things go. I’ll hop on my main if we hit it off. I can prob play tmrw. And what time zone are u in?

NotReallyRitaPoon 2

Take a few days off and let muscle memory develop. It sounds counterintuitive but after a few days away I come back a much better player.

colinpursh 2

I'll take the advice I appreciate it

Exa2552 4

DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods!

gravedigga1313 5

checking Red dead online for the Halloween pass

FACR_Dwarfy 1

It’s only 15 gold bars, and there’s no gold returned through levelling up

luke1528 11

Playing Oblivion later today after binging The Expanse season 2!

CaptainRon87 3

The Expanse is probably my favorite show. Savor it... Then read the books! I'm on book six right now and they're fantastic.

sunshotisbae 1

Book 8 is so damn good. Book 6 is probably my least favorite

CaptainRon87 1

Good to know! And funny you mention that, I was on a high reading books 1-5. I started 6 in August, got to the second chapter, and put it down. It didn't grab hold of me, or maybe I was burnt out on the series at that moment.

I've been reading other stuff and will definitely get back to it. Now I'm excited to get to book 8!

sunshotisbae 1

Just power through book 6! 7 is picks up again and 8 is by far and away my favorite. It gets so intense

CaptainRon87 1

Thanks for the encouragement!

ElMantl07 10

halo 5 campaign

Screaming_Trombone 4

Hot take: Halo 5 was a good game

ElMantl07 3

i think the campaign was fun in terms of gameplay, as in story, yeah it was alright. i HATED that there was barely any chief (he was in 3 missions only!) and i wish cortana didnt suck

HFish12 8

Campaign was extremely disappointing and forgettable, but the multiplayer was incredibly overlooked imo. Halo 5's MP is among the best of the franchise and I personally believe it is one of the best multiplayer shooters of this generation.

Grimey_Rick 9

just finished Tomb Raider for the first time last week and goddamn was i sleeping on that game. got the Definitive Edition free with Gold a long time ago, but only recently decided to pick it up. ended up 100%-ing it (not achievements). I highly recommend anyone to check this out if they haven't already.

next up, im on my 3rd try to play through Bioshock. first time i tried way back when and ended up giving up bc i was a noob. second playthrough was smooth except i got to a point where i seemingly ran out of resources and was stuck. its been years since then though, so i decided to start again from the beginning. so far I've gotten further than i ever have (which isn't really that far at all lol). i'm hoping to finally make it through and play through the entire remastered collection. haven't even touched 2 or infinite.

okje55ica 2

you should totally check out the rest of the tomb raider trilogy! you won’t be disappointed

MedicMuffin 1

How's the 3rd game? I didn't necessarily dislike the second but I found it a little too similar to the first for my taste and I'm not sure I can do a third game that's basically the same as the first two.

okje55ica 1

shadow is a great jump in graphics, it’s such a joy to look at, there are more countries visited and some fast paced gameplay which i really enjoyed (you’ll see what i mean if you play it lol), but if you think the first two games were similar, you may think the same for the third. it’s all personal opinion i would say, maybe i’m just too easily pleased ahaha

Grimey_Rick 2

im so excited to do so lol. almost bought both during that pre-owned gamestop sale that just passed, but then i realized there is a "20th anniversary" digital-only edition for Rise that includes DLC and whatnot, so i'm gonna cap that instead. might wait until Series X though, as i believe DF was saying that it runs at a nearly-locked 60fps.

okje55ica 1

the 20th anniversary edition is so worth it, i loved the DLC’s for Rise

danieltargaryean 2

I believe Rise is the best. Shadow was great and the mechanics were good but sometimes incredibly wonky. The story was alright but didn’t feel as rich as 2013/Rise.

Also I played Shadow on the hardest difficulty (checkpoints are your respawn points) and sometimes there is long climbing sequences that just will be the death of you over and over and it’s gets incredibly frustrating. Also the underground part (when you play you’ll know, is the most scary part and also difficult in the entire game).

CaptainRon87 20

I beat Doom Eternal this morning on Ultra-Violence. Absolutely amazing game. The progression and how they present information to you was top notch. Each time there is a new addition to combat or exploration, the game tells you how and why. Then it reminds you if you forget (in the loading screens after an inevitable death).

For example, after I died, the loading screen was constantly reminding me to use my flame gulch to light enemies on fire so they would drop armor. By the end of the game, I was lighting everyone on fire, throwing grenades, and getting glory kills to keep my health and armor up. The game wants you to succeed and helps you along the way without being intrusive.

By the end, I was crushing enemies that were very challenging in the beginning mainly because my skills had grown (and a few upgrades to my weapons and armor). The combat is incredible and so satisfying. If you like shooters, I highly highly recommend it.

__GX 3

I beat it awhile ago on that difficulty, first time in awhile that I was completely satisfied by how I was at the start of the game compared to the final act.... now if I can only act like that in battle mode

CaptainRon87 1

The game really makes you feel like you're significantly better than when you started.

Like when you have to face >!the Doom Hunter for the first time as a boss. I died a few times, but finally killed him. Then BAM no time to breathe, you gotta fight two of them simultaneously. Then before you know it, there's a Doom Hunter in most big battles towards the end of the game. But you're able to handle them because you're naturally better at the combat.!<

I didn't try battle mode. Is it fun?

Gustavo-Leyva 3

Yeah i beat the game on UN over the weekend the most satisfying thung

wapbapbapbap 16

WoW because my release day Xbone barely works and I’m waiting for my series S to ship lmao

gravedigga1313 5

man, i miss wow. It would be so cool if they released an xbox version. I know that’s not possible. a man can still dream tho


I think WoW has been missing out on massive amounts of players just by staying on PC. There is no reason why there couldn’t be ports for PS4 and Xbox for at least classic wow. This game ran on toasters using dial up connection, it could run on these systems. The only tricky part is the $15 a month that they want...but imho that’s an outdated business model and they would fair better with a one time $60 purchase to get access. If they went that route and opened the flood gates for non competitive advantage cosmetics/pets/mounts like fortnite/LoL has then they would suck more money from the masses then with their current 15 dollar plan. It’s all just a shame :(