What Are You Playing Wednesday?

by AutoModerator. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    28    86

Hello Xbox One Fans! It's your friendly AutoModerator here. I'd like to invite everyone to discuss what games they've been spending some time with lately. Feel free to give a short review, share gameplay images, videos, or give it a rating. Also while we're here, feel free to share your gamertag so that others can join you. For the rest of my weekly posts, check out the scheduled posts list!


thel4stSAIYAN 1

Scored Psychonauts yesterday while it was free. Played a bit and it was enjoyable, great humour. Also playing Ghost of Tsushima

Jhon0723 1


GreatSerge 1

Been playing Grounded. Man this game really took hold of me.

Stillpoetic45 1

Currently bouncing between nba2k20 and lego supervillians back and forth all morning but i did buy the witcher 3 sunday so its on deck. Never played a witcher game so we shall see

Bad_W0lfe 3

Just finished Watch Dogs, now I'm the middle of Watch Dogs 2. Having a blast


The Division 2
Surprisingly I’m pretty good at it

Thebronzeflea 3

Ghost of tsushima and gears tactics with a litle bit of league sprinkled in

Solarx19 2

Currently playing civ 6, got it last week when it was free for the weekend and I've been hooked since.

darkhood1982 2

What Remains of Edith Finch

Saw it on Gamepass. Went into it knowing absolutely nothing. Finished it in one sitting and was truly amazed and saddened by this truly beautiful experience. If you have two hours to spare. This is a great game.

Nicoli11 2

Rogue Company

ElSelcho 2

Far Cry 5 - Lost in Space

InsaneThisGuysTaint 2

Skater XL and WWE 2K20.

SpartanB420 2

Running a great DayZ Xbox Server. Love this game. Helping players connect on my Discord and share is what I love. If anyone would like to join it’s called The Kolectiv and I’m always online. 30 other members and growing, I’m always adding more games to lfg for. DM me if you’d like to join a great community.

lucas2blue 2

Carrion, it’s awesome! stranger things vibes with super Metroid style gameplay

AllieMMcCarthy 2

So glad red dead 2 online gave an alternative to killing animals. Team tranquilizer! Something to do besides gathering tarot cards and fishing

nastytyler19 2

Here's a code for 14 days of Game Pass Ultimate for someone who doesn't have it. Came with my elite 2.
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Pants_for_Bears 2

I played some Grounded and I think it’s a ton of fun. The style is really charming.

But mainly right now I’m super into Journey to the Savage Planet, a game that I feel kind of came and went but is actually a ton of fun. I adore the visual style and I think the gameplay is genuinely a blast. The only downside is the weak writing, but everything else is killer. I really recommend it if you have Game Pass.

BlooZebra 2

I've been having a blast playing For Honor for God knows how long now. I'd say since a few days before the start of the month. Anyways, for the past few weeks it's the only thing I could play. The combat is so rewarding. There's always something to learn from in every combat situation. It reminds me a lot of my Melee days. A few weeks back I was kind of stumped. I felt like I plateau'd and I kept getting hate messages for playing Orochi. I decided to try out a few characters and I decided to stick with Kensei. Since then I've gotten way better. Been enjoying rank too. Probably had to do with the free weekend. Had less people on my nuts

Once I got bored of FH a few days back I decided to play something else. With nothing in mind I saw a Kingdom Come advert on Gamepass. I found it funny that another game I bought ended up on Gamepass. I decided to play it and immerse myself and submit to the game's rule. If RDR2 thought me something is that sometimes you have to listen to what the developper is trying to tell you through the gameplay and accept it. Once I got over that with this game I started having fun. Now I'm here sitting on my balcony taking a break from the game because that's all I been doing all day. I've always said that this game is Oblivion's true sequel and right now I'm feeling it.

NayVar 2

Hellblade and Warzone

rdub916 2

Smite, Grounded, and Carrion

rXboxModsRtrash 2

Knocked out some reading for school so now I'm going to play some Dragon Quest XIs on Switch in handheld.

unnatixlr8 2

Coffee Talk

PurplePenguinXIII 2

Grounded and DAH

kevlarockstar59 2

The new red dead online update after 7months with nothing, got a bread new controller can't wait to play this game again

TheDeadeyeNomad 2

Grounded as well pretty good early access title has so much potential to expand this game so many different ways hopefully obsidian really pays attention to the fans!!

E_dot_ 2

first time halo player playing the collection. if anyone wants to play drop your gamertags!

MatteoSaur 2

Started playing Halo Reach through GamePass. I’ve got to say that I personally think it’s the best in the series based on what I’ve played so far.

MatteoSaur 2

Started playing Halo Reach through GamePass. I’ve got to say that I personally think it’s the best in the series based on what I’ve played so far.

jrobbins070387 2

I’ll be jumping on space engineers when I get off of work. I’ve got probably 50 hours into it currently. I’ll give an honest review. I like video games like Minecraft. I like space games. I like the ability to build and craft what you want through numerous building blocks. There’s also a workshop where you can upload/downloads blueprints and then make them yourself or share your creations with the community. It can get a little dry with the amount of grinding you have to do in order to amass resources, but once you get established with the proper equipment ie an automated drill, then you will only have to go out and find the rarer resources like silver, platinum, and uranium. One aspect I do love is the piracy. There are pirates in space and you can take their ships. I like to bring the ships back and grind them down for resources I use to make other ships. The physics are really good in this game. If your ship doesn’t have a good weight/thrust ratio prepare to do a lot of repairs. I’ve built ships that fly superb until I fill them with 30000kg of raw iron ore and then I’m barreling into the moon at 100 m/s. It’s not a perfect game. There’s some bugs. That being said I still love it. It’s complex and challenging and when you finally get out into space and you find uranium on a big asteroid, mine it, and get it all back to base, then the feeling of true accomplishment sets in. Out of 10 I’d give it a solid 7. It’s not quiet perfect due to the lack of scripts and mods, but with endless replay possibilities I definitely recommend it to anyone with a desire for good space fun. My GT: Ladykilla01

TheBored23 2

I've got one last mission in Desperados III, though I imagine I'll keep playing for the optional stuff after I beat it. Really good game.

Also, I'm still futzing around with the team creator options in Super Mega Baseball 3.

BrandishedChaos 2

Destiny 2, Neon Abyss, and Carrion.

The_Reclaimer_117 2

No man's sky

[deleted] 2


ponytoaster 1

superhot is the most innovative shooter i've seen in years

Chatlistic28 7

Replaying Titanfall 2 campaign. Forgot how excellent and polished it is. And including boss fights in the form of different Titans/Pilots is genius.

Also playing a lot of Overwatch lately. Really did not like it and always preferred Paladins, but once I stopped trying to get 30 kills a game and just help my team in any little way, it really starts to grow on you. I still dislike using most of the roster but it’s fun for me finally.

bjki1107 4

Sea of Thieves!

mrusero 2

I just downloaded it last night on game pass bout to start when I get home!

Lirid 1

You guys want to team up?

mrusero 1

Aye yeah I’m down... Matey

Lirid 1

My ingame now is Lirilesh. I haven’t played it before so completely new

mrusero 1

Alright I’ll add you later. Same here we’ll figure it out that’s half the fun haha

RedRing14 3

Maneater currently

rhythmjones 3

Fable 2

Halo 1

jtcuth48 3

Trying to knock out my PS4 backlog since I'm most likely going Series X next gen (early at least). So lots of Persona 5 Royal

HansInMyPans 3

Neon Abyss, great game!

thepaulfitz 3

Dishonoured Definitive Edition. Already played the original when it came out, but just finished the sequel so went back and by god its still an incredible game.

XboxSeriesXHype 3

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Carrion, Ooblets, and Rocket Arena today. I’m also planning to have a friend over this evening and if I don’t just end up watching a bunch of baseball and other TV tonight, we might play Halo MCC or Streets of Rage 4 or both. After which I’ll play a lot of Grounded with another friend.

JoeyT500 3

For Honor

Nero_DeWitt 3

Left 4 Dead 2 and Tales of Vesperia

donaldduckcockgoblin 3

Dirt Rally 2.0. It's insanely fun and challenging in the cockpit view. Bit of a weird snag though. The GOTY version gives you over two million credits which seems to fuck up the progression. Doesn't matter that much as the fun is the driving. It's very punishing, though.

gillanaut 8

I had a vasectomy this morning so I am trying to find something that doesn't take too much thought. Lol. Been on gems of war a little (if anyone wants to give me their unused starter packs that would be great), may try man-eater... In all honesty I will probably jump from game to game as the anesthesia wears off...

liamo6w 10

Jesus man good luck lmao hope you feel
better soon

gillanaut 4

So far so good, but I know when it wears off its gonna be sore. Haha

AragornsMassiveCock 5

Halo: CEA and Destiny 2. Performance isnt great for CEA but it’s better than Halo 2:A, right now. Still getting excited for Infinite, mediocre graphics and all. Can’t wait to see what it looks like on a One X.

mcolston57 8

Picked up Farcry 5 on the cheap last week. Gotta say I love killing cultists. But the way the game is playing out, I’m starting to worry they are gonna make the cult leader right.

FitPermission0 3

Been playing BFV recently and I have fun at times. The only other battlefield game I play was BF1 and I’m new to the battlefield community. In BF1 it was easy to run and gun maybe that’s why I loved it so much (mostly cod player) but BFV is more rewarding to play imo

DxHaRea 4

Destroy all humans and civ6!
If anyone wants to play some fun civ games feel free to pm me! ^^

Greg041 4

I am currently playing Psychonaughts. It’s always been on my list of OG Xbox games to own and for some reason I was able to snag it for free the other day. I am a huge fan of the OG Xbox library. Although I just started playing it, the collectibles in the game are really fun to challenge yourself to get them all. Simultaneously you get a deeper appreciation of the game’s world. I also might be playing the Witcher 3 though I don’t plan on finishing the game anytime soon.

the_light_of_dawn 5

About 25 hours into my first Skyrim playthrough, and playing Minecraft one evening per week cross-play with my brother.

wallz_11 2

wow congrats on hitting the 0.001% mark on Skyrim

BlooZebra 3

Wow I'm curious to know if since this is your first Skyrim playthrough if it's the first game of its kind that you're playing?

I love Skyrim. I spent so many hours on it when it came out. It was my first game of its type. After that I went on to the Fallout games and Oblivion, the previous Elder Scrolls. While I did enjoy Skyrim when it came out with time I can see its 'flaws'. Especially with so many games out nowadays that mimmick Skyrim in every way possible I find it hard for me to go back. So I'm curious to know if your experience with other games is having an affect on your playthrough or if you're playing it how I wish I could replay it that is to say blind.

the_light_of_dawn 3

I played Oblivion on my PS3 a loooong time ago, but I haven’t touched any other open world games in the past decade due to lack of time. As it is Skyrim is going to take me until the end of this year to get through without playing anything else. I’m thoroughly enjoying myself because it makes me nostalgic for diving into TES for the first time with Oblivion in high school.

After I’m finished I’m going to need a palate cleanser with several shorter games before I tackle Breath of the Wild or something, haha.

str8killn91 5

Rogue Company. Got a key off here from someone and been enjoying my time with it. It’s gonna free to play so hopefully it will have a good player base.

Rva407 5

Skater XL goes against 13 years of EA Skate muscle memory and it's amazing! Just like real skating I found myself trying 1 trick over and over again just to get a feel for the controls. There were a few moments where it would start to click but then I'd move on and completely lose it until I found what I wanted to do next. Excited to see how the devs add to the game as well!

JewingIt 1

Have this on steam but wasnt given access on Xbox store, is it fully out now?

Rva407 2

Yup! Xbox, PS4, and Steam all got the full 1.0 release yesterday!

MrFlashhansen 5

Modern Warfare. 2xp this weekend and shipment 24/7. Im going to grind out the last of the battle pass.

help-what-am-i 3

I’m 2 LMGs and half the Deagle away from Damascus and this is the perfect week to finish them off...my girlfriend is going to hate me lol

MrFlashhansen 3

Mounted and Longshot kills are the death of me. Any tips?

help-what-am-i 3

Hardcore Shoothouse 24/7, mount on the head glitch on either end and shoot down the middle. It takes me about 4/5 games for longshots. I would also recommend putting on a thermal optic and equipping smoke. Make sure you have ghost and High Alert (HA is really helpful for when they decide to push the sides) You probably won’t get all your mounted kills there, for those I just go into shipment and mount in a corner and hope for the best.

Edit: sometimes they start spawning down in front of the opposite headglitch and you can get a ton all at once, I got a 9x multi kill there awhile back, all longshots. It’s also helpful if you put your gun on single fire

MrFlashhansen 2

Thank you for the write up!

help-what-am-i 1

no problem sir good luck with the grind

BreadPit69 10


Gonna try to 100% it this week! Played it for the first time and had a blast!


Have you never finished the story?

BreadPit69 2

I completed it a few days ago for the first time. Well GTA V was the first game I bought when I got my One S , back in late 2018. But other games kept grabbing my attention , so had to stall it for a while. Absolutely loved the game tho

brundlf 11

F1 2020

Pepper3493 3

Patriot Powersports finally won a constructors title in season 3! Danny Ric was the missing ingredient

Wookie301 23

Grounded. It’s terrifying. 🕸🐞

Mormonator8 2

Right?? I was expecting a fun honey I shrunk the kids game, but nope, scarier than outcast 😱

Wookie301 7

I played it with my kids. I thought it would be funny to surprise then with a scared jump. Oh my god! Best advice I can give anyone, is build a tent, and go to sleep at 20:00 on the dot. Playing through the night is legit horrifying.

ponytoaster 3

I just couldn't work out WTF to do unless I was doing something wrong?!

Even the start objectives confused me. Kept saying I needed something, but wouldn't let me actually get the item.

Said about clean water on tall blades of grass. Looked for the biggest ones I could find and nada. Gave up, found a dark place and said I needed a torch but wouldn't show me how to craft one in the menus! Agh!

Maybe I will try again later.

DapoetTherapy 13

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grounded.

donaldduckcockgoblin 1

How much game is there with Grounded? Cautious about jumping in as it's basically early access.

xRockfan 3

There’s a surprising amount of content and polish for an early access game. Don’t buy it full price yet. Get a month of game pass for cheaper and try it out! It’s really fun!

RollTide09 2

Are there achievements yet?

yorai1212 3

both really good games!