What are your thoughts about the LD nerfs?

by __HanDOfGoD. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    5

I don't play as much as i used but now i decided to start again. God damn i checked the changes and isn't this a bit too much or what?


ero3535 1

druid was already trash in high mmr due to the fact that every player with more than 2 braincells built halberds, euls to cc bear while killing druid. now its ultra nerfed, and on top of that halberd/euls became meta

ybkhan 1

Too much la. I don't mind the roar need cuz it was obviously op but entangle nerf and the ult need all combined are a bit too much. It's still easy to win in lower brackets but the hero was easily counterable earlier and now it's worse. maybe buff bear scaling a bit to balance things out.

Nyr3105 1

lone druid needs some more nerfs

DV-dv 1

nah the heroes a pain in the ass he deserved it

harvestdubois 2

The spirit link needed to be nerfed and his ultimate giving him extra hp regardless of how much he is missing or if he’s under the effect of regen reduction.