What cord to use for Xbox one X?

by naymp2. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    4

Hello. I ordered an Xbox one X online, but just the console, just wondering what power cords will work on this system and what is okay to use. I have an original xbox one Currently .


FancyKilerWales 1

You’ll need a new power cord, it doesn’t use the brick. The one for the Xbox One S or X will work, I’m sure you can find them on Amazon. I think it is the same one the PS4 and PS3 used, and OG Xbox too.

LaFlamaBlanca420 1

You'll need to buy one on Amazon or eBay, the cords are different

Bigm72793 2

For a one X the you would want what is commonly referred to as a "figure 8" power cord.

  naymp2 1

Thanks much! 😁