What do you think about COD mobile?

by AgenteBinario. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    25

I downloaded this game 2 days ago and I feel bored playing it, I repeat every day the same thing that is bad, the game is good, but the progress is very slow, and there is a lot to do with it in a short time to earn reward.

I don't know if the problem is me or any other game I play.

So,what do you think of COD mobile? Liked? Didn't like it?

Edit: I think today I just wasted time playing this game :'(, I didn't feel well.



I enjoyed first couple of CoD games on PC. Never played later CoD games. Do not even want to waste time installing CoD on mobile, thinking this is another f2p/p2w trash. How about that for an opinion?


Imo it is the most quality FPS on mobile right now, beside the UI kinda suck(still better alot game) and the P2W things(Gun) it kinda fun to play it.
p/s: i know someone will tell StandOff2 or Cops,... but it lack of content,map,UI,track map,hack,sound,...


If someone tell the game not P2W just play the highest rank when 85% people always have battle pass,new(pay only) guns. The only things the game doesn't have P2W is battle royale but i don't like it that much.

RazJUK 5

How can the UI suck? Every button can be re-sized & moved, Ads Aim can be set to for 1 tap/ Hold or Hybrid (both). Things like shotguns/snipers can be tap to shoot or Hold. Pretty much (with PUBG) the best UI you can get with a touchscreen device (currently).


Ye it best for touchscreen now but idk im play more pc game so the UI kinda buggy me

RazJUK 4

A lot of people don't have PC's or consoles, so this is as we good as it gets. CODM is 2.99gb on my phone, a CoD Warzone update can be 150gb (I've no idea how much space Warzone is on my PC). CoD mobile it's brilliant for what it is, a scaled down version of PC/ console cod.


It kinda f2p with a scaled down all old cod map. I mean it fun, but it kinda P2W for me especially in lengend ranked when 80% are paying for only pay gun. And that awful, im the guys don't want spent anything in-game and kinda hard to play agains those guys.


If you're playing COD on PC, don't play the mobile version as most likely you won't like its controls.

RazJUK 1

I play COD 4 & Warzone, but also play COD mobile & PUBG. Obviously controls may seem poor on mobile when coming from a PC, but it's possible with a few hours play to get very good on mobile. I use 2 thumbs & 2 index so I can move, aim, shoot & ADS button at the same time. I enjoy my PC COD, and my mobile COD.


I was Legendary in both MP and BR during the first 2 seasons, afterwards I deleted the game. It's nothing like COD, it's a generic mobile shooter with duck taped COD features like perks and streaks which are lacking in variety, the same goes for attachments with unavoidable defacto needed ones like the foregrip and ex. mags. The guns are immensely unbalanced and it usually goes like this: every other gun<meta gun<newly released gun. Easily controllable recoil is the essential trait that meta guns have which in return makes heavy hitting guns(like the AK47 which was a staple pro scene AR in COD4)obsolete as their recoil is too much at times. The game is littered with skins that have perks, obviously the higher the rarity of the skin the better the perk(usually) which to your guess automatically implies loot boxes and spin-the-wheel mini games. There was a Zombie mode for a brief time period and it was absolutely atrocious, they managed to ruin the simplest and funnest COD gamemode with their own wonky game design that required unique lootbox only weapons in order to steamroll through the content.

What's good in the game is the Pass, it has lots to offer but if you're joining late you've missed out on most of the freebies that day 1 players like me managed to acquire.

Edit: Forgot to add that the game is littered with bots. Even in it's current state.


It was fun for a while, I guess. I had to delete it so that I can free alot of space in my phone.

But yeah it gets kinda boring after a while.


The COD for PC is much better compared to the mobile version, it is very intense and the gameplay is very lively.


Ofc the actual COD games are better than the mobile one. COD mobile can never beat those games but on it's own, it's great.

MarlonBRZs 2

its a mobile game dude

soulreaper567 5

You do know that a mobile game has its limits right?


Pubgm is superior imo, best BR on mobile and its not even close


Pubgm is way better than CodM I agree. Every game is something new without fail. CodM is like a quick fix arcade shooter.

Joshua_Reen 1

I played it since October 2019 and it's very awesome. I experienced Zombie mode in December 2019 but it got removed unfortunately.

londonchokeroll 2

For me, the BR mode is better than pubg. And the class mechanic are interesting.

Str8Solja 2

Try different modes. Do seasonal achievements to unlock weapons.


What do you think of COD mobile? Do you like it? How many hours did you invest in this game? I'm looking for a reason to keep playing this game.

For now, I hang up and rest to think more about what I'm going to do. Thank you.

RazJUK 3

I personally like it. Stops me spending money on other mobile games. I bought the Battle Pass in season 1 and and get the credit back on completing the season for the next seasons battle pass (essentially meaning free passes every season). I play with other people online and we chat and have fun. Rank up and the game gets really competitive (lower ranks are full of bots and casual players). Forget about the progress and enjoy the game, you'll unlock things while having fun. Also,the BR mode, PUBG's BR is better.

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I use a PS4 controller and it's decent. Absurdly well made considering it's a multiplayer shooter on your phone.

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It's CoD.... On your phones. Nothing much to say here. If you've enjoyed CoD on any other platform, high chances you'll enjoy it here too. Very solid FPS, probably the best on Mobile devices.

The key with this and literally any other multiplayer game is to not burn yourself out early.

RazJUK 2

Exactly. Pay the game for fun rather than progression and play with similar minded people.