What does a great finger kill mean?

by GodzlIIa. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    29    19





Idk it's cancer becouse there arent great finger kills, its only killsteal for 70% of times


Truer words have not been spoken


You triggered the lion fans. Stun hex finger takes lots of skill you know.

  GodzlIIa 1

I was mid lion. Plenty of those were one shots with eblade.


Great finger is the upgraded spell once you buy agha

  GodzlIIa 1

I checked the replay and I had more then 3 kills (not stacks) with finger before I had aghanims.

Presty61 1

Great finger kill is when the enemy had more than 300ish hp before the killing ult, just like how the immortal Arm cosmetic for Lion works. You get 50 kills with an enemy above a certain hp to get points for alternate style.

xfjeanvaljeanxf15 1

Great fingers I think kills with your ult but in heroes with more than 500 600 life points, like as the second style of lion's inmortal

Shackeled1 1

I've figured it uses the same mechanic as his immortal progress, getting a kill from higher HP so you're getting more value out of the nuke, but I have no evidence to support this

Damonderp 2

Isn't this a reference to that joke in Animaniacs when jacko says "Let's find finger prints" and dot (while carrying the singer prince) claims she found prince. So jacko replys with: "No no no. Finger prints (which kinda sounds like "finger prince"). To what prince looks at the camera with a suggestive look and dot looks at him and says "I don't think so" (while throwing prince away)

hmaxim 3

a GREAT finger kill that does not WHIFF out of my hero while I'm farming

Officer_Robusto 1

you have no good build ideas PAUL

Staxxy5 10

Great Finger Kills are most likely kills where the enemy died from that Finger dmg.
The "normal" Finger Kills are "kills" where the enemy died in 1-4 seconds after he got Fingered (because that its the timewindow where it still counts as a "Finger Kill" and you get the bonus dmg) .
Don't know this for sure, but it would be a plausible assumption.

  GodzlIIa 1

I ended up with 27 finger stacks. So I do not believe so. Sorry I should have included that in the post

Staxxy5 1

hmmm .. then i dont have an explanation :D

tkalec_ 13

Sounds plausible, but I like to think Great Finger Kills are when you burst the enemy carry from 900hp the split second they have already clicked on BKB but it hasn't fired up yet. Then there's Mediocre Finger Kills where you just finish off a fleeting Pango with 300 of his French health left. And of course Bad Finger Kills, where you throw a 180 secs CD nuke on a 20 hp CM before getting team wiped by the enemy Ursa because you're hungry for stacks.

So props to you, 21 Great Finger Kills makes you a legend in my book.

TheEvlTinyDino 14

It might just be killing and enemy above a certain amount of health. That’s how the immortal lion finger tracks it’s kills so that’s my best guess

Plus_Manufacturer 21

Finger Prince is a great porn name