What happened to Humble Bundle Games?

by RedHatCap. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    10    33

Is it just my or are game bundles on Humble Bundle nowhere near they were 2-3 years back? At least past half-year, it looks like all those bundles are really shit. They might be good games, but there is nothing interesting or well known in these bundles. I remember Arma or Cities Skyline being in those bundles back in the day. Now it's all weeb or indie stuff I don't really care for. I know it wasn't always 3A titles, but I usually bought one or two bundles per month. Now I check it once per week just to get disappointed. Those bundles felt like a great deal but now when I don't even recognize any of these games it looks like a rip-off.

Before anyone gets butthurt. I am not saying those games that are now in humble are bad, they are just unknown and usually in wierd art style.



Perhaps it is just your taste that has changed with time. Personally, I feel like the games are still great.

  RedHatCap 4

I get it if those games have fans and it's doing good, but I don't think my taste changed haha. I am more of a mainstream gamer (Wicher, Battlefield, Dead Space, Risign Storm, Cities, Metro, Far Cry) besides my fetish for military/aviation sims or cold war RTSs.


I bet you’re excited for Microsoft flight simulator 2020 eh? That game looks like every aviation simulator player’s wet dream. I want to play those games but I don’t really have a set up for that type of thing so I don’t know how good the experience would be.

  RedHatCap 2

You are right I'm very excited to try it even tho my simulator of choice is DCS World. Spend almost all my high school part-time job salary on a set-up to run it and modules :')


That’s awesome! Never heard of DCS World. I’ll have to check it out.

  RedHatCap 1

Please do! If you will need any help feel free to pm. It's a pretty small community and every new member is welcomed.


Really? I would say the current one is very much in the same style as the early days.


Not sure how Early are those early days

Nihilismisanthrope 5

It started out as the Humble Indie Bundle, games like World of Goo, Cogs, Canabault, etc. Bundling games that not a lot of people had heard of.

The Raw Fury bundle has a collection of relatively obscure but solid appearing titles (gonna buy it tomorrow on payday) that harkens back to that origin. I agree there's a lot more corporate to it than it once was, and I'm no longer buying every bundle like I once was, but keeping an eye on it still pays off from time to time.

BlueDraconis 5

It has more AA games compared to the early bundles, which is nice. But the price has risen a whole lot as well.

The early bundles were pay what you want, with a minimum price of 1 cent. Later they increased that to $1 for Steam keys, and introduced tiers a few years after that.

Nowadays it's $12 if you have classic, or $15/$20 if you don't.

While having a 1 cent bundle nowadays is impossible because devs/publishers wouldn't want their keys to be sold on the grey market, massively devaluing their games, it's undeniable that the old bundles were much, much cheaper than the bundles nowadays.

And 10 years ago there aren't that many indie games. Buying a Humble Bundle with World of Goo or Braid really felt like you're getting one of the best indie games for a really cheap price.

Nowadays indie games are much more common, and getting a game with the same level of quality as the ones in Humble's early days doesn't have that same impact anymore. Though I guess this is also because my taste in games changed.

Nihilismisanthrope 1

i think on average the bundle you get for going for the top tier (usually $15) is still usually an amazing value. But I've gotten a few games this year at the $1 tier that were an awesome buy too.

For the fact that it has been going for a decade now, I think overall it has managed to stay pretty true to its roots. Yeah, there's a bit of corporate influence to it now, but there's still value to be had, IMO.

And betwen HB, Indie Royale, Steam bundles, Gog, and a few others, I literally have more games to play than probably lifetime left to play them all in (Steam alone has over 1K titles in library, then add Gog, console, etc). And I've spent the barest fraction of the "MSRP" value to amass that over the years. I can't complain.

YanniDepper 1

IGN happened

You-Dont-Matter 3

I just witness a new low for lazy typing... 3A.


Why type out AAA when 3a does the same thing

You-Dont-Matter 1

Why even have language when grunts will work?

There is a reason people's IQ's are literally dropping. Laziness.

Aleriic 3

Yea it's shit, I was subscribed to the monthly for 2 years (took some months off every now and then) but every since choice got introduced I paused every month until I ultimately just ended my subscription altogether.

Borando96 3

Back then it also felt more like a place for good deals for older AAA games, similar to the Origin bundle around 7 years ago with Battlefield 3, Mirror's Edge, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box and some other good old games.

Now it's either so old, that basically everyone who had the slightest interest already have it or the deal isn't really good or sometimes even worse then older sales on other platforms.

MasterDrake97 7

The last game I bought with the Monthy was KCD within the August 2018 Bundle for 10.5€
Yeah, I miss those deals

  RedHatCap 2

Yeeees! Exactly

sapoctm7 3

the games look like those free games for epic lol

kray_jk 5

You just reminded me to pause again this month (whew! was not interested in any except maybe void bastards).

Going on about 5 pauses (on classic, almost did a month or two, but I had some of the headliners). This month as I went to pause... I got offered a $4 discount to not pause this month. That’s indicative of something.

towers229 1

And you taught me that I could pause. First month I've done it but I wasn't really paying attention to the fact that I could. I would have done it in prior months too. I'm thinking I should just cancel.

Tacometropolis 6

It's not only not as good, they are straight up banning people who giveaway keys. Not trade, just straight up give away duplicates. They also have gone as far as revoking keys. All of them, not just games gifted.

Lot of folks pissed about it lately. Not only does their selection suck, I wouldn't trust them.

People expected they were going to improve the selection with choice, but now you get 1-2 games that will be on twitch prime (if not more), a smattering of them given away for free by epic, and quite a few duplicates over the time since choice launched. A good portion of the rest of the stuff is just on gamepass. They also lowered the charity % from 15% at one point, to 5% now.

People ordering from the regular store nowadays have been faced with verification periods of like 24-36 hours too apparently, not that there really is any reason to do so.

It doesn't help the layout blows either.

sapoctm7 1

how do.they knoq you give keys away?

Tacometropolis 1

Lot of speculation, but they can definitively track gift links.

LKMarleigh 6

Humble built itself on indie bundles, the fact that games are unknown generally means the game didn't sell well which makes it easier to get in a bundle. AAA only tend to get in bundles when they are several years old, one of the current bundles has Iratus (which is a terrific game btw) which released from EA in April , and Iron Danger which released in March. I personally prefer Indie games over AAA games

ThomasHobbesJr 8

I used to check humble every week, pre monthly and then every month. Now I’ve given up on the website altogether, it’s focking shite these days

  RedHatCap 3

My point!

terr-rawr-saur 18

Its just a shop now.

C00ps935 45

Humble Bundles haven't been the same since IGN bought it.

quinn50 13

Eh, I just feel this opinion is placebo. I'm going to be honest humble bundles have always been mediocre to some extent.

Londii_ 5

I used to buy most bundles and enjoy the games. Now a day I rarely, maybe bought 2 bundles/choices since choice was introduced when I used to buy 90% of them.

Not because I own the game, nor because I have others to play just the games arent good for me.

Couldnt really argue its plusebo...

Also if it was good compared to in the past why are they having to offer their humble choice in the bundle more often?

freelancer799 15

It wasn't very good leading up to that acquisition either