What happened to Suzy's channel?

by AshZMMA. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    4    11

I was told she got locked out of kittykatgaming and now streams from a new channel...is this true? What's the new channel?


Beatlejwol 1

Her last video on her Mortemer channel (I think?) talks about it; basically KittyKatGaming was not getting pushed to any subscribers, people weren't even seeing it in their feed (which has happened to other channels), and when she was talking to Youtube about it their advice was basically "shrug I dunno, maybe just start another channel or something."

So she chose to not do that (there's been no activity on her Mortemer channel since the explanation video) and since then most of her activity has been on her Psychic Circle Oddities store and Grumps merch.

Twitter and Instagram are about the only places to find Suzy anymore.

  AshZMMA 2

I miss her....even her twitch has been dead for about 3 years

Beatlejwol 1

Didn't even know she had one :P

Mrunlikable 3

Last I heard, she retired from youtube or something.

  AshZMMA 4

Oh that's sad, but I mean she did get alot of hate for no reason

NoahGosh 2

I mean she did scam a bunch of people. That’ll get you a lot of hate

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Even if true, I can't take RantGrumps seriously as a news source. The one time I scrolled through there, it was basically "all the Grumps might as well be child murderers that steal from old ladies and burn the money in front of starving people" because they don't like how one dude plays video games.

Player4our 5

While you are correct about the sub, Suzy did scam people. That's true and she even admitted to it a long while ago.


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