What if I download a game for which my pc doesn't meet the requirements

by anuj_mokashi_. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    12

Will it run on low fps and graphics or will it not run at all?


-SammyP6- 2

depends on the game and how much bellow min you are

Filipi_7 2

As long as you're running Windows 10, the game will start (some games don't run on Win7 or 8 anymore). You'll just have a very low framerate even on low graphics and resolution.

Bear in mind that minimal requirements are just rough guides anyway, sometimes they're more than enough to get 60fps on low settings.

Ghostspider1989 4

at worst it wont run at all. you'll get an error when you boot up the game. either that or the game will run like total crap until you tweak the hell out of it

KramericaCorp 7

Hit up /r/lowendgaming. They a have weekly "what can i run?" thread. You should also post your specs.

Darkwolf1115 9

Depends on the game


My pc is quite old it can play gta 5 but it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for RDR2 can I play games such as RDR2 or jedi fallen order on my pc?

Muesli_nom 1

There is a difference between "can I run it?" and "can I play it?"

Depending on your specs and the game you're trying to play, it may run, but you may not be able to play it because your system cannot compute enough frames per second for you to actually get a frame rate fluid enough to engage with the game (e.g. a single-digit fps basically means the entire game looks like a slide show).

Potrisk 2

Probably not Jedi. That game requires too much and is poorly optimized.
I can play any game on my pc, even using high textures and mesh, but Jedi constantly freezes and stutter. I only played a couple of hours before give up and wait to buy a new pc.

I don’t know anything about RDR

RobertJMcF 2

It won’t look as good and may cause lagging or other issues because it won’t have the cpu or gpu processing power to run it well. So it may not look good or run good but you’ll probably be able to play it for the most part. It may not be enjoyable though.


I'll play offline games so it won't affect that much as it would for online games

RobertJMcF 4

The requirements are to run the base game. There’s not really added strain from online. Online is affected by internet connectivity more so. RDR2 is also very cpu and gpu intensive so if you don’t have the required or close to the required itll stutter and have scream tears.

So you’ll most likely have to play on the lowest setting at the lowest resolution at 30ish FPS to run it decently.

So having lower requirements than it says will hurt the games visuals and running ability. It’ll also max out your equipment because it is not the minimum recommended so your parts will not last as long as noted by manufacturers.