what is the probability of this?

by D2Akkarin. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    2    5

Hello everybody.

Last game I lose because a 3 man party destroy my team, 3 accounts with 200 games and when they end spam his twitch channel.

This has happened to me several times, Russians trying to earn some money playing low bracket with secondary accounts, always with 5 people watching the stream.(who see this shit?) And doing boosts for free.

After report him on twitch steam and dota me and my friend find next match and againts this three russians, my friend inmediatly leaves (1 hour ban). 2 match in a row...

Smurfs are a problem is ok but the most problem are russians playing on europe server, when this guys who are boosted for his friends decide play carry on my bracket they will feed and arruin my game.

I guess even the Russians don't want to play with other Russians

Please russians, play on Russia and if you want earn money find a job.


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Boosting pays much more than actual jobs in third world, that's why most boosters are from those countries

Unlikely to run into two in a row on EUW. Fix your behavior score and select a non-Russian secondary language in mm options

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Nope, it doesnt, boosting pays as much as a regular job in russia only if you boost from 5k+ otherwise mcdonalds is better Edit:and you will have to play 12 hours a day, to sustain such payment

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I mean outside of like Moscow and St Petersburg

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Just checked pricing, booster salary is about 13-16k a month and minimal official salary in russia is 12k, so its worse then most jobs, but if only thing you do is play dota, thats decent

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