What Should I Play?

by nykolasandrews. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    11

So, I'm hoping I put this in the right place. I finally have some money, and I'm really wanting to get some new games.

So just so you have an idea of what I'm into: 1) My Time at Portia - SUCH a cute game. Beat it in less than a month, and I logged 136 hours on it in that time. I haven't played it since because I just don't want to start that one over, but I loved constantly being busy, and I liked romancing Ginger, but it was nice to not have that be the main focus of the game (HOWEVER! I also love Mystic Messenger, but since I use it on my phone, I wasn't gonna put it on this list) 2) Valorant - I've never been good at other games like this (like CS:GO: I have it, but I'm not that good at it). I think I'm better at Valorant than CS because it's easier to read the map and see enemies and stuff. 3) House Flipper - I love this game. It's really relaxing, but sometimes I do find the tasks a bit too tedious. But it's just gameplay mechanics, so it's no biggie. 4) Life is Strange collection - I have beat BTS and LIS, but I haven't finished LIS2 yet. I really enjoy games with a heavy story, so this is a favorite of mine. 5) The Last of Us - I played this on PS4, but I really enjoyed it, and there are games like it on PC, so I want to put this on the list. I liked the story and gameplay! 6) Slime Rancher - I like this one a lot because it's such a cute game, and it has great mechanics. 7) Kingdom Hearts - I wanted to put 10 games on here, but I'm running out of PC games, so here we go. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite childhood game. GREAT story (even though it's a little confusing sometimes. 8) Eliza - Nice little game with a good story. It was just so short, and that's my only downfall for it, but the point comes across really well. 9 and 10) Portal 1 & 2 - I really enjoyed this game. Cute, short, and lots of funny jokes. 10/10, would recommend.

Well, that's all I got. I appreciate any recommendations! Thanks, guys.


Galeplay 1

This is kinda long shot, but maybe State of Decay 2? It's kinda Mix of My Time at Portia (micromanagement / crafting) and The Last of Us (zombies / survival).


Also Resident Evil 2 and 3?

eviladvances 1

try stardew valley, im sure you'll like it.

you might also like Terraria, a great minecraft-like game more focused on fighting and exploration.

also try crosscode, an action-puzzle-rpg that follows the story of reminiscents of your typical MMO-isekai anime (like sword art online,.hack//sign) quite enjoyable and fun game.

if you like beautiful games from different genres, there is (Transistor,Bastion,Hades) all action RPGs of the sorts very stylized and fun games.

if you're into pretty platformers/Metroidvanias there is Ori in the blind forest or ori and the will of the wisps,Bloodstained Ritual of the night.

there is also Journey,GRIS, and ABZU if you're looking for story focused and stylized games with great vistas and art-style.

hashtagtotheface 1

Don't starve or 80 days

  nykolasandrews 1

I’ve seen a little Don’t Starve gameplay, but I haven’t played it myself. I’ve never heard of 80 Days, though, so I will look that up.

the_wolf_peach 1

You should play a game.

Lybchikfreed 1

Try Satisfactory

  nykolasandrews 2

I’ve never heard of that! But I’ll look it up. Thank you so much!

prestigeacm43 2

You might be a fan of Stardew Valley

  nykolasandrews 1

I have played it a little, and I like it, but I feel like it’s more fun with friends, and I don’t have any 😅

twatiliciousx 3

Based on Valorant and CSGO:

• PAYDAY 2 & Warhammer: Vermintide 2 https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/15608/Summer_Coop_Bundle/

• Killing Floor 2

• Deep Rock Galactic

• Insurgency Sandstorm

  nykolasandrews 1

I have Payday 2, but I haven’t played it much. And I love KF2, but I haven’t heard of the rest of the games you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my post; it means a lot to me!