Whats the average time when your searching for a game as a carry?

by monkeykinglover69. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    2    6

Im divine 1 (4.5k mmr) and my search time is fucking 20 mins. Is this a server problem or people just dont find support?


ceerb- 1

5 minutes 4K - SA

Nyr3105 1

well, from 2 of my 3 games where i went all roles to get role queues, i got 2 offlane games. seems like everyone wants to play pos 1 pos 2, so no wonder you serach a long time

tx47e 1

solo queue is always slower. 2+3 pool is biggest. Might think of getting a friend and play on the same lane.

4.2k 5-10min EU e-w-r but at 5PM GMT+2.

At 12PM it's 10-15mins.

edittaa 1

15 min 4.7k eu west pos 1

NelFy___ 1

10-20 mins

tarasshava 1

4k mmr - 13-15 mins EU east