Whats wrong with dota2 matchmaking?

by FormalLand1. Posted on May 23, 2020    0    9

Im a Legend support player who most of time playing ranked matches but theres an issue i cant understand from dota2 matchmaking, most of time im a quiet player and doing my job with 0 toxic behaviors( untill i get so mad on something and maybe do some blames on those who deserve it) i also have 10k behavior score( i far as i know behavior score effects matchmaking ) and yes im legend 3k player im not a professional player but do i deserve to get feeders and 2 toxic players who fighting for midlane or mid or toss? and etc...? this season every game pisses me off and i get more lose and the only reason is low players and toxic player(mostly feeders)

for example in my last 2 matches we had an ember spirit who went mid and started feeding their sf when top and bot lane won lanes but mid lost and that lead us to lose

and in my last match i got a team with 2 toxic players who fight for mid and they went mid as 2!

and the same ember who feeded last game was against me and he got a smurfer as his midlaner!!

the question is what the hell is wrong with dota matchmaking?? what does effect the quality of matchs? how do i stop getting these type of players? is there anything i dont know about this? or did i do something that causes all this? because im sure its not normal! getting these players every single match.


ItsaMeLev 1

As a support you need to be able to adjust your play. If you think you tend to lose because of mid loss, pick a support who can change that.

I tend to lose because the enemy 1 outcarried mine, so i focus on enabling my safe laner.

Even smurfs will start chain feeding when multiple heroes show up to their lane.

thebluntedge 1

I don't think that's OP's issue. OP is having a problem with players who just straight up throw the match in some sort of fashion. We've all been there where you know that the match is unwinnable at the start because of certain people you're playing. You try your best at the role you've chosen to either stop the bleeding or turn the tide but it will turn out as an hour long match where you eventually lost. The loss isn't the issue but, it's how you lost the match is what pisses a lot of people off.

TBH, due to quarantine a lot of people right now are playing including a lot of assholes. The frequency wasn't a lot when things were normal but since a lot of people have nothing better to do now, you can see a rise in asshole activity. We really can't do shit about it. The best that OP can do is just find a 5-man party to avoid assholes.

  FormalLand1 1

that quarantine part is accurate tho, i thought about that too. yes thats what i mean im talking about people who are actually so low on behaviors,not the skill and i keep getting this type of people in every single ranked match i play! and thats funny my normal pub games are higher that ranked games lol people are so better in normal match

thebluntedge 1

Which is stupid because Valve expects us to take it and suffer silently because you fear of having a fucking report.

  FormalLand1 1

thats a good point, i try my best in game even when i play pos 4 most of times i kill enemies mid coriour or ganking mid with smoke to help my mider win his lane! but im talking about toxic behaviors my teammates are not losing because they are bad or im bad or they make mistakes they lead us to lose because they want to! feeding, bein afk, trash taling instead of playing and focusin on game and etc...

Risred 1

play ranked roles?

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roles+ classic

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Well the obvious answer is if you are playing at times during which player base is small in your region don’t queue back to back games.

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you mean the time that numbers of players are low in that server? so i play in Eu east/west and russia these servers all full of players most of the time and im not getting same players in my team everytime( the chance is low)