What's wrong with Lina and a possible rework

by nikcek. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    0    19

I guess it's not only me, but Lina doesn't feel good at all right now.

Despite her Q and W are multi target, at the end of the day you using them on a single target only, her E is probably her best ability, and her ulti does too little, late game you can't take away 50% hp from a support.

To land a stun you have to waste Eul and do a difficult combo when others can do the same sipping water, and you have Eul on CD instead of protecting yourself with it.

Compared to skywrath or lion, they both start single target to end multi target through talents and Agh, Lina? Why can't she too?

IMO there should be changes like

-Q is 2 times larger

-W has a larger area and/or less delay so you don't need Eul

-E should grant damage or become an aura for allies too

-R needs a damage buff or CD and mana reduction

All this can go straight away or through talents/agh. I don't think they wuold make her OP, just more enjoyable to play and having an impact because now I cannot feel that, she's boring and weak



yep, lina would be good hero if Q cast time faster, W has less delay for stun, E passive buffs duration few seconds longer + Ult has more dmg

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Her arcana needs a buff. She as a hero is pretty good right now.

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Same answer above, not that I expected much anyway

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? Lina is a meta pick right now


She has a 46% win rate, I am talking about pubs games I don't care about pro players.

Is she clinkz level? I cannot see that, everything she does there is someone doing 3 times better.

If you don't agree with me just keep scrolling, I don't get the point of this comments without an explanation under a post where I tried to state my point.

Can't you just scroll over if you don't agree/care?

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Your post is that lina is bad and needs a buff. I countered that she is a meta pick. If you don't want people disagreeing with you, don't post


So one shouldn't post since every answer can be "meta/not meta" and end of the story?

Dotabuff is there, her stats are bad and it's not me saying it, one cannot ask why?

Underlord and clinkz got reworked last patch and their WR went sky high, and they started from a similar/better spot than where Lina is now.

I am not asking you to discuss with me, it's clearly not something I am looking for, just respect my post and ignore it like I do when in your shoes.

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Her winrate at divine and immortal is 50%. Sounds like a pretty balanced hero. She has also a 58% winrate in competitive play right now. The game is balanced around the highest level of play, not trash tier pubs.


Thanks yes I am trash and proud, keeping this game alive like anybody else and paying the same money.

Dota is played by millions of people and the biggest majority falls into that category, so?

This sort of mockery of normal players as if they mattered less is just funny, keep the pros only and they are shutting down the servers tomorrow.

There are several heroes with 6-70% WR in some brackets, some lower some upper, Lina isn't balanced she is weak, her WR is 46% <=5000 and 50 above. It's more the times she's bad than she excell.

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You don’t need to feel offended by what he said. The game, as he pointed out, is balanced around tournaments/high tier immortals meta. It’s just that.

Rest we all are trash. Heralds think sniper is OP and needs a nerf but even if you’re 3k, you see the problems with the hero and that he is ok at the place he is. Yes, Lina seemed bad to me too, but seeing how she is so meta in tournaments, she’s definitely not in bad place. To quote the other guy again, “The hero isn’t bad, we are”


Even if you consider the highest tier she still isn't strong, she might me ok there, but 50% WR in her best scenario is still buff worth.

We know that valve doesn't buff heroes to even them around 50%, there are heroes sitting at 45 and others over 50 getting buffed more.

Lina is a popular hero, if some buff brought her to 55 WR It wouldn't make her broken, I don't understand why I can't even mention it.

Reworking her talents wouldn't change the identity of the hero, and for how little pubs can be worth I still think they should be taken in consideration too

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Again, the game is balanced around the top levels. Lina isn't trash, it's just you

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i dont believe in reworks that kill the identity of the hero, there are people like me who enjoy the hero for what it is and dont want it to be changed to something else, everytime icefrog reworks a hero he makes it a worse version

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flair super checks out

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indeed, still stings ill never get back true kotl again because icefrog wants it to be a generic support everyone can play

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Icefrog reworked kotl because he was a bullshit broken hero, having unobstructed vision for 5 minutes is dumb really dumb, and recall only made him more broken

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lol nightstalker has unobstructed vision AT NIGHT with flying movement and a silence that cant be dispelled. the truth is, every hero in dota 2 has something bullshit/'broken'. kotl was far from being a good hero, and if he was broken he could have just made some number adjustments, instead he took the easy route and made him your typical generic press R to win pos5 hero