What's your take on FANATIC new roster?

by BenLaraVII. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    1    7

23savage and Jabz got kicked.


  BenLaraVII 1

They have a solid players each one excel at their positions, maybe they just need time to adjust.

skraaaaw 1

Fnatic is now finoy team. FogChamp

SirThrowsAlot22 1

Jabz left on his own, he wasnt kicked. This roster doesnt have an experienced ingame leader so probably a downgrade from previous one.

  BenLaraVII 1

Maybe ice3x will step up and lead them. Hope they will have good chemistry as a team.

fscasiple 5

still shit as always they only good at SEA Region

  BenLaraVII 1

Yup, maybe they just need time to adjust. Especially, ice3x not playing right now. No one will lead them.

fscasiple 1

but let give this roaster time to adjust