Whenever I use a PS4 controller to play games, it shows XBOX buttons. But when my friends use a PS4 controller it shows them PS4 buttons.

by MorkTF2. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    5

I've had this issue for ages but finally decided to see if I could fix it. Most games I play its only xbox controls, but in some games like witcher 3 it goes back and forth between the two controls. Just now I started playing dark souls 3, and it shows xbox controls, but for my friend who is also using a ps4 controller is shows ps4 controls. How can i make it always show ps4 controls?


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If you're using the Steam controller settings to make you dualshock 4 work, then the game will show Xbox controls if it supports Xinput and not Steam Input. If the game supports Steam Input, you'll get button PlayStation button prompts. If the game supports dualshock 4 controllers natively but not Steam Input, you'll need to turn off the steam controller configuration support for the dualshock 4 so that the game can see the controller itself instead of the emulated Xbox controller shim that the Steam controller settings create for you for games that don't support Steam Input.

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All I did was disable ps4 support in big picture mode and it dint work

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Oh ok thanks

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Wow thats confusing