Where can I buy a console?

by texasbeerguy. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    10

I’d prefer a digital S but I can’t find any consoles for sale anywhere other than craigslist. Suggestions?


Kuritos 1

A large sale just ended, I think. My day one xbox fried last week, and I was tempted by an xbox s on sale for 90 USD. I was gonna buy it on the first when my cheque came, but now I cannot find it.

DrFatz 1

I got lucky with Walmart's website and got a refurbished One X for $350. Other than that, GameStop has them used or check Amazon. Best Buy occasionally had some in stock.

squrr1 2

Have to brag a bit here, I got a refurb X back in May on dell.com for $230.

DrFatz 1

That's a good deal. Still happy with my X, definitely cheaper than what it was at launch.

squrr1 1

I sold my One S to pay for it, and actually made money on the deal. I don't notice a ton of difference between the two models, but I like the all black asthenic of the One X much more.

BigBoiRip 1

GameStop amazon

  texasbeerguy 1

GameStop shows completely out online and pick up in store. Amazon has some for $459

Black-Doge777 1

Prices are inflated big time right now due to supply & demand. Limited supply, lots of people with money to throw away on entertainment (Stimulus checks - likely more to come. Economy in shambles.)

I snagged a new One S Anthem Bundle for $299.99 on eBay at the end of April. After tax and fee's, paid about $320. Same one I bought is probably selling for $349 - $399 right now. Was going to get a PS4 but I'm not about to pay $349 - $399 for a refurbished 500gb console...

gk99 3

Might just wanna wait for the Series X. All Digital and One X were discontinued, and while they're reportedly selling the One S, I sure as hell haven't found one at a reasonable price yet. If you're gonna spend upwards of $400, do it on the newest console.

xGBx_Boogie 7

Digital S is discontinued and is not for sale anymore. Only the normal S is being sold now