Where can I buy an Elite Series 2 controller in the UK?

by _MightyMus_. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    5

Is it me or is there a worldwide shortage of Elite Series 2 Controllers? Trying to find one for my son’s birthday next month and all the usual suspects are out of stock in the UK. The only ones available seem to be way over price at £215 instead of the retail £160.

Any ideas peeps?

The alternative might be a Scuff Prestige but I got the impression that the Elite was the better controller.


Username1238428 1

if anything get the scuff. the elite controller is designed awfully. the adhesive wears off and gets on your hands then making other stuff like the buttons or triggers sticky

  _MightyMus_ 1

Does the issue with the grip also apply to the Series 2? I know it was an issue with the first gen one but I thought they’d fixed that on the newer one.

TheTruthIsntReal 2

Yeah the series 2 is nearly as bad. Loads of issues with it. It's far from a premium product.

  _MightyMus_ 1

Ahhh good to know. Thanks.

Lost-in-Limbo 2

You will prob have to wait a while I imagine, if they’re not available on the ms website then I imagine production/shipping has been halted for the foreseeable future due to COVID or factories being repurposed for other more important things!

I’ve been trying to get one myself as all my controllers seem to be dying! There are a lot of profiteers out there hiking the price! Looking at you Game.co.uk