Where can I buy USD gift cards?

by GetHyper66. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    7

I want to buy some games that are on sale in the US store but need a US gift card to buy it obviously. I checked on cdkeys and they’ve sold out of every value, where else can I buy them?


TheLumberer 1

I use PlayAsia or G2A, only be careful using G2A that they don't scam you for an extra subscription.

IridianRaingem 1

Directly from Microsoft?



StreetRegular6 1

I buy them online through my company's affiliate program. I can pm you a link if you want

TheLumberer 1

What company is this?

  GetHyper66 1

That would be great! Thanks buddy!


If you know someone that you absolutely trust in the US, many times Costco will have really good rates on the cards.