Which is better

by XxBZxX. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    12

My Xbox One X has the option for either 4K with a 60 Hz or or 1080p with 120 Hz (idk much about Hz and quality in general) I have to choose between the two. And I can't have both



Oh whys it an option then..? '-'


When they developed these systems they want to future proof them as much as posible. Better to have the option then not to.

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Oh makes sense thx


Because why not to use 120hz instead of 60 if u dont have 4k monitor


It's an X you need a 4k TV (I think)

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Imma downvote this for being an idiot

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No the X will work on any modern TV if your running 1080P the X automatically super sample every game from its max res to 1080P so your getting the full quality. Digital foundry has covered this and other features like variable refresh rate and 120 Hz vs 60hz check there youtube out.

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Oh my parents thought it had to be 4k and so I just decided to believe them. Guess I got lucky on Christmas lol

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Do 4k. Not even 3 games support 120 Hz.

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while no game technically supports 120hz, it can help to use it on games with unlocked framerates to lessen screen tear. case in point, a game running at 40fps can evenly display at 120hz, while it can't at 60hz. So one frame for every three refreshes of the display = no screen tear.

That being said, so few games on Xbox run at unlocked framerates (looking at you MH: World) so for the most part.. you'll be better off sticking with 4K 60 on One X.

Stay tuned for 4K 120hz on Series X :)

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4K 60. Nothing runs at 120fps, so 120hz is pointless.

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1080@120hz means you can display games at 120fps if they run at 120fps, which I don't think many, if any at all, do. It does offer slightly lower input lag but for any good TV the difference is negligible and not worth the hit in resolution.