Which is in your thought's a hero with no weaknesses but no big advantage?

by Ass-isstant. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    3    8

Just wanted to know, you guys don't need to write whole essay why said hero is good or bad,please just keep it simple.



League of legends

GunslingerYuppi 1

A hero with no weaknesses? There isn't one.

Metalhand1000 1

When it comes to midlaner i would argue Shadow Fiend. Rarely a bad pick, but also doesn't really counter any hero. Still has good and bad matchups though

A532 1

Viper, Ogre, DK, Underlord

Nopedota 2

Underlord for sure

ServesYouRice 2

I always found it that Jug is somehow the most ideal carry when you do not know what to pick mostly because nothing really counters him but at the same time he does not really counter any carries either.

canetoado 2

Generic hero that’s unimpressive yet doesn’t have many hard counters?

  • ogre magi
  • viper
  • witch doc
  • life stealer
Greatlubu 3

its kind of impossible to achieve this from a design standpoint, it would require everyhero to be just medium