Which is more demanding for a PC to run 1440p 144hz vs 4k 60hz ?

by RevolutionaryOrder70. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    12

Settings Medium to High. I don't think there is a hardware out there than can run ultra at stable fps.


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Double check your math.

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probably 144hz, it's more than twice the frames. Your minfps will be worse at 4k though and to me (with gsync) minfps is everything.

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question while im here. I have been using 1440p 60hz and just got a 1080 144hz. just wondering about the performance difference if I was to get a 1440p 144hz. using an RTX 2060. or just wondering if it was smart to get the 1080 144hz instead on continuing with the 1440p 60hz situation. i mean i still have both. maybe ill just use the 1440 for single player RPGs

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This is the Way

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Technically 144hz because it stresses both cpu and gpu. But gpu wise probably 4k

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The amount of pixels to render per second isn't the only factor, also the game calculations you need per-frame (fixed cost) plus rendering the screen area in 7 or 16ms

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While they both should be very close in terms of GPU processing power needed, 4K needs more VRAM and memory bandwidth. So a GPU with less VRAM and memory bandwidth will struggle more with 4K60 than 1440p144.

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1440p has roughly half as many pixels as 4k. So if it is a gpu bottleneck instead of cpu, then 4k 60fps would be about the same as 1440p 120fps, although 1440p is actually a bit less than half of 4k so that might make it a lot closer to 4k60 = 1440p144, but that extra 24 frames over 120 might just 1440p very slightly harder to run.

If it's a cpu bottleneck, then 4k will be easier to run, because the cpu actually has to make the instructions for all the frames for the gpu to render at whatever resolution it wants.

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4K is 2.25 times the pixels of 1440p while 144fps is 2.4 times 60fps. Coupled with the fact some part of the frame processing don't change that much as resolution increases, I think 1440p/144 is probably harder than 4k/60

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They are fairly close in terms of overall gpu load at those frame rates. Bare in mind that with a gsync/freesync monitor you don't need to be hitting 144 fps all the time. Even 90 fps feels considerably better than 60 fps to me. Personally I would go with 1440p 144 hz every day.