which MOBA should I start playing if I prefer 3v3 with max of 30-35min per game?

by num2005. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    27

which MOBA should I start playing if I prefer 3v3 with max of 30-35min per game?


Tilde- 1

Too late since Battlerite is dead.

DaytonF7 2

Not a moba. No creeps, no towers, no economy.

You have to look deeper than...
"Oh it's got heroes and it's top down, must be a moba."

El_Shakiel 1

MOBA = Multiplayer online battle arena

Doesn't matter if there are towers, mobs or even items. You have to look deeper than "Oh it's got creeps, towers, items,...must be a moba."


To be fair I dont think Battlerite even calls itself a MOBA.

Even though MOBA would make more sense for Battlerite than it would a traditional MOBA, the genre already has implications that it's going to be DotA style gameplay, so they choose to call it a "team arena brawler".

As far as I can tell, most people actually define MOBA as the type of game to require at least some of those features, even though it's not clear from the acronym.


I disagree completely.

Not to mention op was asking for 30-35 minute matches; the standard length for a moba. Where as battlerites matches are 5 mins tops. #notamoba

Do you think farcry is an rpg because there are skill points? That's what this logic reminds me of.

Edit: name the most popular moba, now name the 2nd most popular, now name the third. What do all those games have in common? That's right, towers, creeps, economy, and lengthy matches. I don't care that the title is "multiplayer online battle arena" those traits are simply what make a moba. By that logic a "multiplayer online battle arena" game could be literally any online multiplayer game where you do battle of some kind. Is call of duty a moba? Lol

I_Cant_Think_Funny 2

blame Riot for this stupid acronym

jcsamborski 2

Yes exactly. They pushed it hard for a while to get away from 'DOTA-clone', 'DOTA-like', or any other term that might give DOTA any credit for being ripped off by Riot.

gcbofficial 1

There is no decent moba that matches your description. You’d have to make it.

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miaukat 1


I_Cant_Think_Funny 1

I suggest you download Dota 2 and go try the hundreds of community made custom games. May you can find something you like

Nuber132 1


  num2005 1

isnt the game dead?

Nuber132 1

There are still people that play it.

cheesedoodleempire 1

There's a DotA 2 custom game called Path of Guardians which is kind of a 3v3 cross between ARAM and TT.

gaddeath 1

Dota 2 Turbo mode or Heroes of the Storm.

Edit: I can't read.

  num2005 1

aren't they both 5v5?

gaddeath 1

They are. I cant read.

  num2005 1

thanks for trying ;p

runnbl3 1

why 3v3?

  num2005 3

because I i don't like the chaos 5v5 makes and you have more control on the game. Your contribution is higher than in a 5v5 where only coordination, timing and team composition is important.

Jesperr101 3

Good luck finding a 3v3 in the first place. The majority of mobas are 5v5.

  num2005 1

I used to play twisted tree line in LoL but now its shutdown and I,ve been looking for a replacement since then

Tronicz 6

Battlerite has 3v3 but the developer has stopped working on, still fun to play every now and then.

Prestigious-Career-9 10

Smite is a moba that has a 3v3 mode called joust. It even has it's own dedicated map. The matches can range from 15 to 25 in some races being 35 but it's more rare.

Smite isn't a moba like lol or dota where you click to walk and the camera is like a rts, the camera in smite is more like 3rd person over the shoulders and you walk with the keyboard.

  num2005 3

hmm thanks, moba in 3rd person view.

I might look into it, is it a popular game or its dying?

Prestigious-Career-9 2

Game is several years old but has at least 20k playing right now on pc as shown on steamcharts (not everyone uses steam to play it) and these last few months have been the months that have had the biggest amount of players so the game is still growing. Don't think it has any risk of dying in the next 3 years at least.